Mind Freeze

When there is nothing to write I can always get lost behind my sketchesStare as the pieces take form in the name of imperfectionRelate all the broken pieces in a will of brokennessWhen all else around fades into the far horizonWhen the mind races to keep pace with timeAnd then eases into waves relentlessAnd there finds peace in broken piecesLets them all fall together as oneAs the horizon calls form to play……Someone finish the sketches….PePa.


6 thoughts on “Mind Freeze

      1. They’re actually color pencils. But if you add water to ’em, they’ll blend out into a watercolor art piece.
        I have some crayons and color pencils right now, but have given away my watercolor and acrylic paints. Seems like a hobby I’ll take on during my senior years, though.
        You’re a great artist!

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      2. Sounds like so much fun.I just began the sketching the other day,first began with pen on serviette papers then went out and drew yesterday as my very first serious sketch and I love the feeling…How old are you dear.Sorry to ask.


    1. Thanks a lot Buckseye.I thank God for this and thanks for the encouragement….You will not believe it if I told you Petescully …a blogger and sketcher right on this platform was the inspiration for the sketchwork…came up with the name sketches way before but never knew was to be writing about sketches of life and doing actual sketchwork…God is surely amazing to say the least…

      Thanks a lot Buckseye…and keep em poems coming….I love each one of them.

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