BEHIND SILENT WHISPERS:the sketches of God’s love.

She got him through a C-section,always shortened from that dreadful name called caeserian to mean incision of the abdominal and uterine walls for baby delivery.

She had no option but to go through with it.Funds did not allow but still baby had to come out safe,I mean there were two humans here at risk,both the mother and the unborn baby.Who would want to bear a child,and let them grow up being called a curse as they killed there own mother at birth?

For questions sake I would have asked where the father of the yet to be born child was at the time.In this age however most of that parenting and presence has kind of lost its entire sense.But for all goodness’ sake who am I even to point fingers? A cloud at righteousness you know?Or to easen it,sometimes you can find the pot calling the kettle black…

But the pot gains beauty the moment the kettle loses its sense of warmth,as the pot can keep the food warmer over a longer period in comparison…

Beauty to this continuation is that instead of me shading the judgemental finger,I have realistic PePa faithfuls like you to throw the dice and watch the topple,right?

A beautiful baby boy comes forth into a cruel world.Initially however,he is received with the lying smiles and laughs of joy and as he stretches open his hands,he is ready to receive all beauty from the world:that in my opinion should be the rule of thumb but hey,the coldness he receives as most of us have is more than his tender soft skin can take…non of our’s has taken it either,not to date as we claim to “ng’ang’ana” (hustle/struggle) to make life flow smoothly.

Let us talk of baby daddy first,now where did his pretty a@# go to?Ahem,let me rephrase,where is he all this time we mentioning mama bear and baby bear?

Daddy bear took to his heels the moment he tasted the honey pot,honey comb broke and his initial promise of marriage I guess with it.So here we are left with mama bear picking up the dripping honey from the forest floor on her own.

What about the army bees you might ask?They as every other one of us did not fight for their queen as common rule states but stood on the alleys and sidewalks.Doing what you might ask?They were busy buzzing obscenities and accusations directed towards queen bee,telling her of her faults and the mistake she made in exposing their honey to the outsiders.

Anyway,we can’t cry over spilt milk or honey for that matter now,can we?The gift is born into the world and suckles very well growing into a strong little man.Man is quite intentional as this he does not attain as per normal expectation.

He grows quite well but at the age of two still no mutterings of mama or papa are heard from him.Now this could be exempted but on the other hand he is not learning to use the potty as expected by the age of four.Quite unprecedented this could be by human standards.

But who came up with these standards I ask.Again remember the buzzing bees along the sidewalks and alleys?I came to realise they dictate so much in society as most of us heed to their buzzes .You might ask how but check for a moment what social media platforms are putting as standards…Facebook,Instagram,Twitter and many more I lose count of…

Who dictates this on social media again?Should be the bumble and buzzing bees I guess.

Hope we on the same drift by now huh?Little Gift is now 6 years old and knows not how to use the toilet,that could be excused for loose bowels and a defect in his digestion but why can’t he talk or hear?This must be a curse,right?Maybe a misfit in society,I think maybe even the father was another man’s husband and the child has been cursed,right?

But what of the many other children born out of wedlock or say by other women’s husbands?We can’t see these you know?We are blind to the world around us and that judgemental finger plays quite well at this point.This is an isolated case you might quip.

Mama bear,Neline that is,has not been asked for her opinion on her baby’s state of affairs by now I guess.No one knows and in most cases even cares what she feels about it.Her strength and determination on the other hand is admirable…quite resilient in my opinion…humble I may add.

Gift is taken to school by Neline,mama bear just like other kids.He learns not much as he can’t talk neither can he hear,to add pepper to a bleeding wound,he hasn’t learnt to use the toilet by now,thank God for introduction of all size diapers.Modernisation has its benefits I must add.Let us say glory to God always for little indulgences like diapers,right?

Beauty to all this scenario(could look like madness to others),she talks to him daily and he smiles and walks away,in her mind she is hearing but just can’t respond.

Just like every dark and blinding grey sky has a silver lining,something strange and most unexpected happens.A friend,Tina,asks Neline about Gift,if he hears or not.Mama bear says she thinks he hears but just can’t respond.Call her an optimist but what do you expect from a loving mother to her only child?Tina goes ahead and suggests an experiment with Gift to know and find out about this.

Tina tells Neline,mama bear that is,to call his son from behind and see if he responds.She does that and there is no response,next she tries with dropping a spoon behind him,he turns not till mama bear taps him on the shoulder,the smile on his face however is undeniable.This hence has to be tested medically as it is now evident that he doesn’t hear.

You are sure wondering how gift is fairing in school huh?Truth is that just like any different person among us in society,he is treated differently,almost like a cripple,ridiculed by other children at most oft times.

But what did you expect from a society that refuses to bring up our young with love and a training in the fear of God?Where the house helps are our children’s guides all through even over the weekends when we need to chat away on our phones?To avoid disturbance from their noises we even get them mobile phones and games to keep them distracted,such a privileged and elite society we are,right?

Well,that was the peril that led Neline,mama bear to sob in private behind closed doors,away from Gift.She wouldn’t want him to feel like the cause of mama’s pain and sorrows.So she hid away,cried and prayed to the only God she knew,in all this time He seemed not to be hearing her.I mean,she wouldn’t be sobbing if He,God that is,heard,save for tears of joy,right?

Remember that pic of a Lion and his cub,the caption on it says,”I thought about quitting till I noticed who was watching,” that right there was mama bear,Neline and her little cub,Gift.She would never show him she was weak and defeated.

She spoke blessings into her son everyday and told him he would be the best God wanted him to be.That nothing would stop him from achieving his dreams no matter what.Gift always smiled at her as if he heard and left for school gleefully.But when he came back later on or mama bear went to pick her,he never seemed happy.

Takes me back to this afternoon she goes to school to pick him and finds him in a mess of himself;no shorts on as he couldn’t hold himself,he was naked with only his shirt on and a naked butt.All the other kids were laughing at him.

She had a scarf around her neck that came in quite handy.Wrapped her little cub with it and took him home.Closed the door behind her and cried.This in my opinion was the turning point of her life.

She cried in earnest to God and next took little cub,Gift, to hospital for further ENT tests.Unbeknownst to her,Gift’s condition was curable.A surgery was emminent and corrective removal of the accumulating fluid between his nose and ear would be possible.This apparently was the reason he could neither hear nor talk.

She asked about the cost for the same and was shocked at the figures.Business had been low,she had even moved in with her sisters to cut on costs so this was a blow…But no cost was too much compared to the joy hearing her son’s voice would be back and he would be able to call her “Mama”.

Procedure took in the most 45minutes.Mama bear was called.Hands clasping her head in fear she walks into theatre but what she meets is unexpected.A frightened and crying Gift seated on the hospital bed (he was frightened by the many people surrounding him with mama not nearby).

You know what?The surgery was successful and at 6 years old,Gift had to start learning to talk like a toddler would.This in essence sent tears to Mama bear’s eyes.Such news was overwhelming.A miracle in itself.

The curse was no longer a curse and the little unnoticeable cub,Gift would be the source of so much joy to her mama.The tears of sorrow are soon replaced with those of joy as a friend calls her,comes picks her from Gertrude hospital as she din’t have even fare back.

The Monday next,Neline receives a letter from Gift’s school that they can’t accommodate his son’s kind anymore.He had become a burden to them by now and the other kids at school were always uncomfortable around him.

Did they hear her side of the story?No,did they care to listen?No,not at all.

As Neline is narrating this events to her sister,she comes out as an angel and calms down her heart.Tells her not to worry as everything would be alright.Neline leaves her sister’s place and true to the words of her sister;a school she had never known existed is right down the corner.They ask for an interview and Neline tells them her son just began talking after six years and knows nothing.

There answer is another miracle.”Bring him in as he is,we will work at his pace,”

You need another miracle on the mountain Neline?God just spoke to you face to face.

What can PePa add,nothing but lies.

To God be the glory always.



7 thoughts on “BEHIND SILENT WHISPERS:the sketches of God’s love.

  1. What a marvelous outcome!! Every child has a gift to give to the world! His was to have faith and never give in… What children can teach adults never ceases to amaze me! He never spoke a word yet he lead her to God for his miracle!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Hussein, you have conquered my emotions. As a retired teacher, I felt such compassion for this young boy and his mother.

    God’s love never stops. He knows what is needed, and He brought forth this miracle because a mother never gave up hope. Her love and perseverance are incredible.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am humbled Buckeye.I listened to this tale from a friend and realised I actually din’t even know them until then.I was moved by God’s grace.I thought I had a testimony but this broke all bounds.

      I thank God it moved you and thanks for taking time to read it bro.Share with friends if you may.

      Liked by 1 person

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