WHAT MEMORIES?::The sketches of love.

He played and she played.She was her mother’s daughter and he was his father’s son.She was pretty,even appealing to look at.In biblical times they would have named her Ruth,which typically means good to behold or look upon.

Instead,they named her Cindy.Maybe at that time in space that was a most popular and almost classy name.He on the other hand was called Dave,thank goodness it wasn’t Kevo or Bryo which in current times is equivalent to Heart-breaker….not my sentiments though but society’s,my current society.

I remember making fun with a pal called Kevo the other day,told him I would let him near any of my priced possessions save for near my sister.He laughed and walked away cursing me.

They,Cindy and Dave played out near the mango groove,just like little girls and boys do,hand in hand,leaping together,running,jumping and all.He would help her climb onto the mango trees and she,being the delightful tomboy she was did it all enthusiastically,almost to perfection.All to the delight of Dave who for now had gotten a perfect play companion.

Sometimes it amazes me how we humans crave companionship.Right from that suckling little babe to the old crouchy man leaning on his walking stick.Animal instinct I presume huh?

The suckling babe for instance would bite painfully on their nursing mother’s nipples the moment she diverted her attention from it.The old crouchy man on the other hand gets grumpy and almost sickly the moment people draw away from him.

Presently though,Dave,his father’s son and Cindy,her mother’ daughter got dirty in the soil and tore their clothes among the rough mango branches;all in the name of not making Jack a dull boy without play.

At the front porch however walks in this middle to almost old-aged man,a pineapple in one hand and a chopping knife on the other.Chop chop he peeled off the pineapple husks and rendered it all yellow,smooth and juicy .

“Cindy,”he called out,sliced off a portion of the pineapple and with the tip of his delicate knife handed her the dripping juicy pineapple to eat.

Naturally however,Dave had come along at the call of Cindy.He looked on with anticipation hoping that he too would get a slice.The mid-sun above burnt sore and from all the play,he too was dripping with sweat soaking into his tattered shirt now clinging to his back.His shorts were not a beauty to behold either,half cut shorts roughly ripped at the edges and all stained with mud and green leaf stains as well.

The man ate the remaining pineapple,must have been 3/4 of the whole bit.All the while,Cindy’s beautiful brown eyes darted between Dave’s expectant eyes and the man’s rugged face as he ate on.

She warily ate her portion and by the time the man finished and got up to go,she hadn’t finished eating.With only a small portion left in her wet hands,she looked sadly at Dave and handed him the remaining piece.Did you know that the last portion is normally the sweetest in any meal,drink or fruit?

The man gathered the scattered peels together and roughly threw them across the compound.He then wiped his cheeks and mouth with the back of his wet hands and walked off,disappearing into the backyard without glancing at Dave even for a moment.

Dave,painfully though,took the portion of pineapple Cindy had offered him from her slender fingers dripping with juice and thankfully ate it,all the time staring to the ground with a gloomy face .

He then looks at Cindy with a tincture,albeit,of pain in his eyes,tells her he has to run back home before mama,not daddy comes looking for him.She comes towards him and hugs him quickly then says bye.He runs off back to his parents’ house.A humble place filled with warmth and love of a family.

Later on that afternoon however,Dave is writhing in pain and has tummy pains.He is rushed to hospital and diagnosis shows he must have eaten something acidic,most probably a fruit.On further studies,it is established pineapples do upset his tummy,unbeknownst even to him.

In his mind however,a man treated him with contempt denying him a pineapple,making him feel like trash and not of any human value.A little girl who had not even enough for herself however offered to share the last but juiciest portion with him.

A memory he can never erase from his mind.

Dave is now older and can afford a cart if not a lorry of pineapples dropped to his backyard and men to peel it on his behalf but no,instead he hates pineapples along with the memory they bring.Unknown to me,I had earlier on offered to share a pineapple I had gotten from mum and here he comes with this sad tale from his childhood.

What memories will you leave in someone’s heart or taste in their mouth today?

Love one another even as Christ loved the church.

Blessed Easter.


8 thoughts on “WHAT MEMORIES?::The sketches of love.

  1. So happy to be back again. Decided to pick up where I left!
    To be honest, the still images you use seem like a live video when I watch them reading your words, that’s the power you hold. To add life to stillness.


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