HAPPY IDD: Sketches through my sky.

The sun rises evenly over the Eastern horizon, lining the morning shine with a golden glow. In its rise has it left the waxing crescent to wax along with it into a two-hour late rise. This is my morning welcome into the dawn that is a new day and start of the week.

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A beautiful Islamic holiday this must be. The close of the fast with a complete lunar cycle, and the start of another wait for a complete solar cycle. Should it really be a solar cycle or earth cycle? That is, since I thought it is the earth that cycles the sun and not the sun cycling the earth. But they also say the sun rises yet in actual sense it is the earth that rises over the horizon of the sun, right?


Did  I confuse you right there? Never mind as PePa most oft finds his ruminations wander into the great expanse: all in anticipation of a full-blown discovery. A discovery and thought that one day, someday I suppose, he would wake up and find himself teleported into a completely new world.


Whilst most of us say how life is a blast and precious, he wanders into the great unknown as he wonders why the Great I am took all his time,5000 years to be precise, to create the heavens and the earth. After all this exploit, why then would He only make the earth habitable?


I mean, don’t you too my dear treader ever take a moment to ponder? To ask yourself questions that have answers hidden deep within yet to the average eye seems like a craze of the mind to ask about? Questions that most would scoff at and tell you off, make you feel like they had better life troubles to worry about other than crazy impossible fetes?


But then my dear treader, what would be the purpose of life if we asked not the most outrageous of questions and got, in time that is, the deepest and most precise of answers? Not from those who deemed themselves wise however, but from the source of wisdom itself?


So wonder not if you find my awareness wander in fascination into the great depths and heights of space because the more it does, the more I get to realise that man, you see man? I get to understand that he was made for a far greater purpose than he allows himself to not only perform, but also set himself to task about.


Mind not if I lose you in my trails because truth be told, I lose myself most oft in these treads as well since I must thus sit down at some point and ask myself, “Was all of it was worth the meditation it brought to heart?” In most cases, which is always, none of these moments have I found wasted even for a split second as reason and logic both become bedmates in an attempt of wisdom.


So before all this play of words becomes a waste of well-intentioned resource, tread along with me if only for a moment. Ask yourself, “Were you made for only one corner of the universe ?”

Do you now wonder why NASA and other scientists have spent years and billions of resources to explore outer space?

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I know not why they do so but the more I think about it the more I feel the amazing extent of revelation in scripture. That though we may fault it in our foolish wisdom of little acquired knowledge herein, within it lies all the answers as to the true purpose of man upon the phase of this single planet earth, that is, before he inherits the extents beyond our sphere.


And that, if he is to truly inherit the ends of the earth which lies beyond the earth’s atmosphere, then he must have first accomplished his initial purpose and task which is to subdue and nurture this piece of property first, before he can then claim other pieces that lie beyond. I thought that was the rule of thumb though, huh?


Ever asked yourself what your purpose in life is other than getting more and more from the universe? Please do so right now if you haven’t yet……


So feeling like we are already on the same page dear treader, allow me to enjoy the rising glow of sunrise above the cloudy Eastern horizon as I wonder why the moon, ever so faithful trailed behind its rise. Still I may ponder as to why though smaller than the earth which does 24hours, it really has to drag along 27.33 days through its spin on its axis to complete a single rotation.


You see how everything falls into place?  I realise that alongside the gravitational pull between the earth’s epicenter and that of the moon, is this play to bring about amazing tidal waves. To some melancholics like myself, this does quite an attraction along the shoreline to not only the heart and eyes but also adds a  wave of calm and peace to the soul.

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Anyhow, as time seems to eat up into your mind with worry, take a moment through this season and enjoy the beauty that is nature right before you as it opens up your heart to the wonders of the Almighty. Meanwhile to those celebrating Idd, a blessed Idd Ul Fitr to you, may the tides be with you.



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