SKETCHES FROM THE SIDELINES:-The peace we preach,the love we don’t.(PePa)

How can I speak of peace when I never had no turmoil in my life before,when I have never experienced a state of being displaced from within the very place I so woke up every morning calling home.How did it become so common-day so common-place I never even for a moment took a breath to give thanks.

How could I speak of lack when my entire life I never went for a single day without bread and butter.When my morning table was filled with nothing but decadence,when I ate breakfast as a king;whilst others prayed for a morsel of table left-overs I had a chance to do a full course for breakfast,was even requested if I needed dessert,of which I could only take a nugget for a bite with a smug on my lips,taste the surface and throw it back saying I din’t like how the surface looked today.

How could I dare sit in the table of strategic planners,when taking a break for lunch after working for an hour in the morning was common-place for me as the rising of the sun.While others wished they had a chance to get five minutes off their schedule;grab a donut and fill their rumbling tummies and maybe a bottle of soda if budget allowed?

My break of which would involve a lavish display of opulence, I mentioned a king’s breakfast but if he ever saw my lunch layout right now, he would at this juncture feel like my butler.

Well in my trail of thoughts,pen and paper stares at me and spits on,tears drop off her nib as if to plead with me to stop.But we are ride or die remember?So accompany me she has to,she is my escort and even more,travel companion,no,she is an extension of my trailing mind.A finger of me without so baby-girl we are one.

If hedonism was my way of life and ultimate pleasure was my breakfast,lunch,dinner and supper.Wait a minute,did I just say dinner and supper all in one statement?Goodness me,PePa now is staring mad at me;that was selfish of me I know,but hey PePa,don’t you realise this is our world today?if everyone does it and aren’t questioned then why can’t we conform?Why can’t I join them?after all we can’t beat them so we join them.

It is the system,one that has worked all along,even the Romans did it and we can only follow,huh?Why deny ourselves all the fun?After all we can’t change the whole world and nothing we do can make that much difference,right?

Hey PePa,stop with the angry glares;I din’t decide that some people should be poor or should lack and I should have an abundance of what they lack,now did I?Am going with the grill,being a part of nature’s ecosystem and hence food-chain you know?Even in the jungle the Lion has to hunt and the hyena clears the carcass and bones,right?So will you blame the lion for being so aggressive upon the dear?

PePa looks me in the eye and it dawns on me at this point that when the lion is done ravishing through the jungle that even he ,even he is prey to the worms and termites of the soil.

Then it hits me hard,that the ecosystem works to clear itself but I really don’t have to be a victim of the cycle rather a player in the same,a game-changer;a re-aligner of the sphere and an organiser rather than a consumer of everything fed to me.

So if am to speak of peace then I should know that peace hurts,that before even the Son of man left us with his peace he went through agony to attain it,he went through pain and hurt,so much no man could match to it.He even says in his sermons,”No greater love has any man shown than this,that a man should lay down his life for the sake of his friends.”

So then to experience peace involves a sacrifice and to sacrifice produces a love so deep and unstoppable the ocean itself is jealous and even the gates of hell,they got nothing to contest but give in.

So I can only speak of peace,love and comfort if I am willing to lose a piece of me and sometimes even my whole dignity for the sake of and to fit in another’s shoe;A shoe that though torn at the tip still squeezes so bad it hurts and no amount of airation can suffice for comfort.

So to speak of peace my friends as PePa has so taught me is;not to sit in the high and lofty places making rules for the weak and directives we ourselves can’t live by,not to speak from closed doors and pass adjudication in forms which we apply not.Not pointing a finger towards a mistake but rather taking part in the solution.

So my peace I learn from PePa as acting and not advising,Loving and not withholding;Joining the fight rather than spectating.

Pen and paper thus looks upon me with pride at this point.before I thus unlearn all that I have learnt I am forced to bow out and pray we all practise rather than preach.



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