THE SKETCHES OF DIVERSITY-Tales from a coffee house (PePa)

A sweep through the room and what hits me is a mixture of different flavours.I pray flavour is the right pick of description.An asian or two at the far corner looks but so distinguished and in quite a jolly mood.Two ladies and a gent quite engrossed in what seems like a healthy jovial conversation full of gestures and little stolen giggles.

Right on the table behind them are two middle aged gents, they are engaged in what seems like a business discussion but too serious for a Saturday evening,at least in my opinion.

Well,I love getting right in the middle of a conversation I do not understand.At least not in person but in my mind and from a distance that is.Call me nosy but most times this un-intentional or should I call it intentional swips really do engage my mind and in wake help meditation into my noisy environs.

Right at my front sits these two youngsters,a lady and a guy.Their conversation quite at the helm of nothing but utter joy.Intense,hearty laughs and endless high-fives fill this side of my view.Their day must have been amazing without balls or with I suppose.The gent has nicely shaved head-sides called phunk I suppose and with a dreaded top.I bet his head-top had more hair than his edges so to save on much needed wax they did away with the intruding side-hair.

The young lady with him,late twenties or early thirties I suppose,seems quite lost in story-telling.I for a moment wish she was present during those sleepy afternoon physics or mathematics classes as my teacher way back in high school…if only she were this interesting.I would never have dropped physics as a core unit for those free afternoon naps out on the study benches.

Thank heavens I dropped it as nothing I am now engaged in has anything to apply based on it.Maybe mixing sugar into this cup of tea am now sipping?Maybe..

The amount of hair on her head though,”All that can’t be her’s,”I think,and if it is then she is blessed among many.But for fashion’s sake let’s leave all that hair and dreads alone.Not so quickly though,I used to think a bunch of dreadlocks meant liberation for men and short hair on ladies was utter freedom and confidence,but times change you know?

She walks away giggling,for a moment I think she is leaving as she picks up her bag,swings it on her shoulder and heads for the washrooms.Meeen,why do ladies carry their bags to the washrooms again?This is a coffee house,do they do the same back at home?but how would I know?

So with the subside of the heckles,giggles and stories,I now turn to my right hand-side .Nicely shaven gentleman ,Asian again I suppose and right across the table he is chatting an African middle-aged man.Good maturity I suppose and don’t ask me why I think it is mature ‘cuz this name just sounds cool for a description at this point.

Our lady returns from the washrooms,bag on shoulder but by now my mind is drifted as I wonder why I even chose this centre spot initially.I have began to notice the amazing diversity in this space and am kind of missing out on most of it.

Right behind me are two elderly ladies,African in origin to be specific.They are quite calm,a total opposite of what I have in front of me.They are easy conversing over a drain of beverages.At times I think calmness and patience both come with age,I could be wrong but if their composure is anything to go by then am scoring a good A in this perspective..I would pray for such grace though at times I guess with a little edge of millenialism in my society,calmness and composure sure seems to wreck my nerves.It comes in handy though when one owes you money and you are on a quest to briddle your ever roaming reckless tongue,huh?

A little beyond these two comes a constant rise and dip of quite excited voices.I don’t know if this is a thing peculiar only to me or most of us get excited when they hear an indian lady around speak good audible English?Could be my appreciation of communication as learning gujarati has been an epic uphill for me.Not that am English either and wouldn’t care lessif they din’t speak it all well,not that they also have any better pronunciation of our native languages so cool is cool with me,no stones need be thrown today…try again another day.

So sometimes hearing one of these speak so audibly makes me want to marry them instantly,I mean so we can keep on talking,if only that were the whole point of marriage but for now let me take a back-step on this….Someone please hold my silly ribs.

Before I lose trail in my own fantasies I return to realise my two young friends have already left the room and with me is a clear view of a round table of a Chinese,African and a White in this case could be European or American,ain’t so good in distinguishing him at this point.

They are engrossed so deep in a conversation am hoping the African ain’t selling a portion of his country’s rights to the Chinese investor with the white man as the mediator/witness.My paranoia will finish me someday but I believe a country is normally divided and its people sold on a round table discussion of eminent persons I believe.

Eyes then stray right across the room and over my right shoulder.A young lady probably 21,tall and sassy.I never knew there was tall light-skinned and sexy as in videos I hear short and sweet but anyway seeing is believing and here it is in my eyes.

Well,forgive my mind.Pen and paper gets relentless too at this point.

Did I mention it is freezing O’clock in this room?My dear tall,light-skinned and sexy is killing the freeze with a shine of booty denim shorts,lined with sheer stockings and accompanied with chilled wine.Could be my age is failing me at this time,not that am in the grey hair realms however.If grandma were here then my sassy friend from over there would have sure welcomed a slap with a threat of pneumonia.But does this affect us when sexiness comes to play and instagram needs clicks for likes?

My cup of hot decadence is draining out and must thus get me out the coffee shop.

One thing at this point comes to mind as time shows her back towards me.That in this very little square-feeted room is a true variety of flavours,all from different walks of life but now accommodated under one roofing,sharing the same culinary from one kitchen and expressing their diversity in both language,mannerisms and character.

I see God’s great expression of love and beauty in diversity.On the other hand though is our inability to embrace all this in one wake.

Pen and paper thus finishes sweep through surrounding,the bill is brought hence and she sure notes with earnest that;in a nation that easily invites,accepts and accommodates foreigners with open arms,love must thus be practiced beyond reprieve.

So she concludes with a plea of acceptance and appreciation of our diversity and uniqueness and an utter need of oneness in all our differences.

Love should thus rule above all.



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