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HAVE I BEEN AWAY TOO LONG? sketches of appreciation.

Trying to leave the lights on when am gone, something I rely on to get home, when its cold at night you can look inside, you won’t feel so alone? Listening to this song at the moment from David Cook and the lyrics hit me deep.

I am now wondering if I have been gone away too long, and if I have neglected my genuine followers up here and with it left no light on when gone? Far be it from me to be so ungrateful.

I have always known that these posts might only reach a few, sometimes only one or even two persons but then, when I started writing I didn’t think even a single person would take their time to even read a single piece.

I was then very encouraged when my close friends started reading and even giving suggestions on what they think I should write about. This was a gesture for me that writing and expressing my deep thoughts was never really about me from the onset of the sketches of life.

I realised right then that the sketches were never really mine in the first place. That these sketches I was so passionate about spoke deeper truths of each and most of us and from hence, I got a deeper desire to reach more and more people.

One such sketch inspired thus was THE PARADOX WITHIN: Sketches at the airport suggested and inspired by Dave, my all-time friend, and confidant. With it came a mix of nostalgia and melancholy. You can check it out here in case you haven’t.

So sitting here and listening to David Cook chyme slowly with a song from 10 years back, it revives my love for soft rock within and fills my heart with appreciation for all of you guys who have genuinely followed and supported me through the sketches.

Another such friend is Morena, of course Dave’s espoused. She diligently read through my first pieces as if they were her own, even going to the extent of suggesting the vulnerability with which she thought I should write. Of course she got busier with time and could only read less and less.

I will be selfish to forget other genuine blogger followers and just to mention but one from the many is my big brother Richard who blogs in http://www.bigskybuckeye.com. I found his choice of blog name quite inspiring as it represents his huge American sky and he writes like the watcher of those beautiful skies above filled with inspiration and unrelenting love.

I will be rather selfish if I miss out on these young and talented poets from the East and especially India like


who has very thoughtful poems.

To match her writing style are




http://www.petescully.com :who inspires your inner artist with his live sketches. Another interesting blogger is this funny http://www.barbariangentleman.wordpress.com

Note irony in his blog name?

Sue W amazes me with her farm backyard stories.. While some of yus thought staying in the countryside was a streak of poverty, she will awe you with the little beauty that nature spruces behind her back… Now we know better. Check her out here


Well, these are some of the few bloggers I don’t like missing. Others too are amazing and truth is I can’t list all of them in a single post as I would have way too many links in one go. Blurring to the eyes that would be, right?

Wondering why I am doing this post? Wonder no more because it was all about appreciation to both followers and fellow bloggers. Imagine living in a world where no one appreciated you even once in a blue moon, how sad could that be knowing that even blue moons don’t exist but is just a metaphor ? Sad, right?

This post is hence all about deep-seated gratitude and to inform you that I haven’t gone and forgotten but been half sick and half working on my YouTube blog at the same time. Some of you know much about pepasketches on YouTube but most am sure have no clue.

The point as always has been about reaching as many people as possible and some if not most of us being lazy readers, I thought a YouTube channel would work best for those who say seeing is believing.

Does that in turn make us a faithless generation? haha, I will not answer that as I know not what happened to the doubting Thomas till he had to see and touch the scars on Jesus’ palm. Not saying that you are a doubting Thomas but who doesn’t love visuals to quip the hoarseness of an African voice? Haha, before i get over myself right there, hit this link below and please subscribe and comment.


You can also start by watching the latest post in this link I called a walk through the storm

You know what to do of course if you love what you see, right? Share share share and let everyone enjoy this pie that is the sketches of PePa.

Well, I might have become a bit rusty after three weeks without writing hence I think I should stop at this point as I may go on to add clutter as Dave and Morena would put it.

Since however am in a spirit of thanksgiving and appreciation, I would like to appreciate a friend called Christine who assisted with the design of the YouTube channel into something presentable. It might not look like much but its beauty lays in the kindness behind her gesture. Hit me up for her contacts in case you need such help, doesn’t matter which part of the world you are in as she helped me with it being miles off from where I was at.

Over and above all, God has been faithful in my life and has kept me all this time. Been ill twice and now I feel perfectly healthy. I thank God for His health giving kindness.. Oh and Dave and Morena feeding me through last weekend like a spoilt baby. Evah, you thought I forgot your generous lunch hamper, huh? You was and are a blessing. Lady in red you too have been amazing, taking such a big baby to hospital is no mean fete… Be blessed.

Just in case you thought the sketches were gone, nope, the sketches are a part of us so we will sketch on through life.

In case you feel like I should touch on any personal narrations, be free to hit my email pepasketches@gmail.com or if you got my personal cell, just buzz me up. Together let us live each moment life presents us.

Until next time my dear Treader, adios from PePa and be blessed.

Remember to love others if you love God for what is love for God whom we don’t see if we don’t love our friend, brother, neighbour or stranger whom we see?

Be real.

PePa The Sketches Of Life.