ANSWERED PRAYERS: The sketches of pain.

Fingers itch in absence of pen with drip of ink upon lines of paper.Been a while far from home,far from the confines of my arena,the same that others behold as a prison for me plays as home of comfort and utmost release.Yes,what to write on the other hand has sure evaded my insight as plight to prevailing happenings seem to crowd mere essence of self.


Well,with passing time and a growing sense of absence my inner being sure has yearned for the embrace of this love affair with PePa.Even lovers need a holiday and by this I mean in part from one the other.


Well,here we are again,years after the Katrina,a famous line I heard in my younger years.Always made me feel like the rapper of the year.Well,we ain’t rapping today however,rather conveying a recap of past cold days in  a wake tp gain momentum for coming days.


I honestly hope our flow is in sync as by now most if not all treaders upon these lines are expecting a tale of sorts.Sorry to let you off sadly because in my wake is no tale rather a relay of inner pangs.Not pangs of a mother in labor however as these could be deeper in cut.I always wondered what could be more painful than a mother in labor till I realized that a mother gets rewarded with the joys of her newborn’s cries of letting the first wind of breath down their lungs,in addition to this is the embrace of that little baby’s tiny figure in her hands>>>>all those prior qualms,fears and anguish of childbirth all get dissipated just by the tiny one’s ebbing cries in the realization they have been introduced into a strange existence without.


A world in which they enter with their hands opened in anticipation of much only to realize they have to offer more than they are willing to take away.


So tell me my dear PePa treader,what could cut deeper than the anguish of child birth?Well,if you was following,the answer lies much closer at heart than home.The pain sets in not at child birth but much later and not to the bearer but to the one delivered.


See they came with open hands in anticipation to receive but in turn met a cold biting and even breath ripping reality.You see by now what I had in heart was no smooth and pleasant tale but a harsh and almost dumbfounding reality.It is only if not mostly comparable to my initially illustrated arena though that came with peace to quip.


This here is in essence the very reality a child is never prepared for save for the kinds in early Greek,I mean Spartan homes back in the BC.Most would look at our present day absent of sword and machete as a more civilized and even safer play area whilst in essence living and dying by the sword in ancient days brought a more glorious death than presented today.


Today we have more ”civilized” deaths and not to misquote me let the the term civilized remain locked in quotes for sarcasm.What is a civilized death when we strangle ourselves out through debts sanctions imposed by our very choice of poor leadership.”Poor” allow me to add points not towards lack but rather a deprivation of the right choices from our hearts but a choice driven by lusts and selfless,no I mean selfish ambitions and hence propagating an onset of a man eat man society through the cast of  uneducated choices.


Just in case am losing my dear companion in this avid trail let me go back to that little baby born into a world that should have made the path better already but instead this is what they get.


They come into a world that requires them to pay for the very life they have been handed right at birth,may not make sense at this point but if you choose to tread a little more with me you will get in scope with my reasoning and as one we will realize that when a parent takes a loan that should be paid for another 40 say to 50 years in a society with a life expectancy of 67.3 years as given by 2016 it technically means the parent has taken the loan to be repaid by the new born when they grow up.Well,am no economist pa se but a little insight makes the heart wiser …wiser huh?


It is a beautiful world though and these sure are the days of our lives.Days in which we must pray to the Almighty to pour upon our ailing lands enough water to grow our fields for an entire season.Yes and He is sure faithful for pour He pours the very waters and rain  we cry out for yet to a foolish generation the same harvest of water was never planned for.Am I being too paranoid or crude in my descriptions ?Why be soft on words when all truth lays in the pains of our actions.Actions that bore deep into our hearts and find path through already bleeding pockets creating a hollow of unending sorrows.


In prior times we would be tempted to say that surely God has forsaken our land when in actuality we are the forsakers of the same God in our ways that warrant rebuke yet we term it development.If we had been asked to put in work before delivery of the blessing then we would delve deeper in wonder if this God who needed us to work before blessing us was really true.Well,a famous song still draws me back in memory saying,plant the trees and let them grow,don’t you see you are destroying humanity…..


Well,with an already tampered land and repercussions flowing in ripples you will wonder if that little buddy born to their mother prior to this day still has a chance of breaking even?With a burden of the economy on their frail shoulders you still think it is an impossibility to have a greener tomorrow than the land speaks today huh?


Is there anything impossible really?The term impossible rather is what makes my heart pain as it eats down to the marrow of an already crippled bone….impossible is such an impossible impossibility if we could for once get prepared for the blessing before bleeding our knees in prayers that if answered break our mere backbones.


So embrace the flooding waters and let them open your inner eyes to the reality of our mistakes.Don’t crush however under the pain of regret but learn from the mistakes of today to make an educated if not wise decision tomorrow.As long as you still draw breath,consider it a worthy gift and blessing for you to make all impossibilities possibilities according to God’s power that is at work within you.


Spread joy and speak love with PePa,then make a better day rather than hope for a good one.







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