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DO I HATE PEOPLE: Sketches through my mind.

Men are beautiful, yet remain the most unreliable of creatures. I mean, allow me to even add that, it is better to rely upon a tamed beast than to put your trust upon a fellow human.

Do I really sound so harsh? Nay, I wish I was but even the good book says that, ”Cursed is the man whose trust is in man”. Now wait a minute, did the scriptures just curse us? Haha, no, not at all. Thing is that, this comes out as a super warning to us humans. To tell and remind us of our fallen nature and that however much we were meant for good, our desires most oft always outweigh our good intentions.

For this very simple reason did patriots in the guise of wise men come up with the adage that, trust is a virtue well earned. Still I am bound to live and prove this truth way after I am long gone, haha, call it being sadistic but with all honesty, the truth is way far from this.

Now do I hate humans? No, I can’t even bring myself to start on such a venture as this in itself is a drain of all my energy. On the contrary, I love each human whether they be evil as per my standard, or un-cooperative by another’s, or even un-trustworthy by a third’s. What I do is that love does not limit me to embrace them because I have learnt that to love is tender and to hate is draining. So love I do but with a stretch of arm, I mean, once bitten, twice shy, right?

With my twice shy hence, I love as much as I guard me, I mean, love thy neighbour as thyself, right? And how can I love my neighbour if I don’t know how to love me? It is only imperative that I know how to love me for it to be easy for me to love another without thought or strain, right?

Standard rule to this is to know your limits and always remind yourself that man will always remain man, and even upon receiving redemption from God, only the Almighty Himself can perfect them and not you. Your work hence is to do the best you can do and not expecting too much from people be the best version of yourself in all things you set out to task upon. With this perspective you hurt less and even when you hurt you will rarely tag it on any other person but remind yourself that everything happens because of you and not because of other people.

To understand this last bit well, you really have to read chapter 6 of 10X RULE by Grant Cardone that speaks of assuming control of everything. If you believe and I hope you do, in God, this does not take away the place of God in your life but rather allows His power to work ever more presently within you as you become a good steward at all things God has made available to you, making all things work at a more sound position of awareness than sitting back and hoping situations will work without putting your faith to action.

You might be wondering at this point why I pick on this tread and yet the answer plays quite simple. In a world where we are born with many different arts, be not surprised when the very persons you expect to support or even encourage your endeavour become the same ones you have to keep pleading with at each time to support you. A request which gets many comical and even cynical responses. Most times it is put as an African disease, but why blame the entire Africa in an issue that affects us as Kenyans? Why not tackle it as an in-house based problem and solve it from within?

Answer is simple, because we have become so dependent on the outside world we cannot even start to think about how to solve basic difficulties on our own. And yet some I look not at as difficulties in any wise but self created misconceptions.

Ever heard of the statement, when you start up a business never depend on your friends to promote your venture? This I guess is not only an African problem but I will keep it home as little know I of the outside world. I would give a very simple yet subtle reason to this. First is that we only think of the now and ourselves, of how encouraging another’s venture will uplift them and not yourself, I call this a poor man’s mentality.

Don’t you know that when your friend rises so have you? In that they will rarely need financial or other assistance from you when they rise and they too could be a better tree of support for you when they are better off than when they are under you. The next time you are thinking of being selfish, be selfish in this manner, think of your future in case this person you are supporting rises, even if they never come to your aid, it will be one problem averted that would cost would have costed you much more than supporting their venture.

The other selfish mentality we have is always thinking that by supporting another person they will grow and become better than we are. This however, always leaves me wondering, ‘What is the fault of another human being better than me?” I mean, does it for a second they have more than I do stop food from falling on my table or my bed from carrying my weight at night?

Now you see why I don’t trust humans? Could be that they don’t think as I do and I am always wary of when their madness heightens and they feel like I don’t deserve to exist anymore and in such wise, dagger my belly and wipe me out of existence. I mean, life can only be enjoyed while you are alive, right? From a carnal way of thinking at least, so if you don’t want to think harder than this, at least pick this carnal connotation and just be wary of men.

Love them but please don’t expect too much from them, that would save you several pills from the pharmacist.

Until next time my dear treader, please stay blessed, and stay safe.

PePa: The Sketches Of Life.

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DOES GOD EXIST: Sketches of the Almighty’s existence.

You could be my nature since I love nature, I mean, humans also are nature, right? So whenever one says they love nature, it also includes humans I suppose huh? Or should we just stick to nature being the wild alone? I almost get lost at this thought since humans too have been known to run real wild you know? Anyway, allow my insanities not to delve into those depths, at least not for now, okay?

If we are still treading through the same scope then come along with me and let us see where these sketches lead us as I am drawn back to the wild nature of humans. Being availed for everything yet just like an ungrateful animal refusing to acknowledge the source of these gifts.

Well, sometimes I find myself harsh even towards my own self so if for a moment these sketches seem so, then I would humbly request pardon and may the jury correctly rule me as not guilty, I mean, no one, not even the most knowledgeable persons ever know the path they are taking if that same path happens to be a new one, right?

So with no itch to my fingers and the current writer’s block creeping through my system, I am for the umptieth time drawn to this discussion of their being a God or not, and whether the God of the bible is real or just a fabrication of human choreography. A sentiment to which I always find quite fascinating since, for them to have lined up the events that proceed their choreography in scriptural writing so cryptically, then in present age times they would surpass vogue and even the Oscar award winners. Speak not of the Guinness books of records for these wouldn’t really have enough pages to describe the journey of each of these amazing authors of their times.

To add that most of these writings they did were laid out on papyrus reeds by authors each of different backgrounds and times, and each piece hidden away in different sections of the world, later to be rediscovered over time and in different cultures, then they must have had the perfect plot in choreography, played to sync, right?

Need I add that each of these scripts is reported to have been done over a span of very different centuries? Oh, how I love how science disproves its own pre-stated misconceptions only in time coming to prove all the once theorised distrusts as true. Well, anyone is allowed to throw stones at this point but just don’t do it upon a glass house, okay?

I have always honestly wanted to believe in evolution and all its concepts and the fact that we have been around for millions of years, oh, plus my 30 plus few ones. I wish I could but each time I give it thought is the more I find enough reason not to validate it. For starters, from scientific discoveries and even modern day backdated image reconstructions, I am yet to see a reconstruction of any early man pre-homo sapiens sapiens but who am I to speak in line with science.

Away from this amazing chronologically correct and undisputed text, is my own life, my own sketches, sketches that have fallen into place so perfectly so much so that, most times I even want to convince myself that it is a lie rather than a truth but yet I find no logical reason to it. We all love logical reasoning, right? Just as we love reality versus fiction, huh?

In the same thought line however, I have always wondered on the actuality of reality versus fiction. I mean, to this day, a fiction is made to look so accurate you would think it the real deal were it put against a known original. And the same would I go to call for the persons who claim and would prove of their being a non existent Supreme being.

I always advocate for men and women to call Him the Almighty I am that I am since that is the name He first mentions of Himself. His abilities being displayed beyond any human understanding, yet to go deeper into this would some sketchers find it argument-worthy. An aspect most called for if there is to be a discussion rather than an argument, were it the latter then PePa would so easily opt out and be called a coward of his beliefs instead, for what is an argument rather than an exchange between fools, best left to condescending politicians?

So even as I draw deeper into these sketches borne from the animalistic human nature of reproach, I find it a beauty and an awe were we to leave judgement, logic, and reason to humans who though always striving for what is best, in most cases, terribly fails in respect to an intrinsically deep, selfish desire within him. If this desire were not to be curbed in persons who ultimately give in to basic instincts other than mere logic, then that alone in itself creates room for a breed of disaster my dear treaders.

So now calling to reason all quarters of thought, and before I delve deeper into the science that would prove His presence or absence, do you think that if such persons had no greater being to control them they could have made it to the very present age as it is? Were they to call the shots and even decide who lives and for how long, would we have even a third of the current population walking the earth? If not only as slaves to the masters then I, for all logic’s reason cannot comprehend it in any other way.

Even when most go ahead and claim that it is inherent in man to do good, I call all logic to question as to what good and bad comes to if there was no definitive power to mark this out. For without this power at play then it means even if committing an offense to the extent of not only shedding blood but also taking the life itself gave me pleasure and made me feel good, then this, in my logical judgement would be good, right?

Oh, did someone shake their head in disagreement? Well, if you disagree with this ploy as it plays then you are most definitely acknowledging the prospect of an existence of a higher power, the name you give to him matters not much but truth and beauty is that there is a power who controls and dictates all aspects of life.

Now that is an interesting perception brewing within your heart and mind at the moment, yes, I also always wondered why bad things happen to good people. And more so, why suffering reigned through the world like a wildfire yet this Supreme being so preached to us existed. I mean, if He was all powerful and loving, then He wouldn’t allow evil to reign, right? But question is, who is the perpetrator of this evil? Him or man?

Let us pick pestilence and draught for example, a very sin-unrelated doing of man, right? Did you know that science proves, that is before I go on, that the actual miracles performed by this same Supreme being during the tag of might and release of the Israelites from Egypt were actually enabled through natural phenomena?

Now with that in mind, and to show you that it is the fault of man that these occurences do actually happen, ask yourself, why are we so discouraged from excessive use of plastic packagings? Yet it is man who in his wisdom came up with such material use. An easier option of safe disposal still exists yet to point to a man, an average grown up adult that it is wrong to carelessly litter and garbage the environment is a cause for call of proof as to who is right and who is wrong and who also made you the boss of them.

Fault me if I am wrong yet I know not how easy it is for a forest to grow in a landfill of garbage or say for good aeration to take place in this same environment. And with this as a simple sample, how would a widespread repetition of the same eventually affect the entire population? With limited vegetative growth and breathing air, don’t you think we are the instigators of a ripple effect of poor rainfall patterns, polluted environments and a growth of unnecessary diseases?

Why, for instance, were the Israelites on their journey through the wilderness, taught, for example on correct disposal of waste? Well, there is no Supreme being seeing beyond their present predicament, right? Who am I to know of such things though?

And this should play as but an insight into the many little things we overlook as humans before we come up with presumptuous conclusions, wanting to seek big explanations to very simple things that if we opened our eyes to, then would we notice that we haven’t even, as the human race, been able to exhaust 7% of the given human brain capacity and yet here we claim on how much we know. If we ourselves had the so called freedom and power we so claim, why haven’t we been able to explore the other 93% of our brain, what is stopping us? I mean, there is no Supreme power holding us back now, is there?

On the aspect of man not being able to break beyond the 7% barrier, check out what happened in Genesis 11:3-7

And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth. And the Lord came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men builded. And the Lord said, behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do. Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech.

Now just but a little retread, if evolution allowed for speech growth, how comes the world speaks not the same evolutionary speech and tongue? But what do I know about these things? Yet the knowledge of man at this point remains capped at this point, not out of malice, but for his own good, did you know that the earth’s atmosphere is only 480kms thick, with most of it (comfortably breathable air only within 16kms of the same?) Think about it.

Now I was not compelled by anyone to defend the Creator for whatever cause but what harm is there is painting an unspoken truth that lays bare before us?

Until next time my dear treader, stay blessed, and stay safe.

PePa : The Sketches Of Life.

HAVE I BEEN AWAY TOO LONG? sketches of appreciation.

Trying to leave the lights on when am gone, something I rely on to get home, when its cold at night you can look inside, you won’t feel so alone? Listening to this song at the moment from David Cook and the lyrics hit me deep.

I am now wondering if I have been gone away too long, and if I have neglected my genuine followers up here and with it left no light on when gone? Far be it from me to be so ungrateful.

I have always known that these posts might only reach a few, sometimes only one or even two persons but then, when I started writing I didn’t think even a single person would take their time to even read a single piece.

I was then very encouraged when my close friends started reading and even giving suggestions on what they think I should write about. This was a gesture for me that writing and expressing my deep thoughts was never really about me from the onset of the sketches of life.

I realised right then that the sketches were never really mine in the first place. That these sketches I was so passionate about spoke deeper truths of each and most of us and from hence, I got a deeper desire to reach more and more people.

One such sketch inspired thus was THE PARADOX WITHIN: Sketches at the airport suggested and inspired by Dave, my all-time friend, and confidant. With it came a mix of nostalgia and melancholy. You can check it out here in case you haven’t.

So sitting here and listening to David Cook chyme slowly with a song from 10 years back, it revives my love for soft rock within and fills my heart with appreciation for all of you guys who have genuinely followed and supported me through the sketches.

Another such friend is Morena, of course Dave’s espoused. She diligently read through my first pieces as if they were her own, even going to the extent of suggesting the vulnerability with which she thought I should write. Of course she got busier with time and could only read less and less.

I will be selfish to forget other genuine blogger followers and just to mention but one from the many is my big brother Richard who blogs in http://www.bigskybuckeye.com. I found his choice of blog name quite inspiring as it represents his huge American sky and he writes like the watcher of those beautiful skies above filled with inspiration and unrelenting love.

I will be rather selfish if I miss out on these young and talented poets from the East and especially India like


who has very thoughtful poems.

To match her writing style are




http://www.petescully.com :who inspires your inner artist with his live sketches. Another interesting blogger is this funny http://www.barbariangentleman.wordpress.com

Note irony in his blog name?

Sue W amazes me with her farm backyard stories.. While some of yus thought staying in the countryside was a streak of poverty, she will awe you with the little beauty that nature spruces behind her back… Now we know better. Check her out here


Well, these are some of the few bloggers I don’t like missing. Others too are amazing and truth is I can’t list all of them in a single post as I would have way too many links in one go. Blurring to the eyes that would be, right?

Wondering why I am doing this post? Wonder no more because it was all about appreciation to both followers and fellow bloggers. Imagine living in a world where no one appreciated you even once in a blue moon, how sad could that be knowing that even blue moons don’t exist but is just a metaphor ? Sad, right?

This post is hence all about deep-seated gratitude and to inform you that I haven’t gone and forgotten but been half sick and half working on my YouTube blog at the same time. Some of you know much about pepasketches on YouTube but most am sure have no clue.

The point as always has been about reaching as many people as possible and some if not most of us being lazy readers, I thought a YouTube channel would work best for those who say seeing is believing.

Does that in turn make us a faithless generation? haha, I will not answer that as I know not what happened to the doubting Thomas till he had to see and touch the scars on Jesus’ palm. Not saying that you are a doubting Thomas but who doesn’t love visuals to quip the hoarseness of an African voice? Haha, before i get over myself right there, hit this link below and please subscribe and comment.


You can also start by watching the latest post in this link I called a walk through the storm

You know what to do of course if you love what you see, right? Share share share and let everyone enjoy this pie that is the sketches of PePa.

Well, I might have become a bit rusty after three weeks without writing hence I think I should stop at this point as I may go on to add clutter as Dave and Morena would put it.

Since however am in a spirit of thanksgiving and appreciation, I would like to appreciate a friend called Christine who assisted with the design of the YouTube channel into something presentable. It might not look like much but its beauty lays in the kindness behind her gesture. Hit me up for her contacts in case you need such help, doesn’t matter which part of the world you are in as she helped me with it being miles off from where I was at.

Over and above all, God has been faithful in my life and has kept me all this time. Been ill twice and now I feel perfectly healthy. I thank God for His health giving kindness.. Oh and Dave and Morena feeding me through last weekend like a spoilt baby. Evah, you thought I forgot your generous lunch hamper, huh? You was and are a blessing. Lady in red you too have been amazing, taking such a big baby to hospital is no mean fete… Be blessed.

Just in case you thought the sketches were gone, nope, the sketches are a part of us so we will sketch on through life.

In case you feel like I should touch on any personal narrations, be free to hit my email pepasketches@gmail.com or if you got my personal cell, just buzz me up. Together let us live each moment life presents us.

Until next time my dear Treader, adios from PePa and be blessed.

Remember to love others if you love God for what is love for God whom we don’t see if we don’t love our friend, brother, neighbour or stranger whom we see?

Be real.

PePa The Sketches Of Life.

MID-JUNE: Sketches of welcome.

The movements increased rapidly and the stairway seemed to have found a life of there own. First, it was a show house, and soon after a number of voices could be heard from across the door, this meant that that lonely house had found the warmth of new tenants.

Walking up the stairs from an eventful though tiring walk I am met with this blur of music. Tunes strange to my ears yet that would not really be a problem because lyrics to me have always been a matter of taking in or letting it out from the other side. The main thing is that it seems the warmth received by this once empty house came at a cost, a cost of losing my quiet evenings on the balcony listening to Chinese Zeng relaxation melodies.

Well, two choices do I have at this point; either knock on their door and ask the new neighbours to tone it down a little or suffer the agony of blaring music all through. I am not one to dally with my comfort so the second option came in as no option at all. For a moment’s pause, I would have let it slide and assume the new place was too good to go unwelcome with a loud blast for music. But it was only the blair and no sounds of persons so I guess it was one of those people who just love it loud.

Just in case you are wondering, my knock on the door was very fruitful albeit, with very few words exchanged in sign language. Nope, they are not deaf as you already know they were listening to music on full blast, wait a moment, could they have been? Haha, I doubt, I just was already too worn out to even utter a word of Karibu(welcome), as already they had done the honors of not letting me like their habits.

Away from the music they looked understanding as soon, my walls relaxed from the loud thuds and vibrations. If they could speak then these walls would have vehemently thanked me and let me know how much of a favor I had rendered their way. I sure sound like the worst neighbor right now huh? I am grateful they are in and appreciate the fact that in these hard times and being mid-month, they must have really looked around a lot to find something favorable for them. So before I go on to taint their oncoming good neighborship let me first welcome them warmly.

But how warm can you be in this age where everyone locks themselves behind closed doors and blasts out their music? Where a simple halo drains the very little ounce of strength once left after a long day’s walk, all because you aren’t sure whether it will be received with the same warmth you gave it out with… Oh, hear me grumble over no cause yet my heart tells me it is alright to go on. I have always known the heart not to be trusted especially as he urges us on in perversions. He is a deviser of many evils and so for a moment let me pause and be grateful.

The evening birds can be heard singing joyfully over the trees as they celebrate the end of a day of abundance. As I look up to the skies, I am awed by the pairs of crows flying back to their nests for the night. They look like a beautiful worker couple up in the skies… if only man could be the same as these but noo, man has become as independent as this rooftop stork who prefers his own company. I think when one is diligent on their own they achieve much, only forgetting in the process that two are better than one and that when one walks alone they make long strides but then when in pairs, their labor is of much reward.

The chilly of the even sets in upon my feet, an attack that has so recently seemed more like a premeditated onslaught. I heard nature too speaks so don’t find it strange if I say that I think the whole of nature must have conspired and all elements called upon and set against my warmth.

The windows shut close as drapes are drawn back. The doors too, wooden or otherwise do the same honors with the rising dark all around. All complaints at bay I see a beautiful day come to a close, with the warmth of new neighbors and maybe with it may come a lot of mandazi and food, who knows? Mgeni aje, mwenyeji apone (When visitors come, the residents find relief) or so they said, right?

It is mid-June and with it prospects of beautiful things ahead. Have a blessed one wherever you are and as PePa would love, stay warm, and find beauty in all situations.

PePa: the sketches of life.