SATURDAY CASCADES: Sketches Through My Day.

Amazing sky glazed day on the 18th of July. Note how fast time flies by, not determined by whether you began at the top or the bottom? The day still comes by and sure freezes your skin to a good 15 degrees Celcius.


Such is the day that graces my equatorial bearings of the hemisphere. In most cases such as this, I would recall a friend say that this is a bad looking day, but is it really? The little drizzles cascading my heavens assure me that despite all, the heavens aren’t yet closed and still will bring tranquil in the deepest of turmoils.


The public buses and minibusses compete to be first to get to town along the road and their blaring hoots and counter-hoots fill the roads and airs in unison. All in a rush to make the best of what little is available. The pregnant mother crossing the road ahead holding their three-year-old goes almost unnoticed as the heat of the rush rises. The yellow-lined green commuter bus misses her with a whisker as the bystanders are all but amused as they get back to their chores. Always more to rush for than stop and notice. Not to miss the fast speeding oncoming blue Subaru Impreza.


Over on the left side of the road stands one lady shouting tomato prices as the one seated quips in with potato prices. All sounds like a well-choreographed chorus only devoid of an orchestra. Their tempo however most certainly deludes you of what wares they actually are vending. Most times it fills up to noise within the soul as the wetting durst under their feet binds into a clumping mud.


As I was making the entry into the main road, I almost wondered if my apartment had shifted during the night as the sides of the main road lay in heaps of soil from earthmovers. Probably came in to work during the night amidst the 9pm curfew. Most of the roadside bandas too lay a waste and in their places stand table mats of groceries.


Man must live I guess and the quest for more money to feed the emptying tummies never ends. The disorganization however remains a menace to worry about. The commotion is at its heights as even the so required sanitization and desired hygiene levels stand wanting. Face masks rarely worn, at this point, looks more of an accessory than a necessity as what really matters is that extra coin to heavy the deep pockets and ease the pangs of hunger that so creeps the tummy.


Not one to point fingers yet at the same time I know not how to ignore the things that light creep into my eyes and with such course, seep into my conscience. These are the facets in our daily lives that stand untended yet must remain of utmost consideration as we all need a living despite the pandemic ripping through our nations.


There still lays a task force established to deal with local business enterprises I guess, right? And another to ensure safety and precautions during such a pandemic is uplifted and maintained too, huh? Yet despite all these being set in place, we too as citizens and individuals still stand accountable for our actions I presume?


We might have a government in place but yet we too remain as our own police task right here on the ground I suppose. Well then, my commute leads me right into the traffic packed CBD, quite strange for a Saturday morning but yet again, man must live. But with all these people packed within the CBD, why is business so slow with it?


If only I could have studied demographic flows versus business trends in tandem, such economic shifts would make more sense to me. Here we are though, a stringent Saturday morning and cold day with it yet my heart still flows with brimming joy. call it using lemons to make lemonade rather than having a choking bitter pill of the same.


Before my rumblings roll over, how are you my dear treader? Enjoying your Saturday from your end? Make the best of it and let every joy that comes by not sift through your fingers.


Stay blessed and stay safe.


PePa : The Sketches Of Life.




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