BREW MY ICE:Sketches of perception.

Brew my ice I heard but through my eyes she meant.The whole difference between reality and perception lay right before our eyes but how often do we give it a moment?Say a second in space or time as I have now become accustomed to saying.It had been ages since I sat right at this spot as I was today.Last I ever came close to such a feeling was when I was doing CLASSICS:the sketches of love.

Sitting in this almost African homemade plastic stool and hearing the jazz buzz back and forth,swaying through the wind in my ears is total arousing nostalgia to my withdrawn soul.In case you want to read more on Classics the sketches of love,be sure to click and find it here CLASSICS:the sketches of love.

Last I was here though was a blur of noise and heckling of persons,both young and old.It was a beautiful sight to behold and space upon which to be found.It was packed with a frenzy of happy go lucky fit of diversity.I must admit time sure has its toll on everything.In others it heals,in others it breaks but in both cases what really matters is your perception and take of everything in your wake.So no,today there is no actual THE SKETCHES OF DIVERSITY:tales from a coffee shop.

The mood today is sombre as the deejay of the day must have been paid well and informed that this has been a total downer of a week for all folks.His jazz is mellow,almost soothing and caressing to the ears.I almost miss being in love,lying by the beach swinging on a hammock as this deejay’s jazz lulls me into slumberland.

For a moment the sweet soothing jazz almost makes me forget that am in an open smoking zone.Not that I mind smokers,especially from a distance and mostly the end of a ciggarette stick dangling seductively on a woman’s well manicured fingers.Note,just from a distance though.

At this moment,even Beyonce’s Halo song in jazz is welcome music.Never been her fan ever since this crazy crash on her died when I realised I was in Africa and she on the other hand was not only out of Africa but way out of my league.Not that I don’t have my good lines in my sleeve but hey,we talking big pockets and all you know?Let the winners take home the prize for now and humble us will spectate and cheer em all up.

Well,am no hater in any way but I just love knowing my position in life and enjoying it while it lasts.For now hence I will recline into this African homemade stool with plastic fastenings and enjoy the ambience and calm these dim yellow warm lights and jazz instrumentations trickle into my soul.

I don’t know why it took me so long before actually visiting this cafe but truth be told,absence sure makes the heart fonder;same reason why even lovers need a holiday and break from each other to want and yearn for each other even more.I ain’t no love doctor really though David my Master friend calls me doctor,a name I have become accustomed to.

My heart sways in peace from all in my space and beyond as memories trickle in with warmth.Takes me way back to the 27th day of September.This was supposed to be Hellena’s,my friend Louis’ birthday but what transpired was another whole narration.

I thought I had seen an end and extreme to God’s beauty and surprises but what happened then becomes the mother of all miracles.

I must admit over this period I have been away from this favourite cafe of mine a lot has happened and coming back acts as a good fortune and reminder of God’s goodness.Picture this,a span from heartaches to rediscovered and rekindled loves and then loss of the same,a span of depressions and reawakenings and the most hilarious yet amazing are the leaps and bounds of God’s love pouring upon me in waves I have to duck not to miss His greatness!And so it all boils down to our perception of every event God sways our way.

Allow me to wish you an amazing evening and blessed night,or should I steal the Barbarian in gentleman’s clothings line?He says,”Long days and pleasant nights”….if you want to read more from him you can follow this link barbarian .

Remind me to narrate the miracle of Louis’ son and mama in another upcoming sketch as we see how amazing the sketches of this life can be.

Till then,peace from PePa.



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