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DO I HATE PEOPLE: Sketches through my mind.

Men are beautiful, yet remain the most unreliable of creatures. I mean, allow me to even add that, it is better to rely upon a tamed beast than to put your trust upon a fellow human.

Do I really sound so harsh? Nay, I wish I was but even the good book says that, ”Cursed is the man whose trust is in man”. Now wait a minute, did the scriptures just curse us? Haha, no, not at all. Thing is that, this comes out as a super warning to us humans. To tell and remind us of our fallen nature and that however much we were meant for good, our desires most oft always outweigh our good intentions.

For this very simple reason did patriots in the guise of wise men come up with the adage that, trust is a virtue well earned. Still I am bound to live and prove this truth way after I am long gone, haha, call it being sadistic but with all honesty, the truth is way far from this.

Now do I hate humans? No, I can’t even bring myself to start on such a venture as this in itself is a drain of all my energy. On the contrary, I love each human whether they be evil as per my standard, or un-cooperative by another’s, or even un-trustworthy by a third’s. What I do is that love does not limit me to embrace them because I have learnt that to love is tender and to hate is draining. So love I do but with a stretch of arm, I mean, once bitten, twice shy, right?

With my twice shy hence, I love as much as I guard me, I mean, love thy neighbour as thyself, right? And how can I love my neighbour if I don’t know how to love me? It is only imperative that I know how to love me for it to be easy for me to love another without thought or strain, right?

Standard rule to this is to know your limits and always remind yourself that man will always remain man, and even upon receiving redemption from God, only the Almighty Himself can perfect them and not you. Your work hence is to do the best you can do and not expecting too much from people be the best version of yourself in all things you set out to task upon. With this perspective you hurt less and even when you hurt you will rarely tag it on any other person but remind yourself that everything happens because of you and not because of other people.

To understand this last bit well, you really have to read chapter 6 of 10X RULE by Grant Cardone that speaks of assuming control of everything. If you believe and I hope you do, in God, this does not take away the place of God in your life but rather allows His power to work ever more presently within you as you become a good steward at all things God has made available to you, making all things work at a more sound position of awareness than sitting back and hoping situations will work without putting your faith to action.

You might be wondering at this point why I pick on this tread and yet the answer plays quite simple. In a world where we are born with many different arts, be not surprised when the very persons you expect to support or even encourage your endeavour become the same ones you have to keep pleading with at each time to support you. A request which gets many comical and even cynical responses. Most times it is put as an African disease, but why blame the entire Africa in an issue that affects us as Kenyans? Why not tackle it as an in-house based problem and solve it from within?

Answer is simple, because we have become so dependent on the outside world we cannot even start to think about how to solve basic difficulties on our own. And yet some I look not at as difficulties in any wise but self created misconceptions.

Ever heard of the statement, when you start up a business never depend on your friends to promote your venture? This I guess is not only an African problem but I will keep it home as little know I of the outside world. I would give a very simple yet subtle reason to this. First is that we only think of the now and ourselves, of how encouraging another’s venture will uplift them and not yourself, I call this a poor man’s mentality.

Don’t you know that when your friend rises so have you? In that they will rarely need financial or other assistance from you when they rise and they too could be a better tree of support for you when they are better off than when they are under you. The next time you are thinking of being selfish, be selfish in this manner, think of your future in case this person you are supporting rises, even if they never come to your aid, it will be one problem averted that would cost would have costed you much more than supporting their venture.

The other selfish mentality we have is always thinking that by supporting another person they will grow and become better than we are. This however, always leaves me wondering, ‘What is the fault of another human being better than me?” I mean, does it for a second they have more than I do stop food from falling on my table or my bed from carrying my weight at night?

Now you see why I don’t trust humans? Could be that they don’t think as I do and I am always wary of when their madness heightens and they feel like I don’t deserve to exist anymore and in such wise, dagger my belly and wipe me out of existence. I mean, life can only be enjoyed while you are alive, right? From a carnal way of thinking at least, so if you don’t want to think harder than this, at least pick this carnal connotation and just be wary of men.

Love them but please don’t expect too much from them, that would save you several pills from the pharmacist.

Until next time my dear treader, please stay blessed, and stay safe.

PePa: The Sketches Of Life.

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