A BATTLE OF THE TITANS:Sketches of God’s might.

Up above the electric lines and posts alike,higher above the swaying yet imposing fur trees,entwined among cones of pine and a little throw of cypress.Over and beyond the riding skyscrapers,a loom ensues…

The blue sky gives way to a building grey.It is 10.28 in the after rise and the sun seems by now overwhelmed by the darkening clouds.Giving up its unyielding glow and hence letting the forces of nature and unrivalled gravity take its pull.

A hue builds above as condensation reigns supreme,a battle of the heavens that so draws in my senses…In most cases and humans body and soul grow lethargic in withdrawal as still there comes no force stronger than nature.One that only the maker of heaven and earth can ever control.

We hence resign ourselves far from the meteorologists and satellite connotations into a retreat of wits.No need for a pair of binoculars or a theatrical screen for the display is right before my eyes,need I say in public display for the whole world to see?

No hidden secrets or untold tales behind whispers,no,it is all played out in plain sight above the heavens.

The sun’s heat previously soaked into the welcoming earth now flirts with caresses upon the strands of hair parading my bare arms and calves.A revisit of play between the sun’s heat and biting cold wind’s innuendos.

I watch and wait,no qualms in me as I have no control over this.Some call it resignation whilst in my mind I respectfully resent desperation…so being a spectator quite fits the pockets of my pinstripe suit without fringe to the stitches.

The heavy grey upon the heavens doesn’t seem to relent.A sure sign that the windward side of the mountains paid a good price to the lake basins for a total cumulus cloud formation.A sure strike to the face of the lee ward stray of coldness!

The theatre is set and the curtains drawn,I guess the Chief Adjudicator to this play-out of the heavens must be God Himself.

It is a sure battle of the titans,the titans of the heavens above and earth below.The wind blows and powerlines snap,a power post cracks in a strike of lighting.On I look in awe as men take to their heels.Women guard up their swaying dresses and run for safety.

A squirrel and its partner run into a nearby bush-hole,taking a last glance at the roaring skies.The weaver birds in the hanging nests squeeze in for refuge.Quite a spectacle to behold.

Thunder roars in the west as if to warn the east of its onset of mighty drama…and then quite unexpectedly,an east wind blows over the clouds and they give way to the blue of the sky,the sun’s once hidden rays find path through and a new brightness is yet borne.

I can’t quite tell who won the battle but in my deepest senses I feel there was a power brokerage and God spoke calm above the storm.

Welcome to God’s grace…The battle is set to calm and He wins the day.



16 thoughts on “A BATTLE OF THE TITANS:Sketches of God’s might.

    1. Thanks a lot Perth Girl.The things I do when stuck in traffic and see the hand of God in nature.Quite amazing I must say as it draws me in…The clouds and sky pic is one I took while in traffic on my way to work.Am humbled you read and enjoyed it.Bless you.

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  1. Your images painted themselves so beautifully across my mind. I loved this piece so much; we stand in awe of God’s magnificence and His power to soothe the heavens in their turbulence. ❤️

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  2. Well thought out Hussein! Your vivid imagination combined with your knowledge of Scripture has produced a very dramatic scene. The scene depicts the sovereignty of God over His creation.


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