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THAT BORING START-3 :Sketches into the day.

The curvy glass lingered seductively between my thumb and fore fingers,almost tantalising and seducing all my senses,senses drawn from a morning of calm  and thence grown into a submission of its true desire and yearning.More of a yearning to be one with self was this innate call now lingering upon my mind.


The glass snugly hung half full rather than half empty but this time not with wine but draining with crystal clear water.I always wondered when I would truly use these words ”Crystal clear” in its raw sense but at this moment as the water drained down my cool throat  making a wave of smooth flow from my tongue I could feel all the crystals join together in a union of purpose riddled with satisfaction creating a clarity of purpose and with it wrapping me in its union.


My background filled with a strum upon the violin coupled with soft clicks on a set of  pianos,this atop the swoosh of wind on the open river flow drew my heart,mind and body to all that was at play before me.It all seemed set deep within a dream yet staring into the clouded yet calm sky it was impossible to miss the soft wind softly caressing the tree tops and then then this dangling wine but now water glass creating a hiss of music all redirected back to my senses.


For the moment this was my reality and deep was it as meters from my balcony stood this aged but now all green avocado tree.I have been a nature lover just to divert your thoughts if only for a bit;they say that too much of something is dangerous,I don’t know if that applied to nature too.I may never be able to answer that fully as I am no philosopher as often disclaimed yet I know that if you could ever find a link that connects you to who you truly are then routing yourself to that link takes you much deeper into your true essence and purpose and thus raises you higher unto your source,right? Well,this right here dear PePa Treader as they say is for me to know and you along your tread to find out,isn’t it?


Now back to my old Avocado tree I can not help but wonder for this morning how long it has been since I saw a budding fruit from it let alone a ripening one.All over it are almost white but due to my poor illusion of colours I will call them cream coloured petals.As per my elementary biology,these seem to be a preparation of fruition;I must be right on that,yes teacher?My science teacher back in elementary school would give me an E for Effort at this point I believe.


The sun shines lightly through the flowing clouds above and there is no heat rage at the moment I suppose.A good  20 degrees in the atmosphere seems just right for these insects flying around the cream petalled flowers on our current avocado tree.In my vision there seems nothing attractive about these tiny petals layered allover the tree yet these insects hovering around and landing on most of them tells me that there surely must be more than meets the eye.


I take a clearer and keener look to see beyond what the white light brings to my vision and to do this and achieve results I must gobble down the remaining crystal clear from my wine glass.How beautifully this rides down my throat into my tummy and then  to my brain is amazing as now I no longer look at the unattractive petals but am drawn into the vision and sight of the insects.


These I am convinced and compelled to believe must not only look beyond the petals but also have a deeper vision of every single rainbow color that combines to make the petals quite attractive.An aspect I may not entirely know the details to and may take another class 101 to get a grasp on yet one that entirely blows my mind not only for this moment but also for a deeper meditation aspect you know?


This morning encounter with nature in a glimpse off the balcony I here must say sure threw me off balance as the deeper truths of life began to bed my understanding.A sketch we must hence delve into much deeper after I discover the deeper truths of insect visions and the comparisons between human and insect labour…..


Until then my dear Treader I would only but wish you a reflective Sunday afternoon and give you a moment to not miss the breeze across your nose and whisk over your ears.To ask yourself where the wind comes from and where it takes leave,to try and see where the ocean waters rest during the day till by eventide they begin an advance upon land and the morning next they retreat again…..


Nature calls and I must respond to it by emptying my bladder as the crystal water must by now have finished its work through my brain and asks leave of my body……..








CUPID’s BOW AND ARROW:sketches of diversity

This is such a strange phenomena,ayai yai yai yai ya yai! And so began the great safari quipped by the very amazing childhood movie we watched of ”the gods must be crazy”.Little did I know this same safari was to replay in real life to me,of course not with all the intricate details of ”the gods must be crazy” with the butt naked San and Khoisan kids,parents and elders or the high flying Sahara 2 seater jet with the white lady who later hanged off the floor entrance as it what about to land,no.Am sure you imagining huh half naked trapped between a thicket of thorns,haha,that was hilarious with her driver having to unhook  her from the thorns as he was forced to look away…blind date this must have been huh?


Speaking of which,that became the the best watched movie in our younger years later to be joined by the likes of Jackie Chan’s Rush hour 1 and an epic 2.Beautiful memories I must admit.


Back to my previous strange phenomena;I find myself towards the end of January,quite cramped it was and yet all present happenings had to get light of day and attention of heart.A wedding was at hand,short notice you may call it but still all the same an important one it was.As earlier mentioned in welcome to January,a call came through this lovely morning to remind my Calendar that February 1st was the D-day and both Morena and Dave’s long awaited cupid arrow was due.


It all began with accommodation preparations for these friends from far far away country who were visiting and as an African culture(I speak of African as to the best of my knowledge this is the only culture I understand well,and best could still remain varied,hahaha),sleeping preparations and who went where,wore what and ate what have to be all set and in place.So to make it more understandable these became a preoccupation of Morena and Dave and once in awhile was I called upon to give aid in hand,most of it had to wait for the car I use on a regular to end its long overdue awaited trip to the mechanics.


Morena’s Air BnB booking skills I must admit came in handy as a previous troupe of 3 had already been previously taken care of and on this Wednesday evening,the much awaited mechanic visitor had to make a maiden test drive with a trip to the airport.Not after a long lag for the same plane to land and a lonely drive to the airport,lonely should have been in caps as I had this pre-play of a chatty drive all the way but here I was,alone and hungry;such pangs only creep in most often when am bored and tired.Today was one of such days though with a promise of chocolate rain like that of Charlie at the chocolate factory.


The airport trip was one of beautiful tales as I met a bunch of both tired wedding planners and excited foreign visitors,am tempted to call them new arrivals as even their dialects were strange and we became a bunch of strangers trying to converse in a another foreign language,trying to understand and memorize each other’s strange names.


Truth be told,English is a foreign language to most if not all of us;picture a Polish,a Filipino,an Italian and an African all trying to converse in English which at the moment is acting as ground breaker,at other times I would have felt colonized but today I feel blessed to use that tongue to understand one another.The big wild world is at my feet now made a small global village,such little delights sure fill my buds with a sweet aftertaste to sum it all up.


I was to host this excited young lady,Era  from Barcelona but whose routes were actually the Philippines,later to be joined by her beloved Leo from Prague.The mix here was sure having a strange note of excitement to my inquisitive mind as she proved quite educative as to the uncharted existence up above the equator and off this beautiful continent I knew.The other two,Waldi and Agneska,were a Polish delight with Waldi having to explain that his name is actually of a longer form,quite interesting how he pronounced it and thank heavens am writing so I don’t have to do it,hahahah. These two had to drive into the dark alongside Morena,Dave and Achie .At this point my notepad is filling with red highlights allover as English claims not to recognize all these foreign names,lucky I have’t added mine or my family’s as it would sound an alarm.


The highlights however make quite an attractive appeal to my senses,makes me almost wish you would watch as I type through with PePa.


The next few days were quite a rush for Morena and Dave and especially on Dave who had to drive into the busy clothe’s street with Waldi to get and fit him his suit which being a banker,was not so delighted about but had to make do with as he was part of the groom’s party.

I on the other hand was excited as to me such occasions to suit up come once in a lunar  eclipse.The last time I was so official was when I was graduating from college a good eight years ago with a stripped black suit with matching shoes.This time round I wasn’t doing the common black but had  a royal blue and with  no ordinary tye but a bow to grace the floors.I think the name royal in the color blue sold me and I just went with the flow,no protests as I told one Mr. Lewis,this wedding was for the bride and groom to enjoy and we had to compromise even if the groom chose the color Yellow,hahahah….


I remember my mother jokingly insisting she sees the colors we chose for our suits just to verify they were not a bright yellow;if she were in my shoes or Dave’s she also would have so easily fallen for the yellow as it was a hard yard choosing something that would easily flow with the rose gold seductive dresses the ladies had shipped in.More like an engineering fete only seen in Chinese bridge and road contractors,haha,call it the art of exaggeration I am recently learning from Kenyan television and radio presenters…..


Thursday saw the previous party return from their great safari down at the Tsavo and dive at the Indian ocean in readiness for the cupid’s arrow that would soon strike Morena’s heart…..


Until Leo sets foot upon our beautiful lands and Laurence alongside Patri take leave of their winter lands with Jovvi in his travel bag from Brazil,I guess we have to catch up with the once already here including Patrick,the one who calls himself St.Patrick for reasons am yet to discover,with Marius the runaway son of Africa,Janex fondly termed as the sister,Daryelle the lovely Persian muse,Ms.Maina my dancing partner,Jay with the fake crutches and Aggie who reawakened the glint.Not to forget Mr.Abraham the dark grain from the lakeside,his happy smile is always a plus on the scene…….


Till we meet on the dance floor with Big man behind the lenses,adios.






WHAT ABOUT DIFFERENT? sketches through my sky.

Beautiful days to have a long drive in under the drizzles,stare into the cloudy horizon and on breaks along the way hit a Starbucks and drown a mug of boiling coffee,on oft days black Americano would do but on this chilly day a full cream Cappuccino sure steals the senses if only to ease the nerves into warmth.


The sun plays hide and seek with the heavy laden clouds;not really a battle of the titans this seems but a union in synchrony to the beauty that nature holds.Sure confuses the follicles on my skin and these are not many on this side of the Sahara,south to be precise as there is rarely much need for same.


The drizzles enhance upon my shield to the wind as nostalgic senses play to my awareness,shifting the course of flow from the skies through the drizzles down to the beauty of the sweet scent of earth into my nostrils and down to the tingle of my heart.Almost swims in a total desire for embrace but hey,I must drive to Church and listen to the good word you know?


Sitting here now I must admit the sermon was of a different nature to what my heart has grown accustomed to in ages;different to man and to me as well has been difficult in most cases to take in but who said different is bad?I mean,it could be the most beautiful thing that could ever happen to one,”different” that is.


If I am allowed to digress into ”different” by you my dear Treader then together let us tread down memory lane back to this wedding evening a fortnight back;how time flows by so fast however still remains  a  mystery and beauty in itself to me.Sketches of that evening however remain uncharted as the details are yet to play and jig into perspective little by little as the saw plays the puzzle into resonance.


The music played gaily in the back to an after party of my beloved friends Dave and Morena’s wedding,they splashed back-first into the blue infinity pool(not realistically but in my mind their love made it infinite) as cameras clicked away to sermon the beginning of their marriage journey.If ever I was to do a wedding my dear Treaders these two would be my wedding planners as what they had here was epic.


As all these happenings played calmly in my background,I got caught up in a discussion with one Patrick,he calls himself St. Patrick reasons for which I would never really tap a clear finger to;in my mind however he is Big Papa Pompin because the big guy is so full of humor if life is all but an illusion.To him however it is in the grasp of the hand and this takes me to think that we have all we would ever need handed to us yet we rarely if not ever take a moment to view it as thus and hence lose our focus on the merry in  which life embodies for us.


At one turn of the discussion my dear St.Patrick takes a hold of my hand and puts it next to his then proceeds to ask me if there was any difference in the functionality and semblance of our variedly colored hands?His was light-skinned with an almost visible flow of blood whilst mine was a hue dark with no perceptible presence of  the same.I looked in amusement as I laughed and told him the only difference I saw was in our colonized and hence enslaved minds but in reality non existed.


He laughed at this and then this overly serious person of him came into his face;”Seriously”,he proceeded to explain,”I have traveled the world and here I have stumbled upon the most amazing people I could ever have met in my walk of life.I have encountered a warmth so uncommon in my homeland as people I grew up knowing as different from books and movies yet the love I feel here is so intense and unimaginable;different to me thus is a beauty to relish and even cherish as this is not something to be afraid of but rather an essence to embrace and treasure,”.His expression ended with a question poised to me of,”What do you think PePa?”


I looked into his somber eyes and calmly told him that ”different” was totally beautiful and all we needed do was embrace and enjoy it while it lasted.


Back to the sermon then if we may my dear Treaders,it was different and the relay of the same was from a point of prodding to a point of deep contemplation.An aspect of giving that drove me from thinking about self and seeing all others in the same.Reminded me of one Rich Dad Poor Dad writer who said that anytime he really needed something from the universe he always gave the same back to it;well,he might not have put it in exactly those words but the point came through quite clear.


What I must admit is that the sermon today played quite a jig to my mind into thought and action rather than relay and loss of the same words.As Patrick or St.Patrick would have put it,I liked the preacher today because he didn’t preach but rather taught or almost had a conversation within the sermon.


Don’t you love when the man of God rises up and instead of forcing you into submission rather engages your thought process into an awakening ? I,must admit,that this my dear Treader would be my daily cup of coffee.


So back to this moment in present,I see the sun and clouds came into agreement to harmonize this afternoon into a unity of blue sky lovers and grey cloud melancholics and this my dear Treader is what we call an ultimate conversation……..more like making love,huh?


Till we encounter the Sketches that trailed the wedding and the glint’s reaction to same,enjoy this beautiful February weather as love takes center-stage.






Never knew I was a book of surprises though I would love to write a book someday.Better still,most times I tried to pull this stunt so terrible was my fall I surprised myself.

She smelt eccentric,almost exotic as this came through as her middle name.Calm in composure,her face was covered in a smile caressing it all the way to the back of her pinking ears.

A deep and almost intense yet short timed moment was the conversation we so shared.Still it broke through nerves and provoked a desire for more.

With eyes deeply drawn into the ocean of the other,her’s quite proved to be the ocean she is whilst mine a mere stream in both size and strength.

At this point though,am sure she would draw back and say she is more a wild lioness than a wave in the ocean.Either choice lies correct and unchallenged as her name and eyes depict the ocean yet her star suggests a lioness in the femininity of leo.

Looking at it now more deeply,she plays no binary of the two in personality but rather the leo in her stars plays watch over the waves in her vast sea up out in the dark starry night.

Call it a total combination of God’s love in a single person all in a wrap of tender ribbon.

In a different world;say in a movie set,Hollywood or Bollywood,I would have comfortably fit inside her back pack as she was set to depart but for home;today however,this trip down the escarpment played a better note than most.

This, you wouldn’t understand however,unless you watched her expression as she stepped out the van for a breather of the heavily fresh escarpment breeze.With that breath,her eyes bore into mine almost unexpectedly into a union that rode a rush of pink blush across her bright cheeks to ease her jaws into a broad uninhibited smile.

She was taken at that very moment,devoid of any past regrets and absent any worries of tomorrow.

For today,she had no choice but live in the moment and as those ancient words took control,she let tomorrow worry about itself.