JUDGEMENT:the sketches of love.

The music in my background plays reign to my instincts as am all but pushed to push away this mask from my face and hence thus present this case.


I got a couple of questions that if asked I would ask you to stand upon the booth and remain silent as anything you say could and would be used against you in a court of law.


Court of law huh?Sounds quite ironic I see as judgement is here fast upon us and helpless are we with no answer to the course and case against us.


But you as both you and I have always known got your moral righteousness as you look down upon me huh?Same high moral standing they did when they pit judgement upon the son of man.


Beauty to the same whole scenario is he defended not Himself as you and I would have expected but no,He din’t have to.The odds were already pit against Him all from the start.


Wonder not about the initial plan from creation but with a wicked generation like you and me did you expect any justice to be met upon our only Saviour?He who claimed yet true to His words that if they so wanted they could tear down the entire temple and He,the son of man would built it all up in 3days.


3 days?Such arrogance from Him as seen by His accusers could not be met with any cool sip of a treat.


A threat to 7 years of construction by their forefathers was a spit on the face of their ancestors and  could only be met with an equivalent judgement of the cross.Ancestors huh?The same as recorded would be ashamed if summoned and called the forefathers of such a generation. Little did they know that He was the temple and we too ought to realise we are His temples and instead of pitting ourselves against each other and Him we should instead love Our God,ourselves and then others as much as ourselves….


How blind of us to not only realise that even in the construction and dedication of the same physical temple,the great Solomon notes that the Almighty Himself could not be confined within the walls of a temple yet only allowed its construction from the abundance of His love for mankind.


Abundance of love now brings us to this judgement today.


Question is as it comes and please with no answer to your lips or heart you are allowed to remain silent cuz there is no option to forever hold your peace.Words are our judgement and sorrow our tribute :Why such a heavy penalty though you may ask?


You spoke before the question but now that you yearn for it so answer this?Have you loved enough?If you think you have tell me,Have you considered your brother,friend,neighbour or even that stranger along the roadside any better than you?


Have you withheld your joys so you could see another rise in your stead or have you thought the whole world owed you more than you actually gave it?Have you worked to make everyday a joy not just for you but first for its growth and then you could follow after?


Have you seen that old granny struggle with luggage up the flight of stairs and thought past their stinking rugs for clothes to give her a helping hand?


Far fetched questions these may seem right?A simpler one however,have you taken time to listen to that little lad along traffic who asks you for a 10 shilling coin for breakfast?Have you actually had time to listen to them as one human to another or is it a norm to dismiss them and tell them to go to school?


Haha,have you ever wondered where this school is at and yet if you too strain to educate your own kids how easy would it be for them to just run off from the streets and then to school? Almost laughable huh?No foolish in my opinion and utmost inconsiderate….


So questions asked and still I wonder if you got the answers,no judgement shall be passed from PePa to you this day but just an earnest plea to reconsider true love.


So,have you loved today?








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