YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE:Sketches of gratefulness.

When I had nothing you still heard me

When I had no strength you were my strength

When I was weak you gave me tears

When I had nowhere you gave me a home

When all my friends ran away from me you stayed the same

When I had no words you gave me words of praise

When all else was lost you reminded me that in you I had refuge

When I had nothing to hold onto you held me by thy Righteous Right Hand

When I was in conflict with myself you brought help in the counsel of close friends

When all was lost and the ground beneath me gave up to consume me

You O God stretched your hand down to sheol to bare me up

My tears did not ware you out

My mucous in pain was not too filthy for you to clean up

You proved yourself not once but always

Even in your silence you did not forget me

When I was encompassed all around you lifted me up to safety

To a spacious and wealthy place you lifted me

Yes and now in joy you give me tears,that wash away all the sorrows

That I can see the pain no more

O there is nothing I can give in return

But stand in awe at your presence

I have sought all names to give you

But you created all names

But there was non found for you

So you said you are who you are

Nothing can describe you my God

Allow me to lift up my hands in praise

And may you dwell in the presence of them all

You are who you are

You are the Lord God Almighty

And from one scarred hand to the other

Your son washed away all my pains and my sorrows

You are who you are

To you be all glory,praise,honour and adoration.



53 thoughts on “YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE:Sketches of gratefulness.

    1. Totally true…What I love about this piece is that I was too lost in tears of gratitude I couldn’t see what I was writing but I still wanted to write about Him who has no name but has all things laid out so beautifully…About His love and His amazing grace.

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