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SILENCE:Sketches through the quiet.

The air hung heavy and low as the clouds dark in grey and torn in silence paid homage to the surrounding calm.All the four corners of heaven spoke the same language with a semblance of serenity,no…almost a loud quiet within it.The East spoke just as the West and the North and South both seemed in agreement to the other two compass points.


The blue in the background remained  hid like it had no say in this assembly and would only act as a noisemaker in the current debate.A debate held in low tones that even the haven of wind had no strength or voice to echo.The calm seemed ominous,almost like a conspiracy that only the heavens noticed as the birds remained quiet within their nests.


I doubt the tree snakes came out to busk today as despite the unnoticeable 24.5 degrees Celsius in the atmosphere,even the sun had been told unknown to everyone else to take rest and do an axis behind the heavy laden clouds.A sure sign that  when the village drunkard couple argue,even the village chief has to take leave and watch as a bystander for they know not when the wooden stool will come flowing towards their faces.


The air spoke in tandem with the universe;intimate almost as motorists drove by without notice or devoid of attention to the prevailing discussion.A white Prado Tx zoomed past almost distorting the silence but in its depth I couldn’t as well just ignore it.To a point I felt like the same silence took pauses in its speech and looked on at me awaiting my opinion;an opinion of which I held not,at least not today.For once I also wanted to eavesdrop,listen in and be one with the calm.


A previous wind had swept by and with it brought an unease,one that seemed fetched from the East yet the East itself seemed silent,not having much to say,almost overwhelmed in its own run;a run that in this case almost seemed futile and a battle left un-won.


The West too seemed to have a similar tale only deeper in narration availed by a blank stare across the oceans onto the North and South that both seemed to both stare back in shock.All the four winds of the earth seemed at a standstill.The earth itself beat and wasted whilst awaiting reprieve from the heavens.


Reminded me of a most recent outcry that said,we have lost the earth and must thus look to the heavens for help.The heavens,the heavens,the heavens,did the heavens seem ready to help?Did they anticipate this desperation?Did they have any power more than the earth to even be able to come to its aid?


The heavens,the heavens,did the gods still stay up there and did they listen to the cries of the earthlings anymore?Had they deafened their ears to the cries of a beat down and trodden generation anymore?Did they even exist anymore?


Exist huh?For this moment they seemed all but non existent,like they too for some strange reason had lost all power and needed saving by the earthlings,they too looked to them for help,it seemed that their power depended on the earthlings exertion of them and they were nothing without them.


I looked further and deeper into the silence and questions raged through my mind,almost like I knew the answer to the silence,almost like I could tell the verdict and from the smell of the earth into my nostrils I for a moment thought I had it right.


Then I noticed that in the midst of the silence lay something much bigger and greater than the gods of the heavens,that they was no gods at all,that the earthlings themselves being gods instead had exalted themselves over and above each other and almost thought themselves greater than their Creator .They for one had grown overly wise and thus needed proof if they had a Creator in the first place,such an irony as I still found it unbearable to be told to have evolved from a tiny organism which to date I saw not evolving or even increasing in size for that matter.Thinking about this, I recounted the wisdom of the preacher and realised that in a quest for wisdom and knowledge non of it could be thus exhausted as the more it was acquired the more it made its persuants mad with foolishness as in its persuit they lost track of who they really were to start with.


So in this loud silence I got drawn deeper as the heavens held within them a secret unknown to all earthlings,almost like a conspiracy to destruction yet still with a hold of restraint,like they had a ruler who in the midst of all the uncertainty had a plan bigger than the peditions and cries of the earthlings.


Earthlings,they needed to realise that no more gods existed other than what they deemed gods yet these would never for an instance heed to their cries or in any case be responsive to same.Earthlings,they had to open their eyes to the truth of their nature and the service to which the were called to,a service greater than each of them and one that served a more fulfilling purpose than each of their individual selfish desires.


The silence in my sphere carried on into the evening and without warning the four corners of the heavens relented and down fell a heavy downpour …one so great it lasted into the night and waned into the dawn….with it however came a promise and hope of renewal and a sprout of beauty,love,peace and unrivalled joy.The Creator had sure spoken through all that silence.


Silence,silence,silence ….






WHY ANGEL:the sketches of hope.

How did I get here in the first place?How did I come to find myself in the worst position of confusion such as this.From all possible angles you could ever try figure this I was kinda effed up in my space.This same space that always in oft cases brought me solace and peace of mind was at this particular point in time threatening to be the same detriment of me.


Today and right in this space even the blue skies void of any cirrus,stratus or even cumulus clouds din’t seem to work together to calm my nerves.The stretch of blue from the East breaking through to the West all seemed in a union to grind me down to my bare minimums.


She sang soulfully in  the background and truth be told,prior to this moment and space in time,her soulful mellow voice on the edges of my long lobed ears would have been a sure calm to all my nerves and a sign in itself that life was still worth living…..

”You and me together,through the days and nights,I don’t worry cause                                                             everything’s  gonna be alright,”

This she sang like they were the last meaningful words I could listen to this withdrawn hot evening.On and on she went;almost as if the heavens themselves had sent her to come stop me from my looming end.


The heat reminded me of a lonely hot and dusty Magadi road,and I felt more like a lone lost traveller in the midst of a deserted park road with no life in sight save for perched scorpions and rattle snakes in the deathly roadside sands.The kind of road you looked for hope of a cloud or smoke in the horizon as this would be a sure life line sign but no,non seemed forthcoming,at least not today.


Did I say ,”At least not today?”…Oooh so there still lay hope tucked deep somewhere within my disorientation?Oh how I wished at this particular moment that I could find it,find that hope or even that broken down anticipation scampering to rise back up on its feet.It lay somewhere I thought though my current predicaments seemed to cloud all judgement of such desired beauty and hope.


The playground before me that once bubbled with little souls days prior today seemed almost haunted,deserted and even out of order;only a single short haired lady who was taking a video or my background singer sauntered across.Her red skater dress brought a little warmth,or didn’t it?For me in that space any little light of hope meant something so I guess it did along with her bob cut and red line of dye on her sides.


I went back to my sketches almost as fast as I had swept my eyes over the redhead’s image.My phone beeped almost with joy when a call came through.The name still read Angel even after years absent sight.I beamed and think the whole of Mediterraneo cafe felt the surge of energy within me.The couple seated a yard of empty tables away smiled back as I rose to my feet.I actually left these sketches halfway and my Cappuccino hung un-drained as the familiar warmth crept back in.


Warmth ask me not about as years after connection I still get this jolt of blood each time this call comes through.I have never been able to place a finger to the reason behind thus but maybe,just maybe someday when am older and much wiser,when my resilient hair greys and bald forms fully then;I mean just then after the years have caught up with me and my memories knitted together into a perfect sketch,then will I be able to explain this as I stare down the stretch of green and hues of blue in the horizon…when the Almighty will have guarded all my days to old age and from me oozes a  stream of unwavering flow of wisdom.When my lips will up into a glint of nostalgia and clarity of vision filled with nothing but gratitude.


So yes dear Treader,I haven’t forgotten yet that you always patiently tread this path almost loyally with me so forgive me if I lose you.See most times even I,PePa get caught up in the wake and must tread back my path to the present and then together we can enjoy these sketches that pin in uninvited.Are we hence together my dear Treader?Am I forgiven for my constant drifts?Well thank you.


Now the phone rings and I pick up gleefully,all my previous cautions thrown to the winds.A dove flies overhead the Mediterraneo sunroof and it coos beautifully,to this my old time friend and brother Dave would pin a good omen;never was I a believer in such things as omens but today they all seem aligned perfectly despite my tattered inners. Tucking my phone into my inner jacket pocket I leave my laptop unattended and with an assurance that safety is key in this Cafe head towards my caller.


It is amazing how the levels of hygiene in our malls have so easily skyrocketed these past few Corona threat days.I believe not everything painful in life is meant to totally crush us,some are disguised to make us better persons such as this and others even bring us to our knees so we can retrace humility and build better foundations.Such as my current state demands.Quickly sanitising my hands I head into the mall to be received at the convenient store’s teller with a smile worth a million joys.I could not for all sake hold myself but give it back in union.


All my prior dispositions dissipate into the nethers,all I have left at this moment is joy,overwhelming joy,uninhibited and beautifully drawn from all the four corners of the heavens and channelled   through a single human> How it all happened I may never be able to fully comprehend or even reiterate but all I know is this moment right here is all I ever needed,it is all I had been directed by the universe to come towards.Now it all made sense why the name Angel,that all I ever thought about angels before was wrong,they din’t all come in long white wings atop their backs,no,they din’t visit us only while we was asleep.Now I knew they were set right among us at different times that they should lift us up lest we dash our feet against rocky places or fall upon unloving hands.


The sky above filled with her smile as the clouds formed into thickness,my once blue sky clouded with hope,a hope that it din’t matter how yesterday might have played out;that all that mattered was this moment,this joy and this abundance of wealth joy brought upon my once heavy heart.The wind brisked playfully as I looked up and muttered,”I know you love me,I know you have always loved me and watched over me,you are my redeemer Oh great I AM THAT I AM.”


So how I got here in the first place didn’t matter as I saw the clouds reform into place,they spoke back and told me that all things work together for good for those who love God,those called according to His will.


Why I got here though made sense,I knew right then that it was a reminder for me to trust,to trust that on my own it could be an impossibility but if I relied on my source,on the Creator Himself then He sure would lead me beside still waters and lay me down on green pastures.


All this brought back a much hidden trust that no situation was permanent,that we were all on a journey and as destined by the Maker so would our journey’s end be seen through His grace.That dark or lit,His grace was and still is sufficient.So my dear Treader,this here is a sketch of hope,a sketch of reassurance in the midst of all worry and sorrow.A sketch of reaffirmation to trust,believe and lean on the Almighty…to know that in the midst of all hopelessness,He doesn’t cease being our Father and Protector.









HAVE YOU SINNED LATELY?Sketches into the deep.

The rain drained off the once corrugated but now clay baked sheets atop my fourth floor balcony.In its place drips a dew left by the morning mist sweeping over the dawn.A dawn so awaited for by most as the nights grow consternated by fear and doubt.


Every rainy morning has become the hope for a broken and fearful society as the numbers of new cases becomes the plight of many.Such is one morning though this devoid of any rain droplets,the once hope of a nation dripping in the same fear it once wiped away as with it the temperature seems to drop lower creating a haven of incubation for the same so feared strike of viral spread.


My sky streaks both dark grey and silver grey:silver grey,a nostalgia to my first car and drive in confidence this is;wasn’t she a beauty in German accessory?Quite catchy and a tale upon lips was she that every press upon accelerator drove with it a rush of adrenaline up my spine…the sparks left in its surge of power was a silver lining not in the horizon but a spark of its nicely done silver grey paint in the far end trailed by a streak of smoke into the atmosphere.Thank heavens for with every rush of such always most oft than not came with a blue and surge down of energy ….


My energy surge down was brought not by this little nostalgic beauty but by her successor in a lethargic pearl white high line.This filled me with pride that could not be stopped if it was not the humbling of her high revs rumbled down to a stall amid ecstatic horse-powers.At this point of humility I had to look to the heavens and thank the Almighty for His journey mercies cut midway by a broken engine block and faulty rods,thanks to my ego and pride all in a union of rush and foolishness.This loss however,which dug deep into my empty pockets did not come without a hefty and valuable lesson which is the main reason of this sketch.


Bother not even if there ain’t no sketch to write about today but then look deeper into the pieces that fall together as I return from all digression and retreat from this kitchen glass window standing between me and the sky.The clouds hang low and my avocado tree leaves lose droplets of dew little by little.This in turn cues my carnal call for devotion and meditation.


As my feet fold again and eyes close  into my world of calm away from the chirping birds and baby cries in the distance,my door  stays firmly locked to lose away all impending noises and distraction…..Most oft I miss the yellow sheer draping away my half open window,the clipper has hang unattended for quite sometime it almost feels common place.


Still wondering where these sketches are leading us huh?Am almost tempted to leave you lingering at this level but then suspense told most often loses its quite desired effect and with thus my fingers have to jot away as the pieces all fall into place down this trail I so chose to partake.


In my quiet,I am drawn to this beautiful forest that runs down from the West of the city cutting through a different county and back to the East into the same city.Quite intriguing huh?I never notice these very intricate details myself till I get to such moments I can draw into myself.Call it self quarantine as the popular word on most person’s lips now syncs.With it stays a beautiful river edging its way through making such a magnificent picturesque of art with its wake.The flow is for the right pick of words….heavenly..with a splash and swoosh through thickets and cuts through rocks into a brisk down the thicket laden forest floor.

images (1)

photo courtesy of @BIGSTOCK

The beauty with this forest is the care and protection given to it and with it is a resultant beauty man can’t deny.You may not believe this till you take a walk through the same and meet this easy flowing magical waterfall at the other end cutting into the city.For a split second your entire being seems drawn from the city and left lost within a forest in the Congo basin.Get my drift?


This is all beauty so cared and nurtured  for by so few individuals to the extent you break away from this ecstatic beauty and what meets your breath at the other end is a heartbreaking rage of filth and garbage.Filth and garbage huh?Did the stink hit your nose back to the reality we live in?The reality that as the roads of modernization cropped up with it also every standing stump of sheer beauty got a razor under its foot?That every road so needed for increased transport and locomotion of food from the rural areas into the city meant thousands of forests had to cripple down in the same wake?


And no I am no despondent to urbanization or modernization for that matter but if the cost of growth means the cost to our mere livelihood then I am for lack of words left at a loss.A total loss as once in my younger years I heard that for every tree stumped out then in replacement two seedlings were to be sowed into the ground to create sustainability?A total loss as these only seem like mere words compared to the massive breakdown in the current ecosystem championed by our unending craving to destroy the same system in earnest and satisfy our lusts of growth…..The birds of the air am sure alongside the beasts of the fields can find new places to live,right? Maybe on our new rooftops or neighbouring new fences,huh?

imagesimages (2)

photos courtesy of google.

I mean do you see anything wrong with a motorist driving fast down the motorway and despite the choking fumes from their noisy motor filling the air,they throw an empty plastic or metallic water or soda can through the window and onto the sidewalk? This is quite a normal occurrence right?There could literally be nothing wrong with it when everyone else already does it right?I mean,there is someone employed to clean it up and if we don’t litter I doubt they would have an employ right?


Forgive me but I,PePa,my dear Treader did not come up with these notions but have seen and gotten dazed  by them over time.I, for a moment am tempted to even say that doing it any other way apart from this would be absurd but hey, ain’t that what they call complacency? I heard they said that sins carry different weights with them but tell me my dear Treader,what is the difference between he who kills a single man and he who sets the dice rolling for a catastrophe that then buries an entire generation heralded by an onset of global warming that gradually but steadily melts down the icebergs and caps upon mountains,raising water levels that then distabalize ocean currents into a rage of tsunamis leading to a cascade of illnesses and in most immediate cases deaths?


So who is the biggest sinner over here my dear Treader?If we are the destroyers of the same planet that we were thus sent forth to tend to and subdue,isn’t it encrypted in the gene of nature itself to offset our sins against it and in so doing bite us in the heels? Since the detrimental trend too has been of a global kind,isn’t it only reasonable that the price so incurred be paid for by all within the globe?I mean,if having done eating a banana ,the road beneath our feet becomes the most favourable dumping site of its peel notwithstanding who will or will not use that same road and whether it would trip them or not,what else does anything under the sun have to do to defend and sustain itself but fight back?

download (4)

photo courtesy of google.

I mean,even that could be mild but what more do we have to say to years of oceanic dumping that leads to a wash up of whales,seals and other sea creatures with a choke of plastics in their bellies?My heart fails within me if words could only express this plight.Is this the price we pay for having a good time?What will the coming years have to say as we stand in judgement?

download (6)download (5)

photos courtesy of google.

So I am if not willingly but in a journey of sorts drawn to reevaluate sin and all its justifications and my quiet moments sure draw me to thoughts such as these.I am thus caught up in a wake of self realisation as I hence restructure my vision to suit a joyful living .In this pursuit and purpose I find my eyes opened to the depths of the earth and its source,to a much higher calling than mere eating and surviving .


The same trails reveal that to live a complete life is to give much more than you have ever received and in such a plight to realise that we are all set on a journey.A journey that stands judged through time and by generations we leave behind,a journey pre-described yet not definitely determined but one we could always toss,just as the dice in the play house,to our favour and with it leave behind a generation grateful and fulfilled.


Be safe and be kind,not just to fellow humans but sin not even towards your environment.


Praying the virus spares us all,adios!




BIRTH OF THE SKETCHES PT2: sketches from my past.

Am kind of getting used to this morning routine and therapy that comes with it.Thanks to James clear’s Atomic Habits guide book and over and above all of course the grace of the Great I am that I am.My crystal water in a glass wine drains to its bottom and my throat relishes the coolness it tingles within.Of course when am done draining it the bottoms of the glass is up into my ceiling and what catches my eyes from my kitchen window is the blue yet now greyed skies.Greyed by a calm mist that comes with each beautiful morning as am learning to enjoy.


The insects on my neighbouring avocado tree have not relented in their quest for nectar and subsequent pollination of the remaining glowing flowers.To this end my eyes can afford to watch 5 to 6 beautiful avocado fruits into ripening,a sure test of growth right here…if man could be as resilient as this avocado tree has been so far then he sure would have found the true essence of his existence over and above the earth.


I have to retreat into my quiet space;a combination of a maroon Persian rug with Kenyan trimmed grey and black mats,the grey takes residence under my butt and the black always comes in handy when it is time to bow down.Feet crossed into each other and with my back leaning against the spirit level perfect wall my palms find rest atop my folded knees.


The door closed in front of me serves as a perfect barrier to all external noise and any imminent distraction.The calm builds behind my closed eyes as mind travels to the cool against my back.This cold wall against my back hereby acts as a perfect conduit into my memory lane.Beautiful cool corrugated iron sheets against my young back…..the cool almost feels like it is today….right here,,,the curved galvanised sheets silver in colour,trickling with a shower of rain from the outside as the water sinks into the cemented openings in the floor.


It is 7.30 pm and dinner is brewing in the pots seated atop 3 stones in the kitchen located next to the cattle pen.This pen as I remember was a source of much ridicule when I used a piece of rubber slippers left overs used to curtain the cattle from the kitchen as an eraser back in school.I mean,getting 2 kshs. to purchase a pencil eraser wasn’t that easy back then and when I saw an opportunity in multicoloured rubber left overs I wasn’t bypassing it amidst all odds.When the other kids borrowed that rubber eraser in 2nd grade they wouldn’t use it as it stunk of shit;cow and goat shit that is.For a moment I felt bad right then but in days to come I realised I was saving every 2 kshs. my granny would have to part with instead for an actual bookstore eraser ,not like we had any in the small town centre  save for Mr. Njuguna’s wholesale cum retail store.


Back to the present dripping rain against the corrugated iron sheets,I am drawn into thoughts across the tiny living area that also served as a sleeping room once the older guys were done peering into the beautiful grey  Great-wall television set.The red covering always made the images look coloured…such an ingenious invention this was though still it costed a little extra you know?


It is amazing how such a small living area could host so many people at a time,all narrating endless stories from their day’s events and escapades stretching from different parts of our small world.We were all united by one strong bond in this room though each  of us had a totally different background.And this is what set grandma apart from any other parents I knew,she din’t have a bias against anyone irregardless of race or origin.


The sparkles in each of our eyes was evident as Erick my step uncle told these amazing stories from Eldoret and Alice my step aunt added more details to the tales;some always seemed too good to be true but then what are tales if they like the juice and flow of sweetness?Esther was the elder one and though from a different section altogether,she  always had command of the whole conversations. If you din’t listen to what she had to say you were better off out of the room all the same:that meant a cold veranda and with grandma out in the kitchen brewing some tasty stew hence not here to come to your rescue,you always obeyed Esther’s command. Ken,the little brother to Erick always acted the calm and composed one,almost wise and with a demeanour of affluence in the middle of lack,hahah,even PePa is intrigued by this.


This demeanour came in handy in straits of knowledge once the lights went off and stories from the bible came to play as we lay on the floor layered with papyrus reeds and a pile of torn clothes for a pillow.The barking dogs across the road just beside the house and the purring  of cats into the night played a lullaby to our cooling night as the rains by now once heavy upon the iron sheets, slows into puddles across the road.You always had to watch out for slugs that slithered into the house through cracks during this wet seasons….not a pleasant encounter if you asked me…..


I remember this one narration from the book of Genesis from Ken,not that I knew it was from that book back then as he narrated it;I only came to read about this great little boy called Joe much later .As I learn,he was born in a  family of  11 brothers and had aptly acquired a taste for their dislike leading to his being sold into slavery.As the story grows on me it now sets upon my heart that is was to be the growth of a current amazing Israelite nation and my undeniable love for the bible.


The next morning as it were is a Saturday and grandma rises us up as was her regular routine.More ingrained in her was this desire for perfection and discipline than we who actually needed it more for the days to come that were to be the days of our lives.When no one would wake up then a jug of cold rainwater tapped conveniently into metallic super drums against the wall would be poured allover you.This with a mix of the reeded mats was not a good wake if you ask me but then it instilled a fear that hence led to better waking habits.


It is a wet Saturday morning and grandpa feels like visiting grandma’s kins across in Eldoret…Hurriedly yet smartly dressed we find 5 of us cramped at the back of a 1994 green Suzuki coupe.I enjoyed such unplanned road trips back then more than I would actually do today;picture 5 of us,three guys and 2 ladies all fitted at the back of this two door 1994 Suzuki with grandpa and grandma at the front as she held onto my little brother Muhindi….sometimes I think he enjoyed all the goodies more than any of us,but hey,he was the last born in a family of mixed breeds.


A drive through the smooth tarmac in between sugarcane plantations was always a thrill of its own primes.This delight was heightened in oft cases with a diversion to visit an old friend of grandpas into a muddy trail that came with its near toppling skids across the mud.But hey,we were cramped at the back of a 1994 4×4 Suzuki and toppling over was out of question,in those days 4×4 did not come in proud names and size and this here could only be rivalled by the Maruti 4×4 or say the Land rover discovery:please don’t throw shade at this info as in my opinion it din’t matter that we all lived in a one bedroom galvanised  iron sheet house and enjoyed it,my grandpa owned a Suzuki in a township with little to no ownership of anything.This to me was bliss and it din’t matter whether I knew about cars or not.All I knew is that when I grew up I would want to own a Range rover,white in colour like the one my then lower school white proprietor and owner had.It rode so smooth atop the lime carpeted Hill road i always stopped and watched as it disappeared down the Homalime bridge.


It is amazing that in those early years someone,one person that is, would choose to clear out a road that not only served his interests but also those of the entire society and still go ahead to carpet it with lime that served in fairly all weathers.This comes quite rare these days as public funds could be provided for public roads yet still we would sink  into craters in the name of potholes in an urban setup.


Anyhow,our trip through Chemelil sugar plantations always played a tune of calm and peace and a joyride to quip across slippery wet off roads .This would then take us through a heavy forest lad Kapsabet into an array of natural beauty,hill peaks and valleys alike.This my dear Treader is a hit on nostalgia that throws me into a throe of peace and calm beyond nerves.Did I mention or need I mention that just before Eldoret town into this back route lay the most spectacular view of the airport radar towers amidst a splay of green forest?This would be the single sign into ELdoret that is the bloom of joyful urbanization to the west of Kenya.


Not to lose you my dear Treader,these here mark the beginnings of a life that if looked at from the present may lose all the beauty that are the sketches that brings us up to today.Sketches that needed not much to live by and enjoy life but lay hid in the depths and soul of the world’s heart,a depth and  language that needed no words to understand but lay safe in a heap upon heap of unwarranted love…….


These mark the sketches of my beginnings as now the wall upon my back feel warmer from my body heat and my feet grow numb under their fold.My eyes open up to the present as my heart wells in a joy of feeling blessed and wanting for nothing more than true,deep and sincere joy in all the little things life may throw my way.


My doorbell rings and I am brought back to city life.


Adios from PePa.




HAPPY NEW MARCH:sketches into new beginnings.

5th of March,been awhile since I heralded any month,last I did should have been November but here comes this amazing month with all its colours and shows.Some am sure would tend to differ on its beauty but true beauty as I have grown to understand other than realise lies not in the eyes of the beholder but basically in how deep you look and most times not even  skin deep for that still looms shallow.


So yes dear Treader,this here is an amazing month to begin as we already know no one else holds,owns and determines the fall of the dice other than ourselves.I hereby choose to declare this a truly amazing month before anyone starts screaming obscenities or calling for an audience to table their grievances for the month.Grievances?Imagine having grievances for a month that is only 5 days old,what will we have by the time we get to the 15th day of the same?a court arbitration huh?


Well,okay,I mean, I could give you a little ear to your sorrows still you who feels left out but, before any complains set foot let us first check if you are in good health for starters, if you had at least a meal today and are hopeful for another by close of day or even tomorrow.These boxes checked,do you have a regular income or employment for that matter?Well maybe you got one but lack the former huh?Still I bet you have the gift of eyes and those of limbs,to see,walk and even that of speech huh?


Am sure most people have checked all if not most of these boxes as per this end we have gotten.Now let us do a quick one,are you on a wheel chair or lack a limb?If yes you still got sight and a sound mind?I believe you got a sound mind if you are still reading this thus far,huh?You may trail and wonder about that guy whose sight is all but impaired;now the Almighty is not unjust in the least as with the impairment of their sight or any other parts then  the senses of the rest comes alive in a most spectacular way.Choice of this discovery and use however is left to the subjects at hand just as it is left to us in the heights and depths of our strains.


Still don’t like my mojo?I sometimes dislike my trail of PePa yet in its most ugly form it keeps me human and reminds me of most forgotten truths and vision of reality.


Let us look at our friend on the wheelchair,he still got two hands and a sound mind.Last I checked their was nothing unexplored upon the phase of the universe more than the human mind.Only 10% of it stands utilised with the other 90% lying in complains and ungratefulness.So with two bad limbs and two beautiful hands the brain still lies extensively underutilised but the heart full of complaints and regrets of past errs.This my dear Treader is the reason we may complain about March not being all blissful yet in process leaving out all beauty to this amazing start …..


What about your many bills pending yet you still got that employment or business up but profits look dismal if not anywhere close to sight? My opinion may not count at this point yet an aged adage comes to mind that necessity is the mother of all inventions…Inventions?What is there to invent when you have put in all efforts to this far with no real gains to show for it.I would call it impatience yet my awareness constantly points my brain to that untapped portion of its capabilities lying unused like a barren arid land only needing an influx of nutrients and water to stir it up into a trickling oasis.


So yes,our month is beautiful to say the least with amazing possibilities within it.Even the scare of Corona virus from the East should not work as thus in relation to where to get more affordable goods but trigger our minds into innovation and creation of better alternatives as a nation.The slack in business should not wane our hopes of survival but rather awaken the growth instinct within us to jerk us into action and creation of more cash flow avenues.


A quick question to the ones wondering about innovation or creation and how easy it is to set up a multibillion factory or establishment?Who said you must start big to grow big?And how big will you grow when you start big whilst you have already covered up all room and space of growth and learning through mistakes by setting up a blockade in the name of starting big?


Wagging your tongue in amusement?Even PePa wonders in disbelief of discovery too.


With the dice in our hands thus and the house in our backing,shall we then toss it up and enjoy as it brings the house victory in success?Till you make that decision and open up your eyes to reality,adios and Happy new March.





WHO OWNS THE DICE?Sketches through my sky 2.

With the Mozart playing in the background it becomes almost impossible not to remember him,my little brother who always comes up with the weirdest of quizzes like if I preferred Mozart or Classical.A line which for sure played real hard to make a divide upon.How his little mind plays from music,to art,choreography,poetry,sport,nature and then sinks into the weather is a sure delight and wonder to observe.


Speaking of the weather,this has played quite a twist upon its ground as sitting on this same balcony spot it has played all kinds of tunes rivalling those of the Mozart and Classical in my background.


From a stench hot 28 degrees and now this cool 22 degrees championed by the onslaught of a cool breeze from its chambers probably in the south and cheer led by the surging strato-cirrus,cirrus and cumulus clouds into what is now becoming a gloomy cloud-filled afternoon.These are all the moods of one beautiful afternoon as choreographed right before me a-front this cool balcony.


Balcony;brings to mind those circus and  orchestra views from back in the 1800’s as envisioned in modern day Classic films.I almost said Country for my love of country movies and melancholy.Mine however is a simple yet soothing balcony,my love for balconies though,aaaaaah! Call me a romantic at this point only devoid of a blue sky and a blooming crescent moon in the horizon…..


The dried up leaves atop dried branches give in and let loose in response to the unrelenting breeze to enable nature strive its course.An action that sends the ones already on the ground in a drift across the surface;such a flow of events only draws me deeper into the actual essence and teachings of Taoism that states that if you are to fully enjoy life to its maxim you must be willing to let everything in life take its own course without forcing, holding back or holding onto anything.


A perfect example to this law is me right now.I hadn’t utterly decided to write about anything as at the back of my sketches I know I still owe you a class  101 on insects and flowers,one taking quite a depth of its own along my grain but the play of events in my sky at the moment draws me right into Pen and Paper and my fingers hence start flipping and twitching in retrospect to relay this play of sketches.


Yes sketches my dear Treader,the same that have seen me through a week of its own kind,non to complain about but one sure to draw your thoughts and emotions into the very craft of our system and its favours and flairs.Favours to those who push harder and have a belief of resilience yet the same pushes flairs upon those who believe that the system is unfair and will always work against them for these my dear Treader will always fall victim to their belief rather than a direct shoot down from the system.


As the breeze in my sky subsides hence and the clouds take formation in anticipation of their break into a downpour,my nose catches all the scents in my surrounding;pleasant and even tantalizing to quip the Mozart and Classic intrumentals in my background as all these beauty comes together to remind me who owns the dice and rules of play in the coming week as this last one has closed to an end.


As my mind narrows to the reality of life and play of the system;it now crystallises in the truth that the house always wins,a sure transcription for me to become the house rather than a typical gambler within it.So now I clearly know that I have to own the dice that is shot into the air as everyone else holds their breath awaiting the poker to fall in  their favour.


How else to achieve this other than to hold and decide my destiny by putting myself at the centre of it all and believe that with each narrowing focus towards my goal,the universe will with no doubt play its labels well to hand it to me not as a favour but as a worthy blessing.

The Mozart is yet to subside as the Classic holds it hostage in my mind,both win the day as they equally soothe my nerves in readiness for a God blessed week ahead.

Till we catch the dice mid air though and let you toss the poker in your favour,adios!