When you say PePa,I think sketches..and you would wonder what a combination of pepa and sketches,right?


PePa would be pen and paper in a slice of dice to incorporate the pain and hurt of a bored man through a drop of ink upon lines of paper.remove the lines and then he is left bare and vulnerable yet then enters the neglected pieces along his wake in a grace of sketches.


Picking these together just as life neglected and left them for dead along the road does the scheme grow into a masterpiece of art embodied in writing and poetry.A stream od story telling that focuses solely on real events and experiences to bring a flow filled with love,life and hope.


PePa hence becomes my everyday companion and sketches,these form the backbone to my tread,the walk we both have to enjoy.


so welcome to my sketches and together with PePa let us enjoy this tread.


YouTube and Podcasts coming up soon.Keep plugged treaders.




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