SUNDAY WAVES:Silent sketches grow on.

I stare out into the dark,almost quiet and deserted.The drunkard who despite the government order for a seven pm curfew went on and on into the night.He  is however by now stupored and fallen asleep by the roadside.Or so I imagine as that is how far my current imagination can travel as regards to him,peaceful slumber it must be,with nothing to worry about albeit… the solace of a little cham as my literature teacher would put it.


All I can hear now are the harmonious cricket chirps and my fingers tapping away at my keyboard.It is almost as if the two concurrently create rhythm in code and syllables.The music of a loner you may call it.Loner,huh? Like he’s got nothing better to do than listen to the silence pierce through the dark.


If the rain of yesterday poured against my wall today, I would have had something to put me to slumber;call it a dependence on nature’s own music to bring calm to my soul.But what else would when the entire world around me is hell bent at my dissemination?haha,I mean,only nature loves without expectation,however with conditions though,right?I mean,the more you love on it,the more it gives back,better still couples it up more times than you gave,more like reciprocals,huh?


So with no rain to lull my sleeping cells am left with but one choice tonight.To listen into the silence as has become my habit lately.Habit,I thought and so was brought up to believe that habits were dangerous.Tonight however, this one I have so developed seems the most sane thing to do as in days past I wasn’t so good a listener,let alone to silence.


Maybe this is heading me towards a path of self discovery and understanding.I mean,if I can listen to the silence outside then it means over time I could be able to calm the noises in my head to a slow quiet.Noises I believe most of us have,the same we have let and allowed to dictate and take full control of our control tower,I mean our minds.Did I lie dear treader?


In moments like this am even convinced that the silence of the night is better to listen to more than the daily noises on the newscast and television broadcasts of politician campaigns.Listen now,can you hear that?Where are they? They too are so quiet and even silenced by the scourge that has swept through the world?I thought they once promised to deliver us the heavens but, wait….they too are caught up in disbelief as most others are?…All the money they threw our way to give them seats,foolish us!Even that can’t save them now?…Aha…The lesson is terrible and almost scary……you can buy people…… but you honestly can’t buy life.


Ouch!Now do you understand why am better off listening into this silence?Yes you got it,it never lies to or deceives me of anything rather it brings clarity to pace….Clarity that when all is said and done,I got the dice to my game house and I am only accountable to one,my Creator.Yes first to Him and then to men.He is the first judge though and once He acquits me of all guilt then who is man that I should be afraid of?Like honestly…


A friend I met not so long ago told me that each time one used honestly in a statement they were trying to muff up a lie,so,do you think I lied? Think about it.


Well,I guessed not too.So when all else seems at a standstill,and all you hear are the noises in your head,shush them up and listen.Listen to the silence and let it speak to you,within it don’t miss the small still voice that speaks over all storms and anguish.Don’t lose your mind cuz you feel alone.Maybe you just aren’t listening enough.Don’t be too bored because you miss the outside world…what if for a moment it wasn’t all meant for you would you die?I doubt you would but instead you would adapt,right?


Why not do that today,take the chance your Creator has handed to you through nature or even through human error and calmly reach for Him,listen to Him and pay more attention to Him and maybe then,just maybe,you may find you within the silence….


so listen.

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