THE SKETCHES OF ENCOUNTER:-A walk through the alley.(PePa)

It’s silent deep within,though noisy all around;as cars cruise by,and people brisk through,so a cross at the road,and a honking from the speeding cars,all work together to create a hollow through the heart….A moment in silence all wrapped up in his pace…

And then boom,a glance at eye,a smile reflected,a smile so deep it drowned the giant.And peace he could not hold,yes a smile so deep,it flowed to the extremes and broke the bounds.So chains were broken and heart was loosed.

A glance at eye,a shake of hands,a heart was drawn and put in chains,yet chains were loosed,and peace was found.Found where chains once lived.So to go on was a journey and a toil not worth it.So in trance he stood and hands he needed.Hands to hold and journey to share.For alone it meant that the walk was futile.

A glance at eye,and a million worlds came open,broken free from chains once so tight.All bound in ribbon,a strand of which is just but a single smile.

So a man who was so lost in worlds is now in place set free from a single glance.The power of an honest smile.

The roots of growth


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