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MID-JUNE: Sketches of welcome.

The movements increased rapidly and the stairway seemed to have found a life of there own. First, it was a show house, and soon after a number of voices could be heard from across the door, this meant that that lonely house had found the warmth of new tenants.

Walking up the stairs from an eventful though tiring walk I am met with this blur of music. Tunes strange to my ears yet that would not really be a problem because lyrics to me have always been a matter of taking in or letting it out from the other side. The main thing is that it seems the warmth received by this once empty house came at a cost, a cost of losing my quiet evenings on the balcony listening to Chinese Zeng relaxation melodies.

Well, two choices do I have at this point; either knock on their door and ask the new neighbours to tone it down a little or suffer the agony of blaring music all through. I am not one to dally with my comfort so the second option came in as no option at all. For a moment’s pause, I would have let it slide and assume the new place was too good to go unwelcome with a loud blast for music. But it was only the blair and no sounds of persons so I guess it was one of those people who just love it loud.

Just in case you are wondering, my knock on the door was very fruitful albeit, with very few words exchanged in sign language. Nope, they are not deaf as you already know they were listening to music on full blast, wait a moment, could they have been? Haha, I doubt, I just was already too worn out to even utter a word of Karibu(welcome), as already they had done the honors of not letting me like their habits.

Away from the music they looked understanding as soon, my walls relaxed from the loud thuds and vibrations. If they could speak then these walls would have vehemently thanked me and let me know how much of a favor I had rendered their way. I sure sound like the worst neighbor right now huh? I am grateful they are in and appreciate the fact that in these hard times and being mid-month, they must have really looked around a lot to find something favorable for them. So before I go on to taint their oncoming good neighborship let me first welcome them warmly.

But how warm can you be in this age where everyone locks themselves behind closed doors and blasts out their music? Where a simple halo drains the very little ounce of strength once left after a long day’s walk, all because you aren’t sure whether it will be received with the same warmth you gave it out with… Oh, hear me grumble over no cause yet my heart tells me it is alright to go on. I have always known the heart not to be trusted especially as he urges us on in perversions. He is a deviser of many evils and so for a moment let me pause and be grateful.

The evening birds can be heard singing joyfully over the trees as they celebrate the end of a day of abundance. As I look up to the skies, I am awed by the pairs of crows flying back to their nests for the night. They look like a beautiful worker couple up in the skies… if only man could be the same as these but noo, man has become as independent as this rooftop stork who prefers his own company. I think when one is diligent on their own they achieve much, only forgetting in the process that two are better than one and that when one walks alone they make long strides but then when in pairs, their labor is of much reward.

The chilly of the even sets in upon my feet, an attack that has so recently seemed more like a premeditated onslaught. I heard nature too speaks so don’t find it strange if I say that I think the whole of nature must have conspired and all elements called upon and set against my warmth.

The windows shut close as drapes are drawn back. The doors too, wooden or otherwise do the same honors with the rising dark all around. All complaints at bay I see a beautiful day come to a close, with the warmth of new neighbors and maybe with it may come a lot of mandazi and food, who knows? Mgeni aje, mwenyeji apone (When visitors come, the residents find relief) or so they said, right?

It is mid-June and with it prospects of beautiful things ahead. Have a blessed one wherever you are and as PePa would love, stay warm, and find beauty in all situations.

PePa: the sketches of life.