FEAR:the sketches through the rain.

A quiet steady downpour lines my mornings as an utmost depiction of the atmosphere outside.The atmosphere in most oft situations depicting the reflection of the heart.If not of all then a select many would be easily found in this wave.


An energy slack almost down to naught if not contained and realised in time.Time though being an illusion that must not be let to wallow one into its trap.


So yes.the soft rains trickles almost insistently against both clay and galvanised roofs alike,not to miss the tinned roofs in others and stepping out the skirts of the city not hard to find some grass thatched roofs drowning in the downpour from above.


See,you most times think the grass on the other side is greener yet green in most cases is more superficial than actual reality.Fault me in this if you find me tripping but right before you edge that finger into my eyes,hold up.Tread along my sketches and see if you find a truth or a piece you could pick homewards,I mean we are sharing this tread not only with PePa but also with you fellow treader.


The atmosphere in my opinion has seen the fear sink deep into your nerves and your ultimate resignation to the fate thrown at you too floats out into the air.Am almost tempted to tread carefully and with cat feet as a foot somewhere may feel stepped on and you don’t wanna hurt people you know?I meant there feelings if they have any as at this point in time am worried to say I see most of us lack this very soul of feelings.And pure feelings for that matter.


Not to lose you in my uncontrolled digressions though.Let us get back to the fear now going round in bouts and leaps.Let us use wildfire to depict its actual extent on the streets and back in the suburbs.


In many years since my birth I see a people so cautious on cleanness and improved sanitation.I mean,was man created to be this clean really?I thought he was created with a defence able to fight off the baddest of them diseases but here we are with a flu like infection and are told it is wiping out not only entire cities but also crippling nations that initially prided themselves in the name of first world.


We are told again that the same infection,in my opinion more like a flu infection is going to erode economies and true to that we are seeing economies halting to a ground.This must not only create panic and fear but also create a disease within the mind to overlook and so we all are left in a state of hopelessness,right?


Now to retrace my choice of words,the disease is flu like yet is able to erode economies,the name erode and economies being aptly used to illustrate the direction of flow and tread am opting to pick.This is only achievable not through an infection from a virus but a more calculated attack of the mind and since we were all born actors and mimics,in my opinion such a game is not hard to play to a generation who take mere games seriously to the point of killing themselves and actually brooding blood hatred over a game.


It is more like game of thrones in this case however,a retaliatory attack is expected and so to ease down the counter attack so imminent,the game must look almost magical and aptly realistic and by the time the other houses realise the play at hand,it might be too late for them to hit back as they will have been eroded to the ground as initially plotted.When down on your knees I see no better show of submission than this whether willingly or stubbornly.The point is you submitted,right?


Now back to the lack of heart or soul in this kind of play is that the initial game-plan is the creation of fear but rather than using subtle threats,let us use a fear that threatens their very existence;their health and their families.In such a game however,and the saddest trick to it is that just like a game of chess,the pawns have to be sacrificed for the sake of the ‘Kingdom’ though in deep contemplation,you realise it was never really for the kingdom but rather for the selfish king himself as even the queen could always be used as a rooky in this game.


This point right here almost made me detest the game of chess,but it is only a game as long as we don’t kill each other over it,right?The saddening bit however comes to life when the pawns in this game becomes human pawns in reality and this my dear treaders are what we have become,human pawns as the kings remain our donners and supposed leaders,an elite few.


Used to love the name elite till its actual meaning came to pace in my realisation that it stood not in favour of progression and growth but in the line of self actualisation and subsequent deprivation of an entire generation to achieve this actualisation.


Let us hence not allow fear to be our death and if anything we still can die standing,I mean why be so afraid when we all knew at the end of the day we were bound to head that way?Just not in this manner,right?But who honestly chooses their deaths?A little consolation if it will help is that when you die almost always matters not as only the flesh dies off,rather how you die should be of true essence and by this I mean the state of your heart as the soul lives on.


Be not afraid as you were fore-warned 365 times,commanded and encouraged to embrace love over fear.For in love all fear is driven out and hence with love comes power and self control.In love however you must thus practice judgement which hence means kindness,care and support for all especially the weak.


A parting shot to ease the fear and encourage calm are these wise sayings from the preacher himself.The turning away of the simple shall slay them,(haha not slay queens).And the prosperity of fools shall destroy them(They who call themselves wise yet are wicked in their ways).But whoso hearkens unto the Almighty shall dwell safely,and shall be quiet from fear of evil.


So,the atmosphere is calm and not fearful,it is a relaxation to the mind and peace to the soul that despite all that is happening around,the Almighty is showering our hearts with His blessings and love.


Fear not.



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