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WHY PHILOSOPHY: the sketches we miss

Hahahah, these are the moments I laugh through the dark…. Late in the night and early in the start of the morning and my genius threatens to purge through… It is at such moments, when all is silent but the howls of dogs in the distance….. as if they all call to their better selves, the wolves…

But there is no full moon so I wonder what it is all about, yet sometimes I get to the core of all these fables riddled our way…

You see, there is nothing complex in whatever I  write or even say, a few people get me, most others don’t, why not? you may ask…. Am I too complex and embedded in philosophy? Maybe not.. Maybe we just are so caught up with life we never really want to give it a second look… Haha, I totally get you. I mean, with all the bills to pay and rush to get by, who even has the time to give a second look at the depth of life huh?

Yet still, herein do I get the best of it… What does it benefit a man to gain the whole world and end up losing his own life? Hahaha, I mean, we rush to get the whole world and what it has to offer, right? To be like others and mosty at pĆ”r, correct me if I am wrong…

Aaaah, you caught me right in my tread. Philosophy again… Yet truth is that…. It ain’t all about getting something to live by… We all are caught up in it at one point or the other, we all have bills to pay and costs to meet, not to forget deadlines…but what instead sets the difference is whether through it all, you choose to live… It is quality that honestly matters whether you believe it or not, never in the slightest moment quantity….

Makes no sense, right? Herein is where philosophy comes in but still will I leave you with food for thought…

A man had 10wives, he made it a point to see each of them once a week and had to make sure he slept with each of them each time he spent at their places… To do this he had to set time aside and even money for expenditure, while at the same time he had to make sure while he was doing this he worked each week to please whichever wife he was seeing.

While he spent so much time working on pleasing these wives and spending on each of them equally, he got so worn out and spent he couldn’t actually perform to each of these wive’s expectation such that for the nine weeks he was away, each of them got a lover to satisfy their pending needs and desires….

Tell me my dear treader, was it worth it for this man having all these wives to end up with unconsumated or even unappreciated companionship? Let alone the waste of his energy were he to narrow down say to 3wives for diversity of pleasure or even 1 wife for centrality of pleasure?

Yet still what is a man without diversity huh? So you would think…

But what is life without the quality we put into it by just giving it a little look and thought with action? Yet, such is the plain core of philosophy.

Oooh nooo, did I lose you again?

Forgive my ruminations for even the quiet deep nights helps not much but sink me deeper into philosophy….


It’s PePa: The Sketches Of Life.