THE DRAPES OF LIES:Sketches from a toilet seat (POEM)

It busked in promise

That allure and burst of warmth

Warmth wrapped in laces of lustre

You could almost feel its glide through the palms

Those never ending evenings of romance

Preceded by endless chats of love and yearning


And then familiarity krept in

Heralded by that most familiar ambience of disdain

Borne in a scent so pungent

You wondered what happened to the promise

O so familiar in careless words of always


The same always that meant so much

Now is nothing but another lie

A lie I would have wanted to last

Not till the warmth became my prison

Four walls would do for so was your empty words of love

Ribboned in frails of tenderness and a breath of sensuality


Same breath that now chokes even the very air around my wake

Let alone the life out of me.


So no,no to this prison of lies and words without meaning

No to this allure that life has no point without you

No to fairytale stories of forever and never after

For in your lies I found my truth and in my truth you missed your lies

A mix of true words bound with no lies to lace


I found me rocked up than I thought was even possible

Spiced with a drape of fire and fired with a spice of strength

So here now I know me,untethered by lies with no ends

No Longer laced in an embrace of deceit or lost in a brace of fear.


May you find you just as PePa did.





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