THAT BORING START-3 :Sketches into the day.

The curvy glass lingered seductively between my thumb and fore fingers,almost tantalising and seducing all my senses,senses drawn from a morning of calm  and thence grown into a submission of its true desire and yearning.More of a yearning to be one with self was this innate call now lingering upon my mind.


The glass snugly hung half full rather than half empty but this time not with wine but draining with crystal clear water.I always wondered when I would truly use these words ”Crystal clear” in its raw sense but at this moment as the water drained down my cool throat  making a wave of smooth flow from my tongue I could feel all the crystals join together in a union of purpose riddled with satisfaction creating a clarity of purpose and with it wrapping me in its union.


My background filled with a strum upon the violin coupled with soft clicks on a set of  pianos,this atop the swoosh of wind on the open river flow drew my heart,mind and body to all that was at play before me.It all seemed set deep within a dream yet staring into the clouded yet calm sky it was impossible to miss the soft wind softly caressing the tree tops and then then this dangling wine but now water glass creating a hiss of music all redirected back to my senses.


For the moment this was my reality and deep was it as meters from my balcony stood this aged but now all green avocado tree.I have been a nature lover just to divert your thoughts if only for a bit;they say that too much of something is dangerous,I don’t know if that applied to nature too.I may never be able to answer that fully as I am no philosopher as often disclaimed yet I know that if you could ever find a link that connects you to who you truly are then routing yourself to that link takes you much deeper into your true essence and purpose and thus raises you higher unto your source,right? Well,this right here dear PePa Treader as they say is for me to know and you along your tread to find out,isn’t it?


Now back to my old Avocado tree I can not help but wonder for this morning how long it has been since I saw a budding fruit from it let alone a ripening one.All over it are almost white but due to my poor illusion of colours I will call them cream coloured petals.As per my elementary biology,these seem to be a preparation of fruition;I must be right on that,yes teacher?My science teacher back in elementary school would give me an E for Effort at this point I believe.


The sun shines lightly through the flowing clouds above and there is no heat rage at the moment I suppose.A good  20 degrees in the atmosphere seems just right for these insects flying around the cream petalled flowers on our current avocado tree.In my vision there seems nothing attractive about these tiny petals layered allover the tree yet these insects hovering around and landing on most of them tells me that there surely must be more than meets the eye.


I take a clearer and keener look to see beyond what the white light brings to my vision and to do this and achieve results I must gobble down the remaining crystal clear from my wine glass.How beautifully this rides down my throat into my tummy and then  to my brain is amazing as now I no longer look at the unattractive petals but am drawn into the vision and sight of the insects.


These I am convinced and compelled to believe must not only look beyond the petals but also have a deeper vision of every single rainbow color that combines to make the petals quite attractive.An aspect I may not entirely know the details to and may take another class 101 to get a grasp on yet one that entirely blows my mind not only for this moment but also for a deeper meditation aspect you know?


This morning encounter with nature in a glimpse off the balcony I here must say sure threw me off balance as the deeper truths of life began to bed my understanding.A sketch we must hence delve into much deeper after I discover the deeper truths of insect visions and the comparisons between human and insect labour…..


Until then my dear Treader I would only but wish you a reflective Sunday afternoon and give you a moment to not miss the breeze across your nose and whisk over your ears.To ask yourself where the wind comes from and where it takes leave,to try and see where the ocean waters rest during the day till by eventide they begin an advance upon land and the morning next they retreat again…..


Nature calls and I must respond to it by emptying my bladder as the crystal water must by now have finished its work through my brain and asks leave of my body……..







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