NOTHING TO LOSE: The sketches of choices.

Ten feet tall and bulletproof, I never thought that I had a thing to lose, but it looks like after all, am gonna have to choose…


Sometimes and in most cases have I found my back against the wall with little to no choices at all. But in all these moments has one thing stood out tall and that is; I have always had a choice however limited they have been. It is my vision of these choices and the dimension from which I view them that has always been limited and not the choices themselves as truth be told, limited choices still are choices, right?


Let us pick an example for instance of PePa who has a crushing workload ahead of his day. His alarm goes off at 6 in the morning and before he can even say grace and be thankful for his day, he remembers all the chores and targets he is supposed to meet ahead. Instead of this being a motivation for him to rise up, it instead becomes the very slump that crashes his heart to naught. He struggles to rise off his bed and all his nerves cry foul. Like someone struck them all down with a sledgehammer and from him are all wits departed.


Most of us if asked would say that PePa has no choices left as his day is already a slump to begin with. Still, you will go on to elaborate on how much bills he has to pay and difficult situations his day has ahead of him today and so he has no option but to stress about it. But tell me my dear Treaders, despite the kind of day he has ahead, is stressing over it going to pull him through and make it any better?


I hear another shout that he is not stressing but rather planning ahead for it is said that failing to plan is planning to fail. Oh my dear Treader, help me stop this rage that is building within as I know that with rage so fails my cognitive brain’s train response to proper thought.


So with utmost calm and composure filled with empathy allow me to ask,” How then is PePa able to soberly plan fro his day ahead and make it better if he is all but stress-eaten out?


Aha, now I picture you falling in line with my reasoning huh? Did you however notice that PePa had a choice all from the onset of his day and with the strike of his alarm? He had a choice to wake up and being grateful for his health and breath for that day look at the brighter side of life which was that he was alive. I mean, who among us loves not being alive? Life as they said is for the living, right? And our God and maker as we all know is not a God of the dead but a God of the living, right? Want me to quote that for you from scripture? Sorry I won’t as that would only make you to lazy to open your oracles.


Now that we are together, allow me to put a tag to what fails our choices as humans. I have no idea why the human mind in all its sanity picks with so much ease all negativity over every single strand of positivity. Maybe it is because there are a thousand possible ways for a human to die (Can you imagine they even came up with such a documentary?)… Why wouldn’t they come up with one practical way to live and explain it in detail, something like always be positive, right? But we already know that so why bother with the details, huh? Because the devil as they say lies in the details, but I never seen him so I wonder why we give him so much credit after all. truth is that there is never no devil in any details but deeper truths and power in whatever we give eminence in our hearts and minds.


There was a beautiful sunrise this morning right before the clouds took phase to cover the golden beauty. The same grey clouds have hang on for the most part of the day rendering a once-promising warm day to total cold and freeze. Despite this rather gloomy effect, my heart has not stopped beating and my skin seems to glow with beauty protected from the scorching sun’s rays by the same grey clouds. They say that PePa prefers to call a glass half full rather than half empty but just in case you never noticed…. A hand only has to be open and empty for it to be able to grasp or even receive more for that matter.


So you see my dear Treader all I have done so far is to take you through a tread of choices? And this is just but the glimpse into choices as many lay ahead with an ardent truth that it all begins with and from you.


So then, in an ocean full of troubled waters and darting alligators will you choose to see danger or to see food in the midst of a drought? The choice sure is yours. But in a world full of negativity and unending pain, why don’t you choose to be the joy, love, and kindness that the world so needs and bleeds for?


Until next time, allow me to peek out and see if any stars will twinkle back at me through the dark grey clouds.


PePa: The Sketches of Life.


5 thoughts on “NOTHING TO LOSE: The sketches of choices.

  1. Beautiful and well put.

    Call them days when you wake up and your mind tells you that it’s gonna be a tough or a long day!!
    Am always telling my mind to see positivity in all situations though it’s tough sometimes…

    Thanks Pepa.. Baraka


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