BEAUTY FOR ASHES: Sketches of withdrawal.

Familiar rests,more like a prison of sorts.The consternations within.Sometimes,most times even so often moments.My brain speaks to me,convincing my heart to be at peace.

Yes,brain tells heart that worry will ware it away.But heart knows brain lacks understanding of current predicament.The two wrestle,one to ease the other and the other in a hunger to be understood,listened to or even felt.

Who will win the fight tonight is a question of perils.Best left to the nethers to decide.I hear choice was left or rather given to each yet same choice sets path to detriment of both.

Head laughs out loud.More like lol in modern day abbreviations.Abbreviations which would work best to cut short these constant perils in the mind.A sudden freeze to death of brain.If only heart’s aches would burn off the cold in mind.

See even heart in wake of pain still holds morals and care all but seem certain habit.But it hurts still though this gesture aids in soothe of pain.More like a caress to her ego.

Still hope of a brighter dawn looms above the door railing,capped by streaks of silver and gold upon planks of ash stripping off in continuous deterioration.The very truth revealed in the rise of a falcon from among the ashes in wings splayed with streaks of gold and silver.

A sound in retrospect melodies in back set in ground.A most welcome tune to ebb the storm within the aching soul….yes,I hear and hence wait to see that truly,He bestows a crown of beauty in place of ashes and surely into the darkness He shines and out of the ashes we rise.

Tonight I find rest in God…as tomorrow I glow for Him.



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