CLASSICS:the sketches of love.

I ain’t never gonna dance again,guilty feet I’ve got no rhythm,though it is easy to pretend,I know you’re not a fool.

A famous track by George Michael plays in the background.Not sure if it is a physical background or it lies back in the memories of my mind’s playlist,somewhere deep-set in the shadows.

Such mellow music in my ears and heart.The kind that an acquaintance would ask if that was my handwriting on my wall or if someone had hacked into my account.Makes me laugh deeply and ask,’So what kind of music should I be listening to?’They say I look macho and the aura I ooze is of a stone heart,stone heart?O buddy,you make me lose myself in unrelished laughter.

Am sure they would come up with something like hip hop,or common-day genge,or maybe R&B?I swear my block list on music just came on,goodness,what kind of music even plays lately?

For a moment there I almost hated age for taking its toll on me.But hey,I can’t be too hard on myself you know?I have learnt to sit at the foot of numbers of days and age and from thence dew my head with wisdom upon same.

Currently then,in my skin that is,this music am now listening to seems far fetched as another classic after yet the next follows on.

Still,they play to my current mood as this one now on,called Cherish by Kool and the gang plays;quite a sing-along it is.I could blame it on my immediate surrounding and the false ambience of love in the air it brings along.

Speaking of cherishing the love we have and the days we live,quite catchy this is as I find my lips synching to the melody and lyrics with a swing of my stiff neck.Remember the ,”Hu,ha,what is he good for?Absolutely nothing!” From Jackie Chan’s Rush Hour back in the 90’s precisely ’98?That is the head swing and dance am talking about.

So now tell me,what happened to all that cherishing and treasuring the little life brought our way?What made it so easy to pick up love Today and ditch it the next day?

Am for a flick moment tempted not to call it love at all,a thought upon which am sure to get heightened,darkened frowns and a dozen emojis to illustrate disbelief from the millennials.

This emoji habit though,I see it has become a trend even in the older generation.Something I have tried to keep up with but meeeen!That ride doesn’t cut right with me as am left most often than not wondering what certain symbols actually mean.

One though that have been cautious and wary not to even use are fruit symbols(emojis).Reason being,over time I have learnt that they could have quite a varied pool of meaning.So I guess at this moment,old school plays quite a safe landing spot for my sanity,an aspect that justifies my love for classical music and jazz orchestras even the more.

Hey Pepa,not lost my trail yet.We are still on the sketches of love.And back to our earlier question of whatever happened to true love.True love?

The kind where grandpa met grandma and told her,”I like you,you can make a good wife and mother to our children!” Quite simple and well stated.The two went ahead to marry in a month,two or at most three;of course with exchanges of palm-wine or muratina and other niceties over that span of time between their folks.

Now you see why I love classics?They make sense and with them come no complications.King Solomon would play that to his wisdom and say,”God’s blessings are beautiful and with them come no sorrows.”

They actually never played games at it,no dillying and dallying as my West African friends would put it.If they wanted they wanted and a man sure spread his wings,an act to which the lady received by opening her’s and they went ahead to make great families.These are the ones we now call grannies and we rush back to the villages to go visit in pomp and pride,as we run away from our young and complicated loves.Hahahaha…sorry I had to laugh at that image.Literally.

You would call them old but they worked,and now you will understand,yes you will get why,I friend ardent to PePa,loves sitting at the foot of numbers of days and magnitude of age to feed from the dew thereof.

Right here,at the feet of these old guards I come to a realisation.It dawns on me the amount of honesty and truth that flows my way unlike an equal amount of time spent with my peers.

I find myself listening to Mrs.Mahmoud,keep in mind I had been warned she loves talking a lot,something that din’t work much to waver me cuz if you was to meet Mr.John my other sixty something year old buddy,you would wonder what we were discussing so hilariously.

Her calm demeanour at almost sixty is something to envy,humility at its prime.A heart wherewith no gossip or lie knows a home.All those at this moment if sought can only be found along lines of narratives say of talking oak trees and whispering baobabs,the bedtime stories that scared us to sleep.Depending on who the narrator was,that is.

This same effect of truthfulness as I have come to realise is quite rubbing itself upon me.But lies used to be sweet to the tongue you know?hahaha Oh boy,right now I am led not to be so waved away from that thought as the contrary is true.

This,I guess,Is why classics will still rhythm my mind and pump my heart with mellow.In songs that when a man sung,he meant the very words he said.Compare that to Today’s songs of say katika;

Katika,katika, yaani katoto ka ndi,kako ndindindi,kamekazika na ng’i ng’i ng’i,nyuma mbwi,kako mbwi mbwi mbwi,kana misifa sha ngi ngi ngi,nikavizia kitambo,leo kamenasa chambo….

Am now led to have a re-evaluation of my present generation,almost feeling like I came by too late after my time.I mean,can we for once be genuine with love and not give it so many accolades?

Can we stop the construction of castles in the air and lay these soft rocks of truth and trust.Of intention and purpose without chipping in chops of malice?Can we hold that honest gaze without a wink of haughtiness?Like for a moment let us get rid of this trance of perfection and in its place rebuild a hub of acceptance and utter honesty.Can we? The kind of honesty that lingers a smile not upon your lips but lets it live peaceably within the flow of your heart?

So allow me to get back to this present jam of Lady in Red sang by Chris DeBurgh before I become young once again.

Enjoy the next week of love and let’s hope you love without any worries or sorrows.

A famous quote says and many of you may not agree to it,“When you love,you give.”




6 thoughts on “CLASSICS:the sketches of love.

  1. Personally, I feel like today’s music all sounds the same. I can hardly tell one to another when they are played from a distance. I’m 90’s kid but my favorite music are mostly from late 70s to 80s (some from 90s and a bit from 2000) they had the best music and love songs that could tear your heart with emotions.

    This is a late reaction but the songs you mentions. Cherish by Kool & The Gang is one of my favorite. I just didn’t know what the title and who the singer was until I search it just now and I was like “aha! I found it!” haha so thanks 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is amazing @Jessica ,been reading this comment with my mouth wide open in a stupid childish smile.Was listening to the songs Today and most times am lost and then these beautiful ballads ring through and I feel am home.Born in the 80’s and kind of felt like was losing my path Today…Thanks for connecting with me and my mind.Be blessed girlie.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ooooh you have no idea.It is amazing when you can touch someone miles away with words straight from your heart.So thank you a lot.Means a lot to me.

        Liked by 1 person

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