THOUGHTS INTO THE MORNING:Sketches of God’s grace.

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Do you really lack?I mean,are you as badly off as your mind dares to convince you to believe?

Well,here comes an almost sleepless morning,that moment just before dawn,almost nearing the call of your alarm for you to get up and start the day.As the cars hoot outside in readiness for the early shoppers to get to the market for supplies for the day.

At this moment when the bed grows colder and the bedding warms up,your wink of sleep disappears and in flood thoughts unsummoned .

In most cases it is an hour or half into time and your sweet last lap of sleep fades into the nether.In their place floods in a tirade of unwelcome thoughts.Most times if not all,we are the ones who welcome them with fear as the usher,or should I call it the key usher of our sorrows?

These normally are fears from the failures of yesterday.This grow into fears of what today may bring and hence fears of how ugly tomorrow might turn out to be.

So thoughts into the morning get clouded by fears from past mistakes,all thoughts culminated into pitfalls that are otherwise past and done with.In this thirty minutes or hour drawing into dawn,we are hence drawn into a sea of worries and shivers of regrets.

Worries and regrets of the wrong choices we made in the near or far past.In our worries this seem like could hence mar the success in today’s expectations thus blocking tomorrow’s realisation.

It is quite interesting how deep this sea grows the more we feed it with thoughts of how little we have been able to achieve despite the efforts and calculations we have thus made.

More salt to the wound is how many storms we feed into this once upon a time calm sea.It hence grows into a wave of worry.This in turn builds up into strong waves of how many obstacles lay in our path today.We raise these obstacles high above ourselves blocking every path we could pass through into success of our endeavours.Not to forget of how all these piled together leads to our eminent failure tomorrow.

The waves in this imaginary sea by now rides quite high as fear now rules within it.The rising waves once crisp and blue now block the light from above hence grey takes form and out of the once beautiful blue sea forms a dark storm of fear.This as it is becomes a total hindrance to growth.

Sleep by now is totally retracted and in its place restlessness and a thousand if not million deductions ensue.

All these get jumbled up as heartbeat rises since the storm seems to rise by the second.No solution is thus attainable in this sea of fear as fear erases all memories of past success,deeming them as luck instead of God’s victory in our lives.

In this short span of an hour,fear has thus managed to rid our minds of God’s providence and glory to this very moment that we are so lost in thought.Fear shows us how inadequate we are rather than how adequate God has sustained us.Taking us through all the crevices life squeezed our way.Fear eludes our mind of all the successes we had prior had and how much we have achieved not by our mere strength but by God’s might and grace.

Fear tells us how much our minds aren’t up to the task to think things through,masking the fact that our success is not based on how smart we are but by how much grace God has bestowed upon us.

At this very point that my focus is drawn from my fears and worries,I almost can touch the height of the rising wave in the storm of my deepening sorrows and worries.

Suddenly,when I see how sufficient my God has been and still is,I see the dark grey storm turn into amazing glowing light and splashes of His mercy.

The alarm then goes off and I realise how blessed I am to have this new day.I see now that I live in the present,a present as it is and that yesterday and all in it is gone.A sure sign of God’s sustenance.Tomorrow on the other hand remains a promise I have to trust God for.

Today however is a gift I have to give God the glory for.Thoughts through the morning hence storm down with an assurance of God’s sufficient grace and renewed mercies.

Live through the day and give God the glory.



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