ENTER JUNE: the sketches we miss.

It is like they were all dead before prior to this season. Their noises always seemed like a total disturbance to the nerves. This evening, however, it all seems as if only their noises in the air help bring warmth to a most freezing draw of dusk.

Far above the disappearing intersection between the sky and earth a mist seems to form ahead of the greying clouds. The blue of the day’s sky gives way ever so earnestly to the heavy freeze-filled clouds. An amazing interchange as dusk fast approaches and planet earth sets into the dark side of space. No more light to bring its much-needed warmth and soon the wool spinner’s blankets and cotton yarns for duvets get work of their much-needed wares. The cold season is here and June sure puts up a welcome.

So for this evening, save for burning embers of heath or tight curls under sheets and blankets, nothing else seems to bring much-needed warmth to such an atmosphere save for these beautiful noises of children playing in the walkways and verandah yards. We are in the city and much-needed heath or fireplace embers is almost out of the question as these are but the luxuries we rarely take note of in the countryside.

City life they call it. If only we all knew the beauties and pleasantries we miss from our beloved countryside. These kids out here playing this dusking evening know not what they are missing being caught up in this city rat race. Thanks to corona for if not then they would all be indoors doing their homework( crafts of a designed neo-colonial and slavery system) and missing on the very core of child’s play which included much clamour and songs alongside loud noises. These plays prepared us and distinguished us for the very persons we were meant to grow up into but here we are, always playing it by the book and have hence been caught up in a system designed to achieve exactly that, modern-day slavery.

Well, before they shout all obscenities and strangle my interpretations of truth into words of incitement, allow me to breath in this June cold breeze as I stare out into the storeys huggling to scrape the skies in the name of modern-day apartment blocks. I am sure the breeze would have been more perfect cutting right through into my nostrils was it not blocked by all these trees of houses, right? But man must live I suppose, huh? and yet in his quest to live does he squeeze his own life out of himself by laying the foundations for the very barricades that build the stumbling blocks of his existence thus caging him in.

The curfew period having been extended, the cars along the road seem to have also increased their honking pitch. Their noises now resonates in bouts of echoes to rhyme with the frequent screeches. You would think that even noises were in lockdown there before. Guess this is the pollution that so clouds the mind dimming its mere strain for peace hence loss of peace of mind.

Taking in all these events that drive my day to a close, I am led to reflect on my purpose and poise of life. To take a moment in my rush through life and start appreciating the very little things I once so easily overlooked.

Watching Nat Geo the other day I am drawn to this wanderer who takes time to travel to different cultures and learn to live as they do. The most amazing bit is that he has to learn to do the things they do so as to fit and live through their days. In his travels, he is in Kenyan Samburu and has to live among the warriors as they herd their cattle and protect them. Strangely they are comfortable in their sphere and living out in little mud houses is no strange phenomenon, not until you introduce the concept of brick houses and warm clothing do they feel backward. But till this concept comes in, these people are actually quite comfortable and advanced in their survival techniques out in the harsh semi-arid locations which even the wanderer himself finds quite intriguing.

Looking up once again, dusk has taken over the day and all left to see are the flickering headlights in the distance. I have contemplated enough for the day and even the freeze eating through my toes is threatening to take over the entire body. My fingers don’t relent on their tap against my keyboard but they too are appreciating the cold that hits the knuckles with the onset of June.

Despite all these elements, I can finally clearly see that with every event that knocks along the corner of our journey is there a lesson to carry along this tread of life we take. Don’t therefore miss the very victuals that life brings along your walk as these are the sketches that may determine who you really are and should be.

Have an amazing June ahead.

PePa:the sketches of life.

2 thoughts on “ENTER JUNE: the sketches we miss.

  1. Hussein, the growth in the maturity of your writing is awesome. I can feel the changing season through your sketch. While you are experiencing winter, I have been enduring a 12-day heat wave, which is thankfully over as of today. Peace be with you!

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    1. I am humbled Richard… You have been so kind and with friends like you around it is impossible for one not to grow. Sorry about the heat on your end… I bet this is the season you are told to take lots of water and keep off direct sunlight. Keep safe my brother and keep inspiring us through your sky. Bless you.


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