GOODNIGHT:-Sketches of surrender.

Reflecting on it now

Nights like this are the best

Not like am in a haste

To even try and predict how

How my tomorrow will taste

Just thanking God for the day past

And closing my eyes in total surrender

That I know not what tomorrow may bring

Not that I may even in it sing

So sing I do now in praise

Praise to the Almighty for His grace

Grace and mercies that He assures to renew tomorrow

What if I woke up in a different city

City where no one was all gritty

Gritty because your presence was kinda edgy

Edgy for it ain’t common place to just let go

Let go and let God lead you in paths only He knew where it led

Led to cuz even this day was all His will.

Still I long to just close my eyes

And let go of all sighs

As I do right within this moment

It total acceptance to His will.



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