MID MAY:Sketches along my tread.

They said to get a wife but I always laughed it off.The thought crossed my mind this cool Sunday afternoon as boredom sure came to roost within my labouring knuckles.Get a wife huh?That in my opinion took not only grace but also real balls.I mean not the ones between your legs but more…..Your heart,patience and resilience I guess…That bed wasn’t made of roses alone I suppose and yet if it did,even the roses I tend for my living room always have thorns to be broken off so….


Here I was bored to almost breaking point and loneliness was not anywhere in my horizon.I imagined if I had someone around  then how bad would it have been on the both of us?You know what they say about the power of energies and their transfer for that matter?What I had today was pure broken and negative energy and this in my opinion,not the kind to transfer to another amazing human being you know?


The afternoon hence slowly ebbed off as the heavy riding clouds played a mount upon each other in an attempt to see which one would cover the sun’s face the longest.In moments like this as I have come to realise,only nature ever comes to my urgent rescue without much effort to it.Looking over my balcony through my curtain-less wall end windows hence helped seethe a little calm within.


The television set before me as most times before remained switched off as the cup of tea in my grasp drained slowly to its bottom.Not that there was any hurry at all but with my current drain of moods I felt the outside calling for me.The emptiness had so deepened that an extra moment in this room would have actually made me sick.


With sweatpants on and my hat to match,I put on comfortable canvas kicks and went for that long desired walk.Beautiful rain-soaked earth emitted that so desired aroma that hit every sense of animal instinct within my nostrils as the air of freshness filled my lungs,or at least some of it did as most was blocked off with my heavy mask.The same masks that have become our very essential piece of clothing.At least they replace the mobile phone which you would never leave the house without and in case you forgot you had to go back for.


Along my tread is much sort after relief as I encounter stray dogs,cats and even other people seeking a reprieve of freshness and calm ambience just as I am.Not that it is all perfect as we have to live with the noise of both public and private transportation together with the pollution that comes with it.Sometimes I wish the authorities would set out specific days when there was a complete ban or no use of cars within and outside the city.When only bicycles and carts would be allowed outside,oooh how blissful that would be.


Anyway forgive PePa’s insane ruminations as am sure such a motion would be shut down in our parliaments immediately its reading was completed by the proponent.We have better motions to move or even ponder about apart from environmental degradation and the likes.I mean,we have to deliberate on how we are going to spend doner funds on purchase of tea and snacks for late night nurses,right?Why would we waste such precious energy instead on banning cars from the city when we ourselves need a convoy of cars to get mheshimawa(Honourables) to a breakfast meeting across the city?


So yes,forgive PePa for not thinking right, okay?Along my tread I walk with earphones plugged into my ears;been long since I listened to music and such a stroll can afford me this amazing luxury.Beside the road I come across a number of traders all hurdled up together selling Miraa(khat) with masks half way under their chins,I mean,it is Covid season but we must first find the paper,right?And even that call on social distancing I doubt would really apply at this point,right?Health can wait while we first get some cash to eat.Hilarious bit is they are always chewing khat themselves so question that puzzles me is that how much khat will they vend versus what they’ve already chewed away….khat for cud for sure this is,huh?


The much needed reprieve grasps my hand along this walk as the clouds build up swiftly above the setting sun into a burden of rain.The same is much welcome as its drizzles upon my once downcast face sends a cool to my spine.Sends me into a happy dance along to my music plugged ears.I must have looked insane dancing to ”no” music as per an onlooker’s view,right?To cup it all up is this beauty of a classic car I see clean washed at this local car shiners.She is naked in my opinion,literally.Old shiny rims,ripped off rooftop in the name of a ride along convertible and an almost visible chasis.Dave for the nakedness,every other working mechanism was in place.


This set me thinking:as some of us aim to acquire much more happiness in glam and opulence,the owner of this classic chose to find real,deep and sincere joy in the maintenance of this old beauty.Meaning ,as we all aim for the stars and the sky seeking happiness,we always oft end up losing our feet below as what we encounter is much sorrow and depression.So lesson learnt is that happiness is an illusion not worth chasing whilst joy is a delight much acquired in in little bouts and leaps.


The rain drizzles away as the once heavy clouds disperse in a surrender to the sinking sun’s heat as I head back home 5miles later.In my walk I discover something interesting though.


I come to the conslusion that nature is a healer and worth taking care of and true happiness exists not but only joy should be sort from deep within.


A hot shower can then wash away the sweat of a beautiful mid May afternoon walk as the ruminations subside to a peaceful calm.


Find your peace within!





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