WHO OWNS THE DICE?Sketches through my sky 2.

With the Mozart playing in the background it becomes almost impossible not to remember him,my little brother who always comes up with the weirdest of quizzes like if I preferred Mozart or Classical.A line which for sure played real hard to make a divide upon.How his little mind plays from music,to art,choreography,poetry,sport,nature and then sinks into the weather is a sure delight and wonder to observe.


Speaking of the weather,this has played quite a twist upon its ground as sitting on this same balcony spot it has played all kinds of tunes rivalling those of the Mozart and Classical in my background.


From a stench hot 28 degrees and now this cool 22 degrees championed by the onslaught of a cool breeze from its chambers probably in the south and cheer led by the surging strato-cirrus,cirrus and cumulus clouds into what is now becoming a gloomy cloud-filled afternoon.These are all the moods of one beautiful afternoon as choreographed right before me a-front this cool balcony.


Balcony;brings to mind those circus and  orchestra views from back in the 1800’s as envisioned in modern day Classic films.I almost said Country for my love of country movies and melancholy.Mine however is a simple yet soothing balcony,my love for balconies though,aaaaaah! Call me a romantic at this point only devoid of a blue sky and a blooming crescent moon in the horizon…..


The dried up leaves atop dried branches give in and let loose in response to the unrelenting breeze to enable nature strive its course.An action that sends the ones already on the ground in a drift across the surface;such a flow of events only draws me deeper into the actual essence and teachings of Taoism that states that if you are to fully enjoy life to its maxim you must be willing to let everything in life take its own course without forcing, holding back or holding onto anything.


A perfect example to this law is me right now.I hadn’t utterly decided to write about anything as at the back of my sketches I know I still owe you a class  101 on insects and flowers,one taking quite a depth of its own along my grain but the play of events in my sky at the moment draws me right into Pen and Paper and my fingers hence start flipping and twitching in retrospect to relay this play of sketches.


Yes sketches my dear Treader,the same that have seen me through a week of its own kind,non to complain about but one sure to draw your thoughts and emotions into the very craft of our system and its favours and flairs.Favours to those who push harder and have a belief of resilience yet the same pushes flairs upon those who believe that the system is unfair and will always work against them for these my dear Treader will always fall victim to their belief rather than a direct shoot down from the system.


As the breeze in my sky subsides hence and the clouds take formation in anticipation of their break into a downpour,my nose catches all the scents in my surrounding;pleasant and even tantalizing to quip the Mozart and Classic intrumentals in my background as all these beauty comes together to remind me who owns the dice and rules of play in the coming week as this last one has closed to an end.


As my mind narrows to the reality of life and play of the system;it now crystallises in the truth that the house always wins,a sure transcription for me to become the house rather than a typical gambler within it.So now I clearly know that I have to own the dice that is shot into the air as everyone else holds their breath awaiting the poker to fall in  their favour.


How else to achieve this other than to hold and decide my destiny by putting myself at the centre of it all and believe that with each narrowing focus towards my goal,the universe will with no doubt play its labels well to hand it to me not as a favour but as a worthy blessing.

The Mozart is yet to subside as the Classic holds it hostage in my mind,both win the day as they equally soothe my nerves in readiness for a God blessed week ahead.

Till we catch the dice mid air though and let you toss the poker in your favour,adios!


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