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Broken codes

Insistent broken codes.

Always welcome reprieve in quiet nights


Tends to out ease the strenuant fights

Of letting go yet hoping all things will be alright


This is so my dragging night

I yearn for sleep

Even call it in earnest

But all in protest is a mind unbound from memories


Sweet memories too hard to let go

And through the night the ease is tightened

To hold on till morning calls to sanity


Ignorant of the truth that still dusk will knock by

And have her toll of discordant memories deep into her soul


Sleep now heavy head. sweet slumber




FEAR:the sketches through the rain.

A quiet steady downpour lines my mornings as an utmost depiction of the atmosphere outside.The atmosphere in most oft situations depicting the reflection of the heart.If not of all then a select many would be easily found in this wave.


An energy slack almost down to naught if not contained and realised in time.Time though being an illusion that must not be let to wallow one into its trap.


So yes.the soft rains trickles almost insistently against both clay and galvanised roofs alike,not to miss the tinned roofs in others and stepping out the skirts of the city not hard to find some grass thatched roofs drowning in the downpour from above.


See,you most times think the grass on the other side is greener yet green in most cases is more superficial than actual reality.Fault me in this if you find me tripping but right before you edge that finger into my eyes,hold up.Tread along my sketches and see if you find a truth or a piece you could pick homewards,I mean we are sharing this tread not only with PePa but also with you fellow treader.


The atmosphere in my opinion has seen the fear sink deep into your nerves and your ultimate resignation to the fate thrown at you too floats out into the air.Am almost tempted to tread carefully and with cat feet as a foot somewhere may feel stepped on and you don’t wanna hurt people you know?I meant there feelings if they have any as at this point in time am worried to say I see most of us lack this very soul of feelings.And pure feelings for that matter.


Not to lose you in my uncontrolled digressions though.Let us get back to the fear now going round in bouts and leaps.Let us use wildfire to depict its actual extent on the streets and back in the suburbs.


In many years since my birth I see a people so cautious on cleanness and improved sanitation.I mean,was man created to be this clean really?I thought he was created with a defence able to fight off the baddest of them diseases but here we are with a flu like infection and are told it is wiping out not only entire cities but also crippling nations that initially prided themselves in the name of first world.


We are told again that the same infection,in my opinion more like a flu infection is going to erode economies and true to that we are seeing economies halting to a ground.This must not only create panic and fear but also create a disease within the mind to overlook and so we all are left in a state of hopelessness,right?


Now to retrace my choice of words,the disease is flu like yet is able to erode economies,the name erode and economies being aptly used to illustrate the direction of flow and tread am opting to pick.This is only achievable not through an infection from a virus but a more calculated attack of the mind and since we were all born actors and mimics,in my opinion such a game is not hard to play to a generation who take mere games seriously to the point of killing themselves and actually brooding blood hatred over a game.


It is more like game of thrones in this case however,a retaliatory attack is expected and so to ease down the counter attack so imminent,the game must look almost magical and aptly realistic and by the time the other houses realise the play at hand,it might be too late for them to hit back as they will have been eroded to the ground as initially plotted.When down on your knees I see no better show of submission than this whether willingly or stubbornly.The point is you submitted,right?


Now back to the lack of heart or soul in this kind of play is that the initial game-plan is the creation of fear but rather than using subtle threats,let us use a fear that threatens their very existence;their health and their families.In such a game however,and the saddest trick to it is that just like a game of chess,the pawns have to be sacrificed for the sake of the ‘Kingdom’ though in deep contemplation,you realise it was never really for the kingdom but rather for the selfish king himself as even the queen could always be used as a rooky in this game.


This point right here almost made me detest the game of chess,but it is only a game as long as we don’t kill each other over it,right?The saddening bit however comes to life when the pawns in this game becomes human pawns in reality and this my dear treaders are what we have become,human pawns as the kings remain our donners and supposed leaders,an elite few.


Used to love the name elite till its actual meaning came to pace in my realisation that it stood not in favour of progression and growth but in the line of self actualisation and subsequent deprivation of an entire generation to achieve this actualisation.


Let us hence not allow fear to be our death and if anything we still can die standing,I mean why be so afraid when we all knew at the end of the day we were bound to head that way?Just not in this manner,right?But who honestly chooses their deaths?A little consolation if it will help is that when you die almost always matters not as only the flesh dies off,rather how you die should be of true essence and by this I mean the state of your heart as the soul lives on.


Be not afraid as you were fore-warned 365 times,commanded and encouraged to embrace love over fear.For in love all fear is driven out and hence with love comes power and self control.In love however you must thus practice judgement which hence means kindness,care and support for all especially the weak.


A parting shot to ease the fear and encourage calm are these wise sayings from the preacher himself.The turning away of the simple shall slay them,(haha not slay queens).And the prosperity of fools shall destroy them(They who call themselves wise yet are wicked in their ways).But whoso hearkens unto the Almighty shall dwell safely,and shall be quiet from fear of evil.


So,the atmosphere is calm and not fearful,it is a relaxation to the mind and peace to the soul that despite all that is happening around,the Almighty is showering our hearts with His blessings and love.


Fear not.



When you say PePa,I think sketches..and you would wonder what a combination of pepa and sketches,right?


PePa would be pen and paper in a slice of dice to incorporate the pain and hurt of a bored man through a drop of ink upon lines of paper.remove the lines and then he is left bare and vulnerable yet then enters the neglected pieces along his wake in a grace of sketches.


Picking these together just as life neglected and left them for dead along the road does the scheme grow into a masterpiece of art embodied in writing and poetry.A stream od story telling that focuses solely on real events and experiences to bring a flow filled with love,life and hope.


PePa hence becomes my everyday companion and sketches,these form the backbone to my tread,the walk we both have to enjoy.


so welcome to my sketches and together with PePa let us enjoy this tread.


YouTube and Podcasts coming up soon.Keep plugged treaders.



SUNDAY WAVES:Silent sketches grow on.

I stare out into the dark,almost quiet and deserted.The drunkard who despite the government order for a seven pm curfew went on and on into the night.He  is however by now stupored and fallen asleep by the roadside.Or so I imagine as that is how far my current imagination can travel as regards to him,peaceful slumber it must be,with nothing to worry about albeit… the solace of a little cham as my literature teacher would put it.


All I can hear now are the harmonious cricket chirps and my fingers tapping away at my keyboard.It is almost as if the two concurrently create rhythm in code and syllables.The music of a loner you may call it.Loner,huh? Like he’s got nothing better to do than listen to the silence pierce through the dark.


If the rain of yesterday poured against my wall today, I would have had something to put me to slumber;call it a dependence on nature’s own music to bring calm to my soul.But what else would when the entire world around me is hell bent at my dissemination?haha,I mean,only nature loves without expectation,however with conditions though,right?I mean,the more you love on it,the more it gives back,better still couples it up more times than you gave,more like reciprocals,huh?


So with no rain to lull my sleeping cells am left with but one choice tonight.To listen into the silence as has become my habit lately.Habit,I thought and so was brought up to believe that habits were dangerous.Tonight however, this one I have so developed seems the most sane thing to do as in days past I wasn’t so good a listener,let alone to silence.


Maybe this is heading me towards a path of self discovery and understanding.I mean,if I can listen to the silence outside then it means over time I could be able to calm the noises in my head to a slow quiet.Noises I believe most of us have,the same we have let and allowed to dictate and take full control of our control tower,I mean our minds.Did I lie dear treader?


In moments like this am even convinced that the silence of the night is better to listen to more than the daily noises on the newscast and television broadcasts of politician campaigns.Listen now,can you hear that?Where are they? They too are so quiet and even silenced by the scourge that has swept through the world?I thought they once promised to deliver us the heavens but, wait….they too are caught up in disbelief as most others are?…All the money they threw our way to give them seats,foolish us!Even that can’t save them now?…Aha…The lesson is terrible and almost scary……you can buy people…… but you honestly can’t buy life.


Ouch!Now do you understand why am better off listening into this silence?Yes you got it,it never lies to or deceives me of anything rather it brings clarity to pace….Clarity that when all is said and done,I got the dice to my game house and I am only accountable to one,my Creator.Yes first to Him and then to men.He is the first judge though and once He acquits me of all guilt then who is man that I should be afraid of?Like honestly…


A friend I met not so long ago told me that each time one used honestly in a statement they were trying to muff up a lie,so,do you think I lied? Think about it.


Well,I guessed not too.So when all else seems at a standstill,and all you hear are the noises in your head,shush them up and listen.Listen to the silence and let it speak to you,within it don’t miss the small still voice that speaks over all storms and anguish.Don’t lose your mind cuz you feel alone.Maybe you just aren’t listening enough.Don’t be too bored because you miss the outside world…what if for a moment it wasn’t all meant for you would you die?I doubt you would but instead you would adapt,right?


Why not do that today,take the chance your Creator has handed to you through nature or even through human error and calmly reach for Him,listen to Him and pay more attention to Him and maybe then,just maybe,you may find you within the silence….


so listen.

JUDGEMENT:the sketches of love.

The music in my background plays reign to my instincts as am all but pushed to push away this mask from my face and hence thus present this case.


I got a couple of questions that if asked I would ask you to stand upon the booth and remain silent as anything you say could and would be used against you in a court of law.


Court of law huh?Sounds quite ironic I see as judgement is here fast upon us and helpless are we with no answer to the course and case against us.


But you as both you and I have always known got your moral righteousness as you look down upon me huh?Same high moral standing they did when they pit judgement upon the son of man.


Beauty to the same whole scenario is he defended not Himself as you and I would have expected but no,He din’t have to.The odds were already pit against Him all from the start.


Wonder not about the initial plan from creation but with a wicked generation like you and me did you expect any justice to be met upon our only Saviour?He who claimed yet true to His words that if they so wanted they could tear down the entire temple and He,the son of man would built it all up in 3days.


3 days?Such arrogance from Him as seen by His accusers could not be met with any cool sip of a treat.


A threat to 7 years of construction by their forefathers was a spit on the face of their ancestors and  could only be met with an equivalent judgement of the cross.Ancestors huh?The same as recorded would be ashamed if summoned and called the forefathers of such a generation. Little did they know that He was the temple and we too ought to realise we are His temples and instead of pitting ourselves against each other and Him we should instead love Our God,ourselves and then others as much as ourselves….


How blind of us to not only realise that even in the construction and dedication of the same physical temple,the great Solomon notes that the Almighty Himself could not be confined within the walls of a temple yet only allowed its construction from the abundance of His love for mankind.


Abundance of love now brings us to this judgement today.


Question is as it comes and please with no answer to your lips or heart you are allowed to remain silent cuz there is no option to forever hold your peace.Words are our judgement and sorrow our tribute :Why such a heavy penalty though you may ask?


You spoke before the question but now that you yearn for it so answer this?Have you loved enough?If you think you have tell me,Have you considered your brother,friend,neighbour or even that stranger along the roadside any better than you?


Have you withheld your joys so you could see another rise in your stead or have you thought the whole world owed you more than you actually gave it?Have you worked to make everyday a joy not just for you but first for its growth and then you could follow after?


Have you seen that old granny struggle with luggage up the flight of stairs and thought past their stinking rugs for clothes to give her a helping hand?


Far fetched questions these may seem right?A simpler one however,have you taken time to listen to that little lad along traffic who asks you for a 10 shilling coin for breakfast?Have you actually had time to listen to them as one human to another or is it a norm to dismiss them and tell them to go to school?


Haha,have you ever wondered where this school is at and yet if you too strain to educate your own kids how easy would it be for them to just run off from the streets and then to school? Almost laughable huh?No foolish in my opinion and utmost inconsiderate….


So questions asked and still I wonder if you got the answers,no judgement shall be passed from PePa to you this day but just an earnest plea to reconsider true love.


So,have you loved today?








SATURDAY NIGHTS:sketches of a broken tree.

It is Saturday night and with it the moods have swung in,as has become norm in my wake lately.I tried to read earlier on but instead I sank into an unwelcome slumber right out there on the balcony.I felt stuffy and suffocated by life and then found my bed as a solace,not for long though that would last as soon you crept in.

Memories they sip within and take my entire being hostage.Saturday nights were always ours;right from crazy midnight road trips to your sister’s and evening wine and dines atop the twin storey.They call it the twin towers,the towers of my heart.

The songs we played in our laughter filled drives behind a probox taxi,it didn’t matter what transportation we chose as even a donkey’s back with you and I still meant love blown beyond borders.I was lost in your warmth and my embrace was your home…

The movie cinemas were no place for us as all the while your wet tender lips were the delights of my yearning full ones.We always laughed at the end of each show as when asked we didn’t even recall what movie we were watching.All lost in each other’s presence:You stole my heart away,so young and tender 10 years in difference didn’t make no big deal,for in our space the world around was just but a void and we were the only creation,a perfection of nature itself.

Saturday nights I recall,and even as years went by nothing changed but our love dove deeper into depths untold.

When Mondays came by,you were out to market and I,lost in an engrossment of business,but still in the midst of all this we found our way around our blooming love.

How the time passed away,all the trouble that we gave and all those days we spent out by the lake,has it all gone to waste,all the promises we made,one by one they vanish just the same?

Of all the things I still remember,summer’s never looked the same,years go by and time just seem to fly,but the memories remain,in the middle of September,we still played out in the rain ,nothing to lose but everything to gain.Reflecting now on how things could have been,it was worth it in the end.

So my Saturday nights may never be the same since the day you said I should move on,that what we had could never be yet I thought it was all I ever had,maybe I was wrong but love never felt so right…..till you came by.

GOOD MORNING AFRICA: the sketches of rebirth…



I closed my eyes, all sandy and itchy. I tried to open them but they remained sealed in a stream of water drops upon a lose inch of soil… Raindrops, a formation in motion, a breed of life in action as drops they turned into a torrent and a once barren and forsaken land grew to a vineyard of hope.


I saw worms take in life and give it back in a flow of airation and pathways to growth through the soil. I saw a city grow, from neglect to purpose. From a drop of water into a stream of hope and then an ocean of abundance..


I saw Africa, that dark continent once so called, grow from root to branch but yet so aware of the fall of Babylon years thousands before. She forgot not the Isle of  Tyre as she crumbled in pride years earlier and so as that city of Africa grew, she took note of every stone to lay foundation and neglected not even that broken cornerstone.


So bits and pieces she picked and with a religion sailed in ships at hand, she got rid of its ugly doctrines and took sip of the basic fundamentals… The fundamentals of  the Almighty’s presence and His hope at hand and the promise of His love. The fundamentals of His truths and the beauty of His grace… Not forgetting the stream of morality and reality of His might… A morality that ran down society not prioritizing one soul over another yet in essence valuing the life of all its individuals right from weak to strong…


With values clasped in hand I saw that black continent grow into a city mighty and powerful. Not neglecting the contributions of its daughters and not crushing underfoot the thoughts and philosophical wisdoms of its sons wrapped in words and songs of unity not for pride but rather for a growth deep seated in earnest.


I saw that city build a wall of beauty and form a fortress of comfort in so doing being an asylum of refuge for her once big brothers from the outside.


I saw her distance herself from all inhumanity and the degradation of a most blessed gift of earth. I saw her take pride in the lives of all its beings and put to use every little available resource for the growth of its people.


When no aid seemed forthcoming from the falling nations around, I saw her become a pinnacle and source of strength to many using what was given her from the beginning of time by the Almighty… Her love and kindness unmarred by the lies of filth and hate from all around her oceans.



I opened my eyes but they closed and held still in comfort and knowledge that that black continent had risen. That she had overlooked all checkers and pointers pinned towards her failure, instead she had taken all these as lessons and gotten rid of her greed to feed the hunger of all her desires. In place she had used this hunger to build the needs of her citizens right from small up to mighty.


I saw a city that thrived in its forests and nurtured its streams:as it cut one tree,they remembered to plant two more in its place. A city that valued its ecosystem and protected its wild resources. A city that checked its dumping and thrived in its cleanness knowing that re-use  of a can was better than dumping of the same and a subsequent purchase of another.


I saw a city grow like a dream. Where technological advancement in communication built bonds of friendship rather than platforms of isolation. I saw a mother smile through the phone to her daughter back at home from work and tell her she was coming home… She had created time and found the value of life.. that it lay in true love.A father went home early to spend time with her son and a brother called on a sister to know if they were just okay.


The streets knew and felt love and kindness in the eyes of a stranger. A smile together with a helping hand reassure an older lady that we were all on the same journey of life and could enjoy it all together.


I heard the airwaves roll out songs of love and not those of lust.Those of rebellion and anger chymed in rhythms of joy and peace filled with a breed of oneness and unity. I heard a woman praised for her strength and resilience in holding strong a house and a daughter called a sister and not a slay queen for instead of slaying she helped a brother grow.


I saw a brother and sister exchange love for strength and high fives for kindness… I saw beauty roll out like the excellence of paradise upon the sons and daughters of man.


I saw a city learn from its mistakes and grow into a beautiful wonder and envy of many. Founded in faith and rooted in love, a city faithful to its Source and loyal to its God.


I opened my eyes and the dawn was at hand and Africa was silent all around, afraid and hid behind closed doors waiting for a plague they had welcomed to pass. And then I said to share this dream that Africa could rise again devoid of outside colonization or neocolonization.


Africa this beautiful dark continent could be the cradle of life once again but now based and anchored in truth and love.Its sons and daughters from abroad return and share in the growth of the beauty we are becoming.


Africa we arise, it is morning already.



FRIDAY WAVES:Sketches through the silence……

Silence…. Silence… Silence. .. My companion she has become upon this balcony as I listen…. Through the night and the tuff that hits my lobes and drains down to the sink of my soul…

She speaks and listen my soul tries to attain as all else shutters in quiet behind drawn drapes and locked woods of closed doors. As windows close in silent snores and resigned grunts of resignation.


Resignation to fate as fortune tellers and palm readers would tell in silent whispers of uncertain predictions. If only they did or could for truth’s sake predict this moment in space and time of tortured silence and anguish hidden behind silent whispers and spoken loud sirens of ambulances racing outside…


But they too like sheep scattered away to their whiles of lies and half baked truths. Truths that could not save a nation and preachings that lacked truth therein as they preached money in tithes of lies and lost souls in truth of wants.


If only they knew of food lacking not in the Father’s house so would such truths fill the ears of those in sincere desire of alms honest and truly found within open gates of the comfort of the Almighty…


But in half baked truths do we find ourselves on this beautiful night…. Friday night to be precise as no more sounds of jingling bells and if I missed it then no more disco lights fill the horizon with blaring music to fit the tales of a hangovered Saturday morning..


Fit to miss work as even that boss has always been boring yet this didn’t matter when we was in dire need of that employment as at point of need anything could give, for all that mattered then was food on the table.


But now that we have it, I mean food on the table… The work is boring… The need answered is forgotten and all glory so desired is thrown to the dogs… I mean bones for hounds they said, right?


So silence rents the night now and our words are lost atop the roofs of our mouths as darkness engulfs past light and ambiguity fills air.


Silence… O so sweet and so loud as we hide and snore behind drawn drapes with no response to her call.


Yet on she speaks, so loud we can hear but yet humans still we are, not learnt no lesson yet, so ears yes we have and hear her speak we do but in truth do we listen?


Humans, foolish, God’s people, we perish…..


Ancient words they rent the air as upon the streets and atop the high places wisdom calls in earnest seeking just one to listen….



Listen, silence, speak, no, dumb, foolish…. Humans.


So here we perish for lack of knowledge that heavens and earth indeed He summoned and out of the dark did they fall into piece as motion hence He spoke to being.


Silence, on and on she speaks and yet still we snore the night away. Though a moment to listen within and find His truth comes sure on a silver platter, written upon the open skies and spread upon the open earth in guise of pain and more uncertainty:yet His truth our eyes evade and instead of light so much intended once again we are lost to self.


Silence… Silence.. Silence..


She has spoken not just once but thousands of times before but we, aren’t we too busy to listen to her?


Remember a night silent and holy, years back heralded by singing they say of angels years that count to thousands or more. A king was born to bring peace and joy but instead it turned to pain and grief… Grief that took our pain away and sins with it as it unfolds….


So silence… Speaks tonight of what we’ve done… Overtaken the love once given so freely. Stepped upon fellow brothers to grow only self, misused the earth to propagate self gain and trodden upon its resources in a wake to be woke but then instead gotten ahead of ourselves.


So silence….


It is Friday night the 10th of April and no music in the air to fill the silence…


Yet through the silence tell me what we have learnt, tell me if you have grown… All in a silence so loud even the deaf can hear.





GOODNIGHT SUNDAY:Sketches rejoin

A piano couldn’t possibly chyme that beautifully, could it?This must be a mix of heaven and earth in a union of perfect harmony, an agreement only rivaled by the legions of angels in heavenly rhyme.

Yet in all that harmonic dispensation its beauty still sang a lull of comfort and unrivaled peace not only to my keen ears but also mellowed comfort and a flow of steady peace to my soul.

My soul so to speak knew comforts beyond the pain and solitude currently surrounding my being. In a split of joy and deficit of direction, only this allure of heaven upon surface of earth could win such an unprecedented duel.

In a resignation to fate hence, as though the glint and perfection of life itself now held reins to my entire life ahead, I take and find sweet refuge in this moment right here.

Am just learning to enjoy every moment in space.

Goodnight from….


BROKEN PIECES: Sketches of us :-3.

The pieces fall, little by little, their drones, their eyes, their watch, their cuffs, their chains, their encampments .

Sorry, the pieces fall, little by little😭😭, their drones, their drones can no longer man the skies:the universe proves bigger, the extent blows proportion.

No, imagination blows over and above their scope. See them crumble, see them fail. Their drones, their hearts, their darkened rocks of hearts.

Their drones, their toys, their every wild imagination, falls to naught, their wisdom, all mared as fooolishness, in triple ‘o’s of darkness. As the ones sentenced to doom rise. The graves too many, yet the Alpha’s will still bigger, so they rise as their condemers all fall away.

A ray shines through as hope comes alive. Omega reigns today and always remains true.