CUPID’s BOW AND ARROW:sketches of diversity

This is such a strange phenomena,ayai yai yai yai ya yai! And so began the great safari quipped by the very amazing childhood movie we watched of ”the gods must be crazy”.Little did I know this same safari was to replay in real life to me,of course not with all the intricate details of ”the gods must be crazy” with the butt naked San and Khoisan kids,parents and elders or the high flying Sahara 2 seater jet with the white lady who later hanged off the floor entrance as it what about to land,no.Am sure you imagining huh half naked trapped between a thicket of thorns,haha,that was hilarious with her driver having to unhook  her from the thorns as he was forced to look away…blind date this must have been huh?


Speaking of which,that became the the best watched movie in our younger years later to be joined by the likes of Jackie Chan’s Rush hour 1 and an epic 2.Beautiful memories I must admit.


Back to my previous strange phenomena;I find myself towards the end of January,quite cramped it was and yet all present happenings had to get light of day and attention of heart.A wedding was at hand,short notice you may call it but still all the same an important one it was.As earlier mentioned in welcome to January,a call came through this lovely morning to remind my Calendar that February 1st was the D-day and both Morena and Dave’s long awaited cupid arrow was due.


It all began with accommodation preparations for these friends from far far away country who were visiting and as an African culture(I speak of African as to the best of my knowledge this is the only culture I understand well,and best could still remain varied,hahaha),sleeping preparations and who went where,wore what and ate what have to be all set and in place.So to make it more understandable these became a preoccupation of Morena and Dave and once in awhile was I called upon to give aid in hand,most of it had to wait for the car I use on a regular to end its long overdue awaited trip to the mechanics.


Morena’s Air BnB booking skills I must admit came in handy as a previous troupe of 3 had already been previously taken care of and on this Wednesday evening,the much awaited mechanic visitor had to make a maiden test drive with a trip to the airport.Not after a long lag for the same plane to land and a lonely drive to the airport,lonely should have been in caps as I had this pre-play of a chatty drive all the way but here I was,alone and hungry;such pangs only creep in most often when am bored and tired.Today was one of such days though with a promise of chocolate rain like that of Charlie at the chocolate factory.


The airport trip was one of beautiful tales as I met a bunch of both tired wedding planners and excited foreign visitors,am tempted to call them new arrivals as even their dialects were strange and we became a bunch of strangers trying to converse in a another foreign language,trying to understand and memorize each other’s strange names.


Truth be told,English is a foreign language to most if not all of us;picture a Polish,a Filipino,an Italian and an African all trying to converse in English which at the moment is acting as ground breaker,at other times I would have felt colonized but today I feel blessed to use that tongue to understand one another.The big wild world is at my feet now made a small global village,such little delights sure fill my buds with a sweet aftertaste to sum it all up.


I was to host this excited young lady,Era  from Barcelona but whose routes were actually the Philippines,later to be joined by her beloved Leo from Prague.The mix here was sure having a strange note of excitement to my inquisitive mind as she proved quite educative as to the uncharted existence up above the equator and off this beautiful continent I knew.The other two,Waldi and Agneska,were a Polish delight with Waldi having to explain that his name is actually of a longer form,quite interesting how he pronounced it and thank heavens am writing so I don’t have to do it,hahahah. These two had to drive into the dark alongside Morena,Dave and Achie .At this point my notepad is filling with red highlights allover as English claims not to recognize all these foreign names,lucky I have’t added mine or my family’s as it would sound an alarm.


The highlights however make quite an attractive appeal to my senses,makes me almost wish you would watch as I type through with PePa.


The next few days were quite a rush for Morena and Dave and especially on Dave who had to drive into the busy clothe’s street with Waldi to get and fit him his suit which being a banker,was not so delighted about but had to make do with as he was part of the groom’s party.

I on the other hand was excited as to me such occasions to suit up come once in a lunar  eclipse.The last time I was so official was when I was graduating from college a good eight years ago with a stripped black suit with matching shoes.This time round I wasn’t doing the common black but had  a royal blue and with  no ordinary tye but a bow to grace the floors.I think the name royal in the color blue sold me and I just went with the flow,no protests as I told one Mr. Lewis,this wedding was for the bride and groom to enjoy and we had to compromise even if the groom chose the color Yellow,hahahah….


I remember my mother jokingly insisting she sees the colors we chose for our suits just to verify they were not a bright yellow;if she were in my shoes or Dave’s she also would have so easily fallen for the yellow as it was a hard yard choosing something that would easily flow with the rose gold seductive dresses the ladies had shipped in.More like an engineering fete only seen in Chinese bridge and road contractors,haha,call it the art of exaggeration I am recently learning from Kenyan television and radio presenters…..


Thursday saw the previous party return from their great safari down at the Tsavo and dive at the Indian ocean in readiness for the cupid’s arrow that would soon strike Morena’s heart…..


Until Leo sets foot upon our beautiful lands and Laurence alongside Patri take leave of their winter lands with Jovvi in his travel bag from Brazil,I guess we have to catch up with the once already here including Patrick,the one who calls himself St.Patrick for reasons am yet to discover,with Marius the runaway son of Africa,Janex fondly termed as the sister,Daryelle the lovely Persian muse,Ms.Maina my dancing partner,Jay with the fake crutches and Aggie who reawakened the glint.Not to forget Mr.Abraham the dark grain from the lakeside,his happy smile is always a plus on the scene…….


Till we meet on the dance floor with Big man behind the lenses,adios.






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