Narasha: sketches between


Would have passed for Nairoma Asha

She came out like Usher

A translation from Hebrew

Though nothing she brew

Could be the nilotic mix

Or single fix

Either Samburu or Maasai

In her was no sigh

Neither was she shy

A credit to social media

A platform we found here

And in it us you could hear

Year’s down the line though

Never met and never a foe

Friends yarned like never before

No face needed to come to the fore

To seal the deal just like in war

So high she stands out in the Savannah

A true depiction of a runner

No that we live to the high landers

For in her lies a real warrior

I mean warrior queen in Maasai Attire

But a flowing ivory in beauty she is.

Narasha the Usher in Asha I never met

Only time will us hence set.


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