AUGUST: Sketches through the omens.

It is said in the walk of life that we should always look out for the omens that lead us in this journey. The scriptures say to always listen to the still small voice and not be blinded by the huge storms and hauling winds around.


I have always wondered why listen to the small still voice yet all the answers lay in the inscriptions glowing in the huge occurrences? Truth is that in the midst of the most visible things and actions we think we see the truth but right therein do we miss the entire picture and are even led astray as it lays riddled in the small details rather than projected in the masses.


So hitting the 2nd day of August I am drawn back to this small post made by a follower on Instagram that said,” August, it’s like the Sunday of Summer.” Mmmh, I thought, August being like the Sunday of Summer is such a big proclamation indeed yet wrought in very simple words, huh?


I looked outside and noticed that after a long time without much brightness, the sun had finally come out to dance with the clouds and the blue of the sky projected all this joy in a symphony of an hour joy dance. It is the 2nd day of August as I write this post.


I honestly had to wait for a day’s length to see the true meaning of those words you see? Sitting here as I jot this I realise that those simple words proclaimed had every truth in them. All hid so openly you would easily miss it as you look at the dullness now around.


The sun came out on a single first day to proclaim the beauty of August. Looking at it today we may not even understand it all but opening the entire depth of the small still voice and the statement of reading the omens you realise that it has all been laid bare right before us yet we can but so easily miss it all.


So going back to our dark winter days, we must embrace the fact that the beauty of every season is never really displayed in the entirety of the season but rather in a moment missed within it. Note also that no matter how hard you are pressed at the moment, do not be too blinded by your predicament that you miss the entire bliss of the situation you are in.


Quite ironical you might retort but this lays as the truth of how often we miss the omens in our lives and give up. Thinking in the process that all our efforts have amounted to naught. In the process of this desperation do we miss the fact that every little effort has amounted to something and thus taken us through to the point we are at.


It is all pinned up and lined in the little efforts and steps we make. it doesn’t have to add up and be full-blown right at this time. When we reach the top of the mountain however, we will look back down and wonder how it is we made it all the way to the top with all the strain we had?


Do not be so taken by the pain and wonder why it all isn’t going away. Rather appreciate the process and be molded into perfection from the pain you face. It will become your testimony of a new day and rise to the top eventually. Whatever you do hence and whatever strain buffets your tread, keep at it and let it build patience in you to the perfection of undeniable fruits.


The clouds roll in to protect us from the scorching sun above as August grows into the promise of success and abundance. The omen is set to grow us and the stakes lay beautiful as it is.


May you have a most blessed and fruitful August ahead.


PePa: The Sketches Of Life.


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