Monthly Archives: August 2014

that boring start

That boring start and feeling of incompleteness…..all starts with your lazy wake and drag out of bed.the alarm goes and you can’t think twice but snooze it….to make it worse it’s a Monday,Tuesday or Wednesday morning and nothing much achieved for that week yet…..a moment i cant deny most of us have

Well we all have our reasons for not wanting to hit off those sheets….come to think of it i don’t even like this job but have to get up every morning and go to it…..but why do you have to feel so bored yet that job pays your bills?mmmmmmhhh i got a single reason for your boredom at this point…at least i think so…..the first reason you even took the job was because you needed the money more than the job…well,what did you expect??that the job would be fun??it never gets better unless you make it fun and worth your time…..

Why would you wake up every morning to go to a work place that doesn’t inspire you in a way??well I would never want to wake up to such….and if it doesn’t then find the inspiration to it all…..

A ugandan artiste cum musician well known to many sung the all famous you-tube plying song called sitya loss for a simple meaning of i cant lose it all… inspiration in itself that life is beautiful and has a lot to offer while i am the boss ……(lee kanzilee…..nze sitya loss ndi boss)……that is Kanze for you from Uganda…all this to one purpose…that everyday is a gift worth waking up to and living to the fullest.

Back to that lazy morning….whatever you are doing or waking up to ain’t fun at all and you do it because of circumstances and in the chase for that paper….i get this a lot and till you do the one thing you love most you will always have those lazy mornings….

As for money-making….there is nothing more electric than making money from something you love……in my own words…’s an orgasmic turn on……

So in short life is all about fun…find it and live it…too short to be boring…..