THE IDEA :sketches of growth

It all begins as an idea,then vision takes root.Just like the birth of PePa and even far beyond her was a son conceived,not known to anyone,let alone his mother or withdrawn father.So just like that seed it planted,far beyond the eyes of the world,it thus rots and out of the rot beauty is given borne.From the depths of the darkness hence is the comparison to the idea.Deep rooted in far beyond the eyes.Well hid in the masks behind.Or even in doors closed behind darkness…the idea comes forth..She sprouts just like a seed,gains a plumule and a radicle.Both growing into a shoot and a root.Nothing can stop it after the rot,unless it is deprived of the essentials it needs.The water and air and a little sunshine to encourage it that the heavens are the limit.Water is for life,a constant fill and push in the right direction,air,on the other hand is for renewal,a constant reminder that there is much more to gain.And with such positive vibe,the idea just like the seed can not die.It only lives to reach beyond borders and limitations of the eyes.Do not kill your idea,neither let go of your dream.PePa..


2 thoughts on “THE IDEA :sketches of growth

  1. Your artwork is on fleek, and the message at the end of this post is just tremendeous, truly exceptional, and so powerful and inspirational! Loved it, you keep going brother.

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