THE FORMATION OF A MASTERPIECE:Sketches of God’s patience.

The growth and process of a sketch is the most exciting more than the end product..

I always wanted to sketch but everytime I picked up a pencil and started the flip on paper,I always stopped immediately I began.That kind of patience always evaded me,and so does it most persons

But then I got to a point where boredome took the best of me and in its place I needed something authentic,something that could take my utmost dedication,something whose result didn’t matter the response or comment of another but instead filled my soul with joy;joy derived from the time and energy I invested in it,joy quiped from every graphite darkness iched upon the bright paper,seeing it grow from naught into a masterpiece.

So is life… Just as the the artist controls and manipulates his pencil,paper and rubber to perfect his work,so does God work on us the same way.He does not get bored or grow impatient,He instead takes His time however long others may seem it is.He makes sure every piece and portion of our entirety is pleasant to His heart.So at the end of His work He makes sure He has made a reflection of His beauty,that every bit of us is filled with His joy and is overflowing with His peace.

He brings out a masterpiece from all the broken pieces.Piecing them together into His ultimate perfection.




16 thoughts on “THE FORMATION OF A MASTERPIECE:Sketches of God’s patience.

  1. Beautiful sketches! God really is patient with us. He brings things together in us and our lives in His timing. It’s always worthwhile to trust His timing.😊


  2. great job!

    i always put away my painting equipment soon after setting up

    cant flow a painting like i used to



  3. I love the comparison you made…. it really gave a clear understanding of the message.
    Indeed God is patient with us…. carefully moulding each one of into this masterpiece.
    We are important to God n each one uniquely madeβœŠπŸ’šπŸ”₯


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