DO NOT BE STUPID: Sketches of gratefulness!

Good morning beautiful and most amazing child of God.What can we say but thank you unto the Almighty God?Everyday we come up with petitions and requests,lots upon thousands of requests and demands we put before God,not stopping for a moment and looking back to see all that He has done for us.When we look back all we see are the mistakes lying behind us,but have you ever looked beyond and above to see how good and amazing God has been to us?How many battles He has won for us?How excellent He has been to us?When was the last time you were bedridden?When was the last time you slept hungry?When was the last time you lacked a place to sleep?When did you last lack someone to talk to?And even if there was one such moment,din’t God get you out of it one way or the other?

Do not be blinded or deafened,do not let your senses grow numb to feel.





15 thoughts on “DO NOT BE STUPID: Sketches of gratefulness!

  1. Thanks PePa for this beautiful reminder of how we should be thankful. I’ve also noticed that when I choose to look at what God has done instead of focusing on what I don’t have, I feel much much freedom and contentment. God is so faithful! ❤️😊

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  2. Always be grateful even when your in the bad times because it could have been worser. We have bad times so that we can remember god and how he has helped us all these times.

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