FRIDAY RUMINATIONS: Sketches through my evening.

I can’t find it, no I can’t find it, I can’t find the key to your heart, oh help me find it, help me find the key to your heart….


Oh the romance and thrill of love and falling into its grasp. Even the most unrealistic statements start to come alive and all unbelief is made reality right before our eyes. If only such miracles could be made viable in our current times…… These, however, remain illusions best played along the strings and symphonies of blues playing in the background of a dark lit room, where the lights fade off into the verandah to come in union with the strings of a cowboy-hatted guitarist strumming on his guitar while seated upon the wooden rails. With face lowered lovingly upon his masterpiece of an instrument.


Such soothing music to the mind and heart can only work in labels to ease the mind of the uncertainties of the moment…. I always try to find my flower of hope among tulips of poison. How else is a man to live sane and sound in a world full of guns, swords, and a threat of missiles all around not to mention the threat of a scourge not seeming to go away? He lives in the moment my dear treader…and I suppose that is why you aren’t scared of accompanying PePa along his murky treads, right? They could be murky but ooh so full of every moment to live for.


Not even that noisy heavy cycle rev renting the air with pollution from lowgrade gasoline can steal this moment from me right now.


Haven’t you ever wanted to escape everything even if for an impulse moment? And for that impulse, though in a crowd of insanity, to find your escape among misfits? At that moment do you become immortal in your sphere and all sense of imminent death rings no ounce of fear within let alone all around, right?


But why do we as mortal men and women fear death so much? Even the mention of it cascades chills down our once excited spines and in that moment of mention, all once jolly faces grim with sorrow and an aura of sadness to fill the ridges of wrinkles caressing the sides of our noses and top of our brows?


Isn’t it amazing that even the vilest and tipsiest of drunkards, once standing at the edge of a cliff and threatening to jump over, shudders with fear when told that a  lion is creeping up behind them? Well, someone once told me that fear is human nature and that life is too good to die, haha, I laughed and will so laugh today as truth be told these to PePa are subscriptions to a warrant of collapse right from the onset of their mention.


So yes, it is better getting lost in the whiles and strums of soft piano chimes and rhythmic pull of strings upon the guitar to pass away this Friday evening, with an imagination of dim-lit verandahs if only even for a moment impulse rather than shuddering with fears of what may become of me tomorrow, if I will be around or not…. For PePa, I guess the present is more sumptuous and worth savoring than the uncertain tomorrow. For in the present he can make that long-overdue call and say halo. He still can appreciate small unnoticed gestures from both friends and strangers…he can stretch a helping hand at the moment and give a smile where non really was but tomorrow, that sure lays uncertain…..


Today as the clouds take reign upon the once sunny day, he can still peek to the heavens and trusting his Almighty Father is looking down upon him, be grateful for the breath that so plays between his lungs and beating heart. All these lay in the present to him and he loves the taste of the droplets of rain upon his lips and their drench against his back that all signify an overflow of abundance….. for non of these is taken for granted, not even that crow cawing in the distance as it welcomes the night.


Nothing beats the calm of treading through these sketches on a quiet Friday evening with no disco noises and resounding familiar club music through the air….


Even chaos can be total bliss you know?


PePa: The sketches of life.

1 thought on “FRIDAY RUMINATIONS: Sketches through my evening.

  1. Sometimes life seems like we’re riding along in a beat-up jalopy (car if you wish). Stopping amidst the chaos and finding a refreshing drink of hope from this sketch will carry me through my day. Hussein, take care and stay healthy.


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