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HE WORKS ALL THINGS TOGETHER: Sketches through my sky cont.

A beautiful story, as they say, should be told in the quiet and comfort of the living room, or maybe near the fireplace, huh? Or do you think the balcony creates a better ambiance in your opinion? Or maybe the calm and comfort of the bedroom, right? With the raindrops softly trickling down your window panes, huh?

Truth is, I have looked for tales to tell in every possible place, right from the mountain top, down the valley, and even over the sloppy plains. With an in-depth, much keener eye, however, I grow to learn that there is no perfect location for a tale and hence sketch to unfold, just as this one right here finds me.

My mind’s awareness rolls over as I am in no sober mood for any activity this beautiful Friday. Reminds me of the Lazy Song that says,

” Today I don’t feel like doing anything, I just wanna lay in my bed.”

In my case, however, I don’t want to just lay in my bed but instead, I want to zone out and think of nothing whatsoever.

As my awareness gets caught up in this zombie of a state, my lips cringe tight as the emptiness and void fills up in a place that was once supposed to be lulled into calm and quiet. I am then, without caution, drawn to the uneven grey and blue skies of the morning before as I recall that in them lay a message. One I totally could have misinterprated as nothing has turned out as I had previously purpoted as I stared at them.

I don’t know if this is a thing only I do but it is not once or twice that I have stared into the skies and told myself how beautiful it is going to be. Most times I say this to myself, my beauty of whichever day that is, is most often tied to a desire burning deep within my heart. Sometimes a desire to get something or even get rid of another. In all cases, it normally is focused and totally centred on what I want, nothing to do with what the world expects of me or what I should give it but instead what I will receive from it.

Now looking at this moment and noticing that nothing has turned out as I had anticipated for this day, at least nothing that is inclined to my desires, my mind picks this trail of realisation as everything falls into perspective.

I am seated at a position that I can neither tell the colors of the sky nor even the position of the sun as I write, but still, I know the energy they have within them is speaking right back at me from my morning inquest. I can feel the elements point that it is not always about what I want but it will always be about the general good of everyone. It also gets home clear and loud that despite what I desire not happening as I envisioned it, I should never lose sight of the fact that I am blessed beyond measure .

The truth of how all my sketches fall into perspective hence makes sense as fact is that, while seated right here and far from my expectation do I get to chat up a friend willing to share their story. Not anything I had planned for this day but being for the greater good does this come in precedence to any other selfish desires previously raging within my heart. In the process of my own desires did I miss the fact that I have had one of the calmest days in a long time and yet on the surface, despite this being of more importance did I not take it into perspective.

So, to turn my selfishness into a breed of love will I be grateful for every moment and learn this lesson set before me. The lesson that not every revelation is for me and yet still again, my answer is always right before me if I choose to look at it with the depth it requires. The other bit is that, I am always blessed with more than i choose to ask for yet in most cases I ask for less than what is in store for me.

To close this sketch will I conclude in the truth of the fact that, the Almighty works all things together for our good, we only must be willing to look at it in light of His grace and not in light of our own perception.

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Until next time my dear treader, stay blessed, and stay safe.

PePa: The Sketches Of Life.