THIS IS A BAD DAY: The Sketches we make.

A good day is seen in the morning.

So I heard they said and for years, months, and virtually rolling into days did I hold this statement dear, without actually putting it through task or even scrutiny.

With this perspective in mind, it hence became so easy for me to dismiss a day based on how it began in the morning. You know the common statement so used to say you woke up on the wrong side of the bed today? Or even on the wrong foot? Now I see we are treading through the same track of life. Well, this sure doesn’t sound unfamiliar to most of us now, does it?

I never really thought much about all these little statements that with time have compounded to have so much of an effect upon my whole existence you know? And now looking to this morning I am returned to a video on mind-play I once listened to, ha ha, not with much thought to it albeit.

It was quite simple in saying but complex in meaning and so ultimately productive in results though with a little twist or catch if you ask me.

The video was this simple in that it brought in a play and control of the mind that actually works like magic but in essence, is no magic but just a simple, yet atomic compounding of habits which in turn become engraved into our minds and eventually lifestyles and growth.

You must be wondering where I am headed with all these unending relations and explanations by now, right? Get to the point PePa, get to the point huh? But before I get to the point, come easy on PePa because this is his narration, allow him to have a bawl while at it, and with his sketches will you realise that just as atomic habits dictate, the compounded effect and result of a habit is not seen from a singular upload of a product but is in essence gained from the little unnoticed and strenuous inputs. So is the build of these unending yet effective sketches.

So that put aside, I learned from that amazing mind-play video that for me to become who I want to be, I must hence magically but sequentially control my mind to that which I desire. Did you realise that the magic is all but lost in this process as I have to be deliberate in what I desire? The beauty of this is that once I can control my mind then, in turn, do I control my flesh and this overally affects the outcome of my life.

Now going back to my opening statement from this realisation, I come to terms with the fact that a good day is not seen in the morning but rather is made in the morning, first with the Great I Am and now being a vessel of His work must I enhance this truth that He already has installed in place.

Going too fast here? It is sang in hymns and creeds that,

This is the day X2

that the Lord has made X2

we will rejoice X2

and be glad in it X2

Now have you ever wondered where that hymn ever came from? mmmh, well, this is a hymn once propagated by the great King David in his songs of praise, most of which if you check deeply were not sang from a point of comfort and or satisfaction, no! And the onset of this roots from a promise by the Almighty himself that His mercies are new every day and that His grace is sufficient for us.

For this to be true then you must first believe it to be so within you and confess it with your mouth because everything in life we must breathe and speak into existence. If not, they all remain dead.

A good day is hence not seen but is rather put in place in the morning and it is up to us to breathe it into existence. The moment we hence curse it by using words like; Oh no, another day again? Will I be able to accomplish it today? Am I really going to make it this day? Is there any good in this day really? Let me just go with the flow and whatever may come my way is okay! Really? Are we now leaving everything to fate? Are we letting our lives be determined by the elements?

Am I being realistic? Maybe yes, and maybe not at all, but again ever asked yourself, ” What is reality?” I mean, what is real and what is fake? Another person came up with the idea that you can bend reality. You might look at his ideology as novel but truth is that there is nothing new under the sun meaning, we must each seek to dig deeper into the depths of what we believe and be ready to break our backs for more than is handed into our laps or palms for that matter.

Now opening my vision to the truth laid before me, I cast out all the doubts prior clouding my mind and judgement. I then embark onto a self-awakening to breathe to life the grace ever sufficient for me from the Almighty and with a determination embrace His beautiful mercies.

The dullness of the morning skies alongside the flakes of mist across my glass panes work together to build an assurance within my heart that this is a beautiful, calm, and most blessed day I have. And I believe the same for you my dear treader.

I give thanks for the blessings of new possibilities that I want to see come alive and the productivity to which I put in my energy and resources. We are what we eat and the same is true to we reap what we sow. I can hence only sow positive vibes for this day and pray you find the heart to do the same for you.

Now to let you put your sketches back in order, allow me to come to the close of this tread as I give you the chance to begin your own. Remember to bless each day you rise to as it is your blessing and not a right, there is no bad day in life however terrible the events may roll out at present, and you are destined to be your best no matter the sketches life dices along your path.

PePa: The Sketches Of Life.

Ps. I have a YouTube channel up and running that has been keeping me on toes. For more narrations on my Tube click link and please subscribe here.


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