TRUE OR FALSE: sketches through the mind.

It is around 4.30pm in the evening, the sun is of course in the Westerly, you close your eyes and look up into the skies, what do you see? Now imagine it is 9.00pm in the night, the moon is on the Easterly horizon, closing your eyes and looking into the skies, what do you see now?


Well, I bet in the first gaze you saw an image of the sun in the skies and in the second you saw an image of the moon right? Now let us play this game again. Now it is pitch dark outside and you close your eyes and look up into the skies, what do you see? I guessed right, you saw pitch darkness.


Not an interesting game I guess, huh? Now if I told you that in all instances there was nothing you saw rather than the image I implanted into your mind would you believe me? I know, right? Well, this is the deal, in all three instances I told you to close your eyes and I told you to look.


This means that in all three instances you couldn’t see but following the directive of my words to your mind you formed an image in your mind and hence saw what my words to your mind told you to see. In the first instance was the sun in the Westerly, in the second was the shining moon in the Easterly skies, and in the third instance was the pitch darkness.


Such is the beauty of the mind in that it will do only what we command it to do and in essence overlook every other prevailing barrier presented to it. Any barriers thus so present are a creation of our minds and not the actual reality on the ground, no.


You may not find this true but let us look at another scenario. We say that the sun rises from the East and sets in the West, in an actual sense however, does the sun really rise on the East and set in the West? Am I making you think too much? Forgive me for this but this is typically common knowledge that we rarely take time to think about you know?


Truth is, the sun neither rises nor does it set, instead, it just spins around on its axis being virtually immovable and even if movable, it is to a small degree and with it does its entire planetary system. Just so as not to lose you. The earth instead rotates from the East to the West on its axis yet our minds tell us that the sun is rising from the East and setting in the West. Should have been called Earthrise and Earthset instead, right? But would the simple mind register that with much ease? I highly doubt it. But with training however, it would I believe.


The mind is a strong component of our existence thus and will work through all we allow it to and block out all we stop it from taking in. Not as simple as it sounds though but tell me how easily it is you believed the Sun rises from the East and sets on the West? That is how fast you can train your mind to work for you and not against you as is a common occurrence.


With the same conditioning in place, now think about all the things you deemed impossible and unachievable in life. Are they really as impossible as we may make it look? You must thus realise who is in control. Does your mind control you or do you control it? If it controls you then we are in for a rough patch but if you control it then I guess nothing stands impossible, right?


I used to say that I couldn’t read with music on but looking back now I realise I had placed limitations to my own mind and it bowed to my preconditioning. As I am writing this, there is a lot of music in the background but with a well-trained and filtered mindset, I am able to remain focused on my trail with the sketches. Such a beautiful previously unimaginable fete.


See, for example, we say that the seas and oceans are blue in colour but is it really true? Isn’t it a perception of the mind? When you get closer to seawater, does it still remain blue or does your proximity to it change its colour? Forgive me for I too am just caught up In this tread as you are.


Without treading deeper into unchartered waters, allow me to cut short Pepa’s tracks and allow you to let your mind be your slave rather than your master.


The sky on my end is growing darker as my mind takes in the darkness and a flicker of a candle could help illuminate my mind to allow my eyes to see more clearly.



2 thoughts on “TRUE OR FALSE: sketches through the mind.

  1. Hussein, your creative sketches are working overtime. Living in cloudy central Ohio, there are many times when I miss the rising or setting sun. Thank goodness you have shared the good news. I think the sunrise and sunset came about long ago when people thought the earth was the center of the universe instead of the sun.

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    1. Wow Big brother… This brought life to my heart and I am humbled my sketches could touch hearts miles off… Glad you commented cuz I have been meaning to share your blog with a friend and I forget… Let me do that now and make sure you don’t miss the beautiful sketch of your own existence Ricchard… Be blessed.


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