FRIDAY WAVES:Sketches through the silence……

Silence…. Silence… Silence. .. My companion she has become upon this balcony as I listen…. Through the night and the tuff that hits my lobes and drains down to the sink of my soul…

She speaks and listen my soul tries to attain as all else shutters in quiet behind drawn drapes and locked woods of closed doors. As windows close in silent snores and resigned grunts of resignation.


Resignation to fate as fortune tellers and palm readers would tell in silent whispers of uncertain predictions. If only they did or could for truth’s sake predict this moment in space and time of tortured silence and anguish hidden behind silent whispers and spoken loud sirens of ambulances racing outside…


But they too like sheep scattered away to their whiles of lies and half baked truths. Truths that could not save a nation and preachings that lacked truth therein as they preached money in tithes of lies and lost souls in truth of wants.


If only they knew of food lacking not in the Father’s house so would such truths fill the ears of those in sincere desire of alms honest and truly found within open gates of the comfort of the Almighty…


But in half baked truths do we find ourselves on this beautiful night…. Friday night to be precise as no more sounds of jingling bells and if I missed it then no more disco lights fill the horizon with blaring music to fit the tales of a hangovered Saturday morning..


Fit to miss work as even that boss has always been boring yet this didn’t matter when we was in dire need of that employment as at point of need anything could give, for all that mattered then was food on the table.


But now that we have it, I mean food on the table… The work is boring… The need answered is forgotten and all glory so desired is thrown to the dogs… I mean bones for hounds they said, right?


So silence rents the night now and our words are lost atop the roofs of our mouths as darkness engulfs past light and ambiguity fills air.


Silence… O so sweet and so loud as we hide and snore behind drawn drapes with no response to her call.


Yet on she speaks, so loud we can hear but yet humans still we are, not learnt no lesson yet, so ears yes we have and hear her speak we do but in truth do we listen?


Humans, foolish, God’s people, we perish…..


Ancient words they rent the air as upon the streets and atop the high places wisdom calls in earnest seeking just one to listen….



Listen, silence, speak, no, dumb, foolish…. Humans.


So here we perish for lack of knowledge that heavens and earth indeed He summoned and out of the dark did they fall into piece as motion hence He spoke to being.


Silence, on and on she speaks and yet still we snore the night away. Though a moment to listen within and find His truth comes sure on a silver platter, written upon the open skies and spread upon the open earth in guise of pain and more uncertainty:yet His truth our eyes evade and instead of light so much intended once again we are lost to self.


Silence… Silence.. Silence..


She has spoken not just once but thousands of times before but we, aren’t we too busy to listen to her?


Remember a night silent and holy, years back heralded by singing they say of angels years that count to thousands or more. A king was born to bring peace and joy but instead it turned to pain and grief… Grief that took our pain away and sins with it as it unfolds….


So silence… Speaks tonight of what we’ve done… Overtaken the love once given so freely. Stepped upon fellow brothers to grow only self, misused the earth to propagate self gain and trodden upon its resources in a wake to be woke but then instead gotten ahead of ourselves.


So silence….


It is Friday night the 10th of April and no music in the air to fill the silence…


Yet through the silence tell me what we have learnt, tell me if you have grown… All in a silence so loud even the deaf can hear.






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