Halo there dear treader,join me as we discuss the sketches in society.These are the pieces overlooked and left to break us apart yet if we take note of them for what they really are,they would instead build us into our desired and required selves.


In my sketches,it is not only about me but also every other one with or without a voice.You see,society is complex and not only entails your immediate environment but hails down from and not limited to your moment and place of birth but as the wanderer would put it,to the wild wide world.You hence aren’t born for a specific corner of the world but for the entire sphere.


Your sketches and ours in general hence span from birth right to the universe.In process of this hence,everyone gets caught up in this rat race we have so created,neglecting the full essence of life itself.Here in the sketches of PePa we hence capture these very neglected pieces which I so call sketches.


Speaking of origin of sketches for example,PePa who is pen and paper becomes my companion illustrating how little me was brought up not from affluence but rather from a position of lack,with a seventeen year old form two mum juggling between a bursaried  education,sale of firewood and child support.We get to find out that all that glitters is not actually gold and that our initial pitfalls do not determine our outcomes but rather are placed in our paths by the Almighty as our stepping stones and actual glory to His name through our successes.


Speaking of the wide wild world for example,here we can get to the African society perception of the west,pitting them as gods in turn making us slaves to their mercy.In retrospect forgetting that the same west comes to Africa for relaxation and reprieve.This goes on to enumerate that our skin colour difference wasn’t from onset of creation meant to separate us but rather to create an actual breed of deep seated diversity,meant to unite and grow rather than divide us.


Along the sketches we also tackle depression and suicidal tendencies in its raw form.We get to understand that depression is not for the weak at heart but rather the neglected and that you don’t preach to a suicidal person with hellfire threats but rather listen to their story..After listening to them and they decided to go on with suicide,they then would have done it in total peace I suppose for what is death without peace?Here we hence will encounter make a pact with a stranger as a complete outsider gives a total stranger a listening ear.


We could also get to listen to stories of travel,food,true friendships rather than mere acquaintances and more of our daily occurrences.Could be environmental issues,leadership,degradation of resources plus defects of poor governance and decision making.


Speaking of governance for example,we can encounter a walking or working nation involving the ban of commuter matatus from the CBD.This we see could have been avoided were there prior proper city planning mechanisms and their actual implementations.So this would directly have hailed from a misappropriation of government funds which in turns comes to bite us in the behind,right?


Share your views and opinions,hit me up for a one on one as I listen to you too and get to share your stories,thoughts and opinions in a build of sketches.


Welcome to PePa and let me know if you would like to hear grandma’s fireside stories for a start or what do you suggest?


Share your views in the comment section and let us tread together with PePa.






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