HAPPY NEW MARCH:sketches into new beginnings.

5th of March,been awhile since I heralded any month,last I did should have been November but here comes this amazing month with all its colours and shows.Some am sure would tend to differ on its beauty but true beauty as I have grown to understand other than realise lies not in the eyes of the beholder but basically in how deep you look and most times not even  skin deep for that still looms shallow.


So yes dear Treader,this here is an amazing month to begin as we already know no one else holds,owns and determines the fall of the dice other than ourselves.I hereby choose to declare this a truly amazing month before anyone starts screaming obscenities or calling for an audience to table their grievances for the month.Grievances?Imagine having grievances for a month that is only 5 days old,what will we have by the time we get to the 15th day of the same?a court arbitration huh?


Well,okay,I mean, I could give you a little ear to your sorrows still you who feels left out but, before any complains set foot let us first check if you are in good health for starters, if you had at least a meal today and are hopeful for another by close of day or even tomorrow.These boxes checked,do you have a regular income or employment for that matter?Well maybe you got one but lack the former huh?Still I bet you have the gift of eyes and those of limbs,to see,walk and even that of speech huh?


Am sure most people have checked all if not most of these boxes as per this end we have gotten.Now let us do a quick one,are you on a wheel chair or lack a limb?If yes you still got sight and a sound mind?I believe you got a sound mind if you are still reading this thus far,huh?You may trail and wonder about that guy whose sight is all but impaired;now the Almighty is not unjust in the least as with the impairment of their sight or any other parts then  the senses of the rest comes alive in a most spectacular way.Choice of this discovery and use however is left to the subjects at hand just as it is left to us in the heights and depths of our strains.


Still don’t like my mojo?I sometimes dislike my trail of PePa yet in its most ugly form it keeps me human and reminds me of most forgotten truths and vision of reality.


Let us look at our friend on the wheelchair,he still got two hands and a sound mind.Last I checked their was nothing unexplored upon the phase of the universe more than the human mind.Only 10% of it stands utilised with the other 90% lying in complains and ungratefulness.So with two bad limbs and two beautiful hands the brain still lies extensively underutilised but the heart full of complaints and regrets of past errs.This my dear Treader is the reason we may complain about March not being all blissful yet in process leaving out all beauty to this amazing start …..


What about your many bills pending yet you still got that employment or business up but profits look dismal if not anywhere close to sight? My opinion may not count at this point yet an aged adage comes to mind that necessity is the mother of all inventions…Inventions?What is there to invent when you have put in all efforts to this far with no real gains to show for it.I would call it impatience yet my awareness constantly points my brain to that untapped portion of its capabilities lying unused like a barren arid land only needing an influx of nutrients and water to stir it up into a trickling oasis.


So yes,our month is beautiful to say the least with amazing possibilities within it.Even the scare of Corona virus from the East should not work as thus in relation to where to get more affordable goods but trigger our minds into innovation and creation of better alternatives as a nation.The slack in business should not wane our hopes of survival but rather awaken the growth instinct within us to jerk us into action and creation of more cash flow avenues.


A quick question to the ones wondering about innovation or creation and how easy it is to set up a multibillion factory or establishment?Who said you must start big to grow big?And how big will you grow when you start big whilst you have already covered up all room and space of growth and learning through mistakes by setting up a blockade in the name of starting big?


Wagging your tongue in amusement?Even PePa wonders in disbelief of discovery too.


With the dice in our hands thus and the house in our backing,shall we then toss it up and enjoy as it brings the house victory in success?Till you make that decision and open up your eyes to reality,adios and Happy new March.





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