BE STILL: Sketches through my day.

From my calm sleep into the dawn, though curtains remained draped yet still was it easy to hear the lulling drizzles softly trickle against the glass window panes. It all softly drizzled alongside the fading cricket chirps. Together, this melody took me through a wave in an out of sleep, and then all sleep almost suddenly disappeared as the day’s schedule filled my mind.


Along with this, however, came an almost inescapable surge of uncertainty and with it that ever-present feeling of incapability. Huh? Was I just letting such a sound night of sleep be so easily taken over by a day’s inconsistencies that as it was stood hours away? Nope, not today PePa. This was the very illusion I had worked all along to learn and keep at bay. This right here hence almost felt like an utmost test to my nerves and resilience.


At this particular moment as the slow-downs start taking over, I so easily miss the ebbing of the soft drizzles against my panes. This not being my norm, the pluviophile that I am so easily realises that something sure is amiss(My mind pays attention to every drop of rain, the strike of thunder and lighting as a consistent norm) and I must find my tracking from the unsolvable troubles of the coming hours. What I need at the moment is a rested mind and body and so this I seek in a most calculated yet proven truth.


Looking out through my drawn drapes I envision darkness racing to dawn as the strike of 5 am. seems far from being reached. Turning onto my belly from my side, I remind myself of how favored I am to be resting at this moment. I then ask myself how much I can achieve by my own strength and the answer is obvious. Moving on I reiterate how far I have made it to this moment and how righteous my Source and guide has been.


Knowing that nothing is achieved of my own strength, I get to realise that even if I lost sleep over the coming hours there was nothing I could really do about it at this very moment. The stage is thus set and a most imminent onset of worry gets so easily knocked out as the schedule of the day is pushed into the day and the sleep at hand softly drowned into. Another onset of soft drizzles comes in handy as if sent to lull me again. I slowly doze off till the first light strikes my curtains. Golden with a lusture of warmth to take away the freeze of the night.


Rising up off my bed the cold is not relenting and almost so easily ushers me into the bathroom for a hot drip of morning shower but no, that is not who I have become lately and though routine can be overrated, I do what I enjoy most…morning stretches after a glass of water and a fast-paced workout. The bicep curls sure burn up my body fat into a most desired heat and this jerks up my metabolism in readiness for the cold day ahead.


When all is said and done, my meditation and devotions being a sync of me play out to calm both my mind and body. The phonecalls that ensue set things to pace and within a short span of time all is handled and rolling.


Did I mention in the midst of all this came a most unexpected miracle? Not that all I had planned worked out as initiated but every detail got covered and taken care of… Not an easy fete if I was to do it all of my own wisdom and understanding but having faith in the Almighty goes a long way in Him establishing all plans you commit to Him. Interesting how He works all things together for our good. If only we can choose to totally love and trust in Him.


Heading out I am full not only of soul food but also solid food and this cold day seems to be all but cool. I breathe in the morning air that smells of dry then wet earth. Can you smell that with PePa? That right there is the beauty of how the Almighty plays out nature to our advantage. Everything all of a sudden seems to make us smile. We are neither excited nor sad but deep within we are conscious of all the goodness around us, in turn filling us with so much peace and joy.


Note that at this point nothing is perfect but everything is flowing just as it should. Amidst all the chaos lies an order that can’t be ignored. Let us call it a perfection within imperfection. I plug on my earphones to listen to the long-neglected prophesies of Ezekiel, interesting how even these prophesies calm my soul. They may sound ruthless but knowing nothing is said that has no meaning, I learn to take in every word as it flows.


It is a beautiful cool day and as my friend chats and says,” I had an awesome day, very slow though,” I almost want to remove the word slow from their statement but the positivity in the entire statement sends a wave of joy within my nerves, relaxing them all at once. This is what I have always needed, a positive vibe of gratitude for every pinch of life we live.


I hope you too had a calm day, Be still and know that He is God the Almighty.


PePa:The sketches of life.




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