SATURDAY NIGHTS:sketches of a broken tree.

It is Saturday night and with it the moods have swung in,as has become norm in my wake lately.I tried to read earlier on but instead I sank into an unwelcome slumber right out there on the balcony.I felt stuffy and suffocated by life and then found my bed as a solace,not for long though that would last as soon you crept in.

Memories they sip within and take my entire being hostage.Saturday nights were always ours;right from crazy midnight road trips to your sister’s and evening wine and dines atop the twin storey.They call it the twin towers,the towers of my heart.

The songs we played in our laughter filled drives behind a probox taxi,it didn’t matter what transportation we chose as even a donkey’s back with you and I still meant love blown beyond borders.I was lost in your warmth and my embrace was your home…

The movie cinemas were no place for us as all the while your wet tender lips were the delights of my yearning full ones.We always laughed at the end of each show as when asked we didn’t even recall what movie we were watching.All lost in each other’s presence:You stole my heart away,so young and tender 10 years in difference didn’t make no big deal,for in our space the world around was just but a void and we were the only creation,a perfection of nature itself.

Saturday nights I recall,and even as years went by nothing changed but our love dove deeper into depths untold.

When Mondays came by,you were out to market and I,lost in an engrossment of business,but still in the midst of all this we found our way around our blooming love.

How the time passed away,all the trouble that we gave and all those days we spent out by the lake,has it all gone to waste,all the promises we made,one by one they vanish just the same?

Of all the things I still remember,summer’s never looked the same,years go by and time just seem to fly,but the memories remain,in the middle of September,we still played out in the rain ,nothing to lose but everything to gain.Reflecting now on how things could have been,it was worth it in the end.

So my Saturday nights may never be the same since the day you said I should move on,that what we had could never be yet I thought it was all I ever had,maybe I was wrong but love never felt so right…..till you came by.


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